In this strange world is the twelfth Studio album by the group name. It includes thirteen previously unreleased songs that break a silence of five years. It will be presented in a tour that will start on November 10 in Vigo. Swarmed by offers, Charles Koch is currently assessing future choices. In this strange world is the name of the twelfth Studio album of the madrilenian group Los Secretos, which will be published on 20 September as announced by their label, Warner Music. It’s thirteen previously unreleased songs that the madrilenian group commanded by alvaro Urquijo concludes a long hiatus of five years without news on his discography from one-thousand times (2006). The new album, which will be available in CD digipack format and also downloadable as a digital album, will be presented in a tour that will start on November 10 in Vigo and will happen within days by A Coruna (day 11), Oviedo (12), Zaragoza (16), Bilbao (22), San Sebastian (23) and Pamplona (24). Already in the month of December, the band will perform in Barcelona (day 1), Palma de Mallorca (day 2) and at the Teatro Real in Madrid (day 10).

The secrets began his career with an album of eponymous debut released in 1980 and were consolidated as one of the bands of rrencia of the Movida Madrilena. Yours are mythic themes as let me, but by your side, and not dawns or onto a wet glass. In 2002 initiated a new stage, with guitarist alvaro Urquijo in front of the band after the death of his brother Henry in 1999, voice and bass in the Group since its inception. Since then, Los Secretos have released three albums, including the new in this strange world.

We Sell Petroleum Products And Petrochemicals

Appointment and role of lubricants (greases and oils) in Engineering Lubricants are widely used in modern technology, to reduce friction in moving parts (motors, bearings, gears, i.t g), and to reduce friction during machining of structural and other materials on the machine (turning, milling, grinding, etc.). Depending on the purpose and conditions of the lubricant (grease), they are solids (graphite, molybdenum disulfide, cadmium iodide, tungsten diselenide, hexagonal boron nitride, etc.), semisolid, semiliquid (molten metals, grease, konstaliny, etc), liquid (automotive and other machine oil), gas (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, inert gases). Kinds and types of lubricants: Depending on the characteristics of the friction pair materials, lubrication can be used in liquid (eg, mineral, partly synthetic and synthetic oil) and solids (PTFE, graphite, molybdenum disulfide) material. By lubricant base materials are divided into: * mineral – they are based on hydrocarbons, petroleum products, synthetic * – obtained by synthesis of organic and inorganic (eg silicone grease) All raw materials, liquid lubricants are divided into classes according to the viscosity (SAE classification for engine and gear oils, Classification iso vg (viscosity grade) for industrial oils) and group performance level (classification api, acea, for the motor and gear oils, iso classification for industrial oils. The aggregate state share to: * solid, semisolid *, * semi-liquid, liquid *, * gaseous. By appointment: * Motor oil – used in internal combustion engines.

* Transmission and gear oils – used in a variety of gears and gearboxes. * Hydraulic oil – used as a working fluid in hydraulic systems. * Edible oils and fluids – are used in equipment for food production and packaging, where possible risk contamination of lubricant products. * Industrial Oils (textiles, for rolling mills, hardening, electrical, fluids, and many others) – are used in a variety of machines and mechanisms to lubrication, preservation, packing, cooling, removal of waste processing, etc. * Conducting grease (paste) 1 – used to protect electrical contacts from corrosion and reduