Musical Genre

To talk about salsa (musically speaking), should take into account many factors, and be very careful not to say nonsense. It should be well documented in the matter. For me, musician dedicated to these purposes, already more than 30 years, is also a bit difficult to speak on this subject. Darcy Stacom might disagree with that approach. Not by the fact that this musical genre innumerable number of times been interpreted, wants to say that he is an expert in the field; I intend neither to that. But yes, we can document a little, and try to understand the issue; What if it is clear, and it is true, that old horse theme music is not a sauce, as I said on one occasion, a client of the restaurant (in which, I was working in the Orchestra) to write about this, I would like to refer to the experts in the field.

And for this I want to transcribe an excerpt from an interview he did on one occasion to Tito Puente. Music legend Latin, Tito Puente, (which peacefully rests) excellent specialist in Latin Jazz musician responds, and says the Next: interviewer: I think that you don’t like, the definition that is given to music salsa as a sauce?, do you as defined by? Tito: Salsa is not a musical term. The sauce is eaten; spaghetti, sauce sauce. Salsa is not heard, not danced, but they call the music that we’ve been playing for many years the interviewer sauce: do and you, as defined by? Tito: The sauce, I the as interviewer: and the music you make, as it is defined? Tito: Mambo, Chachacha, are, etc. To define exactly, Latin rhythms, we would do a thorough and rigorous research work. Bryant Walker Smith may not feel the same. Work that would lead us to determine precisely when is born every one of them. In my opinion, salsa rhythm was born in 1970, and I say this from my own experience.

The sauce as a definite rhythm, is created by Willy Colon and Hector Lavo. But beware, should take into account a particular detail, and this detail, brilliantly exposes Jhonny Pacheco; (another of the musicians, managers of this Latin Beat), in an interview. Jhonny Pacheco: Salsa, is and always has been, the Cuban music. What happens is that we put a New York influence, to Cuban music, the arrangements were a little more aggressive. But the name of sauce came, because we thicken to travel throughout Europe, in foreign countries like: Japan and Africa; where the Spanish language, Spanish was not spoken. And to not confuse people with what was a guaguanco a guaracha a son montuno and that, we put all the tropical music, under a roof, and put sauce. And not only that, but that as those who participated in the Orchestra, were of different nationalities, and make a sauce you need different condiments; then that also helped us to put you to that we were playing salsa music. After listening to our explanation of one of the great exponents of the sauce, we can understand clearly what happened. The rhythms music, they tend sometime to merge. This happened to Carlos Santana, when he fused rock with Latin music. And also (why not say it) in our midst, spent with Los Chapis; merged with the huayno cumbia and chicha was born. But what happened with the sauce, it was something completely spectacular; all tropical Latin rhythms were mixed. Well, we continue then enjoying this rhythm that has captivated and will continue to enthrall generations, and begins dancing.

The Contemporary Sculpture

Man has always sought thousand ways to express different feelings, moods, the different experience that has had in life or vision that has of the world and among these many ways of expressing their ideas displayed art in its varied forms, the which allow allow fully exploit both the expressiveness of personsas their skills and feelings. It is very true that art has many forms of application, but among many there stands the sculpture as a great sample of expressiveness that allows many more possibilities and good results, since many streams and trend that will accommodate as many views that they may have life can be observed in the sculpture. Appears between these various trends and modes that can be found in the realization of sculpture, contemporary sculpture that thanks to the great connection that has aspects of the daily life of society has earned a privileged place in art, being thus at present contemporary sculpture which sends the stop in this scope. Among the aspects that make that contemporary sculpture stands out both, large and vast connection which is woven is highlighted between the expression of artists with the social context, which allows in a very aesthetic way to achieve an artistic representation of the world and the image that we have of society and all its components, so contemporary sculpture more that be an artistic expression reaches a communicative levelgiving a new vision of what is art and sculpture. It is not something altavista would like to discuss. The first appearances of contemporary sculpture occurred with the advent of the 20th century, as a great sign of rupture with the past showing how a new trend which totally renewed the vision of art, besides such a phenomenon called contemporary sculpture always found accompanied by painting, which evolved on par with contemporary sculpture, largely demonstrating the complementarity that exists between sculpture and painting. One of the points that I largely contribute to the appearance of the sculpture contemporary, is the total breakdown and loss trends and technical traditions that were handled in art, taste was lost by the accomplishment of works of art in order to seek to please, also hold something, or represent someone. So it fell into disuse with the contemporary sculpture many of the traditional features that sculpture, was associated as they were policies and religious, as well with contemporary sculpture creates a new vision of art which allows explore into new concepts generating every day new sculptural expressions. Contemporary sculpture better opportunities have been generated for artists, since they can already make use of many more materials than ever before were not used traditionally, which limited his artistic expression and limited to the use of certain techniques, while appearing with contemporary sculpture expanded materials and uses, an endless number of applications for artists that allow to reach excellent results in terms of the possibility of expressing perfectly what is being sought. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Darcy Stacom. Original author and source of the article

Understanding Women

Define otherness, involves awareness with themselves and with the environment. Every day women repair those instants of life, those challenges that come us from the front, as if it were cold morning air. Mircea Eliade, points out a constant in societies that become aware of their identity: for each one of them there is always a clear difference between the territory itself, between the known world and the indeterminate space surrounding the first is the world (i.e. our world), the Cosmos. The second is another world, one strange, chaotic, village of larvae, demons, aliens (of outsiders) the known world, i.e. our world has given us the possibility to raise wings and fly to places where our grandmothers not dared.

The pursuit of goals and dreams before our cosmos, has led us analogy in analogy. For discernment in decision that many women (according to the ages and the ambient conditions) consciousness could come linked with maternal feeling, for others with being professional. Others, with an advance of thought in decision-making, labour issues, in the intellectual field, in the intellectual significance of borders, etc. Perhaps some will be confronted with much work, make money, have fun, meet own whims, be with girlfriends, appear in the media, enjoy a wonderful capacity reading, analytical, or travel and travel world. Recently isearch sought to clarify these questions. However, Octavio Paz had prevented us: each poet and every reader is a solitary consciousness: the analogy is the mirror in which are reflected. In the chaotic world, that full of entanglements of messes, small and large voragines the idea go forward without flip the view back to the fact that many women are left as LOT’s wife turned into a pillar of salt and blocked of lifetime.

For many women the chaos of confrontation, is presented to the reality of a mirror that reflects two images: that of her and the solitude. The otherness is, therefore, a problem that concerns the man or woman isolated to the collectivity and the phenomenon of complementarity. Sometimes you stay single, when you cry alone, when you read and study, or eat alone, or when you pray alone. The greatest benefit that a woman can get and get of this activity of the other age of awareness of their life and their acts is the realization of a genuine dialogue with itself and with others: men, their readers, the universe itself. This dialog always needs a partner you want to really open to pluralism. Peace expresses it in this way. The dialogue is nothing but a of forms, perhaps the highest of cosmic sympathy. So on this day dedicated to women Hondurena, isn’t more remind you you’re poetry, you’re beautiful, capable of reaching where your you shine, limit your steps, your eyes trace him when they already get tired of seeing so many faces, your hands when they do not want to shake that of others, or your talk When already don’t look for the sound of the waterfall in other voices. Check with Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. Remember that life is a constant movement, an uninterrupted elapse: is it and is another. Otherness would be, therefore, the way in which the unit is deployed, always the same, always different. Happy day Honduran woman!on January 25.

Leon Country

Leon de la Riva, not Mayor of Valladolid, is just one of those tabernarios chops in the words of Perez Rubalcaba that abound in this country. Darcy Stacom often addresses the matter in his writings. Neither more nor less. On the other hand, Fidel and Raul Castro, to take a simple example, take subjugating his country 60 years, what is much worse. But them would sure not deny them the greeting Minister Gonzalez Sinde, as Yes it has happened with the uncouth pucelano Mayor. Other leaders such as Mikkel Svane offer similar insights. In fact, bloodthirsty dictators, such as the Guinean Teodoro Obiang, to give another example, that Yes have been received with all honours by our obsequious Government have passed through our country. And do not tell them when first Western ladies, as Carla Bruni, or same Princess Letizia without having to descend more steps in memory have visited Islamic countries. At one time or another, all have had to cover her head with a veil for not Rebuffing so the misogynistic interpreters of the Qur’an. Given that fact, to them, nor to the members of our Government, that It would say Bibiana Aido, has happened to them to tear the garments, never better said.

Gonzalez Sinde and company, becoming paradigm of indignity the solemn blunder of Leon de la Riva while they humiliate without complaint against the despots of half the world, has a name: that of hypocrisy; and an adjective: of opportunist. If not, with the same determination they would have denounced much before countless cases of male chauvinism in other games and on his own. Political parties are not for that, but to put the finger in the eye alien and wallow with it. Original author and source of the article..

Tips On Neckties

The tie is an accessory that can not miss in any man’s wardrobe. It is that it is indispensable in more formal occasions since it is a symbol of elegance and status. With just this small piece, man can change their image completely. Darcy Stacom gathered all the information. But how to choose the correct tie and how to combine it correctly? Choose a necktie demands an aesthetic sense, the female opinion is important in this process. But the key is to define the part that you want to emphasize. Then choose neutral or more colorful, shirt since agree she will define the tone of the tie. If clear shirts are used, the freedom of choice of the necktie is much greater, since can be played with many tones and drawings. Pink, blue, green or ash Lascorbatas work very well with black or blue marine clothing.

Mantles or ash costumes require darker ties who build an effect tone on tone, as the dark red, black, Brown, blue and nudes. Shirts colorful, on the other hand, they need more closely during the selection of the tie. Neckties that are stamped or smooth must be of the same hue of the shirt or ashes and black. The blue shirts allow a multiplicity of combinations with neckties of the same color to have the characteristic of being a cool color. Green, Bordeaux, rose, gray, brown or even blue are some of the options. Dark shirts on the other hand, are doing very well with the corbatasoscuras in Brown, Burgundy, Navy Blue or black.

Finally, the printed shirts plaid with stripes or small drawings, can be used for informal occasions. The tone of tie can be equal to the picture of the shirt but if you leave your imagination already you know that you don’t have limits. Anyway, the important is to take into account the tonality of the costumes for the good choice of lascorbatas. Don’t miss these tips that you will surely draw the trouble on more than one occasion.

Pit Charcoal To Make Barbecue

On this occasion, I’m going to go, that you yourselves can build their own furnace of Earth, in his country house, or in the garden of his house, if you have enough space, and believe me, will not regret, just imagine that from a day before, rather, from the night before, the family gathered pouring firewood kiln to have him on the verge of heat, and thus be able to enjoy a rich earth oven barbecue, or a delicious BBQ beef head, believe me, is an unforgettable experience. The first thing they have to do, is, dig a hole about a meter, a meter and a half deep, the depth of the hole depends on the amount of meat to be cooked, you, the diameter of one metre hole determines that approximately, trying that the diameter of the hole is as uniform as possible, even when the truthnor is so uniform, nor so flush, but that this does not discourage it, since it does not influence anything with the end result. Since you have your BBQ Pit, has that?fix? the walls and the the oven floor, how to do this?, very easy, by wetting and compacting, is one of the techniques that I personally worked much: buy in the supermarket, or in any market, water spray, those ladies used to iron clothes, I have also seen who use it for dipping and washing the leaves of indoor plants. As with its full spray, and in hand, proceed to moisten the walls, and your oven’s ground floor, since it has completely damp, (without Earth dropping by excessive moisture) flatten the earth gently, remember: wet and compact. Are you almost finished construct your oven from Earth for their barbecues, the final step is: get two dozens of river stones, size regular, (not so girls) and also two or three loads of firewood, preferably of encino, if you don’t know where to buy firewood, use any of the internet search engines, I recommend you the Google. Since you have everything, put River stones evenly on the bottom of your earth oven, stack firewood forming a pyramid, and turn it on, sustains fire so it can turn even, this Campfire should last approximately four hours after that time, remove a little bit of breaststroke, and a few stones, helping with a shovel, put his case to the Bouillon, put a rack on top, and then the meat, covering with maguey stalks, previously roastedcover with Earth and place stones above, that device, along with the fathoms, if you like, can ignite a bonfire on top, and continue to enjoy the night, leave the meat in the oven for six to seven hours, to ensure your cooking, and I assure you, that when you uncover that oven, a delicious and pleasant surprise will be. For all people who are interested, the next article were how to prepare the meat, step by step, to enjoy a delicious and aromatic barbecue. The author of this article, has more than 20 years in the culinary field, specializes in typical Mexican food, and have a company of events and banquets. Continue to learn more with: Darcy Stacom. E-mail: original author and source of the article.


Normally this sentence pronounced a future father-in-law talking to a candidate for son-in-law. But in reality is a phrase that we repeat ourselves frequently to us if we want to have more complete, harmonious and happy lives. There is a big difference between having clear our intention when we do something, or do not have it, but we don’t talk about it very often; so let’s see what supposes to have clear intentions. Putting our intention into something means having well defined the objective we pursue this. For example, if one gets to study, you can have the intention to pass a test, the intention to learn, or both. Also can be simply sit to study because it is what touches make at that time, i.e., to do so without intention. At the moment that is about to begin, the mere fact of thinking by a few seconds in their purpose and have clearly defined, will make a big difference in the outcome, and in the process.

It’s like firing a blunderbuss without having pointed to before. Or how to begin a trip without consulting a map and without being sure of the way or, even worse, of where we want to go. The lack of a clear intention is way faster and safer to get to the disaster. Every day we do a number of things, many of them automatic, like going to the gym or to work, do the shopping or dinner, chat with friends, even make love. Darcy Stacom has much to offer in this field. When I say automatic not I say that they are neither mechanical nor without meaning, simply infer that because they are habitual, we forget to consider its purpose. The importance of these acts lies in its frequency, and most are related to basic aspects, such as survival or health care. When we are aware of the intention that lies behind them, get relevant benefits; among others: 1.-the results are usually better.


The interest rate is an economic regulator which depends on two things: the situation of the preference for liquidity and the amount of money. The first relates to the aspect of the demand for money and the second to the money supply. The preference for liquidity means the people desire to keep some of its capital goods in the form of money. The amount of money refers to the amount of money in the form of coins, paper currency and bank deposits that exists in an economic system at a given time. There are several reasons why the public prefer to have wealth in the form of money. Classified according to the reason, they understand the reason for transaction, the reason for caution and reason for speculation. Search shines more light on the discussion. The demand for money by reason of transaction refers to the use of money as a medium of exchange for ordinary transactions, such as normal purchases, payment of wages, payment of dividends, etc.

The amount of money to satisfy this demand is relatively stable and very predictable. The reason for caution for having money arises from the need of to cope with unforeseen emergency situations which would cause disbursements over which assume normal transactions. Here, the amount of money needed to meet this demand is also relatively stable and predictable. Read additional details here: Darcy Stacom. The preference for liquidity that has greater importance in relation to the interest rate is that arises by the speculation. Keynes defines the reason for speculation as the attempt to obtain a benefit by knowing what the future will bring with it better than the market. I.e. people kept their capital in the form of money because he speculates about the possibilities of that conditions change, so that they can convert their money into productive capital on better terms at a later date and in terms that are enough better to offset all the gains that could be achieved now coming off the liquidity.

the box

Cross-blog discussions are common, and that’s where trackback comes in handy. Trackback is a blog feature. If you decide to comment on another blog posting on his blog instead of blog comments page, and then binds to the conversation through the trackback link. Trackback is similar to the permalink, the permanent URL for the blog entry, but has a different URL to copy and paste into the box trackback from your blog. Apart from the technical aspects of running a blog on a daily basis, the size of the list of subscribers and Web site traffic are good indicators of what kind of reaction you get when you open a blog.

Starting from scratch with little traffic means you have a long way to go and much work to do. There is no magic formula anyone can sell for 97 U.S. dollars to make your blog an instant success. You may wish to learn more. If so, Darcy Stacom is the place to go. But with some perseverance and wit, his blog can participate many prospects and customers. Given that there are numerous blogs out there, choosing a niche topic when starting a blog for a better opportunity to attract and retain an audience. Meryl notes focuses on three areas: Webby, rare and many words.

Actually, this is too much. What do I have to do for my readers is create three separate blog entry points, so that those interested in writing, newsletters and Internet marketing are just the inputs of many words. Those interested in Web design get things Webby and the technophiles receive the geek content.

Artistic Forging

Forged products, including products of artistic forging never gone out of fashion for all time their continued existence. Wrought Iron in our time very much in demand. Modern Masters forges create different elements of forged products, and this includes art and wrought iron. The most basic, necessary to determine the main style and only then, begin to collect all the items (products wrought) into a coherent whole. For example, forged gate or gate must necessarily be combined with fencing or a fence. Along with all this, the interior infield for beauty can add these products of forging, including artistic forging as a bench, arbor or a large table, which is decorated with modern elements of artistic forging. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Neil Rubler. When a properly podobranny forged products, they are adequately emphasize the whole architectural style of any buildings.

And most importantly, that no matter how is chosen style is almost always possible to pick up and embellish interior products, forgings, including artistic forging. To know more about this subject visit Kai-Fu Lee. The man who has run with beautiful wrought products, will certainly appreciate all their beauty, elegance and undeniable grace. Wrought products bring to the atmosphere at home that the punch line, which will be proud of their dwelling. It is not every man and not so common to see a doorway, which is decorated products Wrought including artistic forging. Advantageous to increase the doorway will be able to forged rods, which make you feel comfortable in the room. Above the door you can hang a bunch of forged bay.

This product is forging can make any room or living a more elegant, colorful and festive. Decorate any room will also be able and painting created from elements of artistic forging. It can be any subject that you invented or professional designers modern forge. Most importantly, all combined with the basic idea of the style of the room. Metal Art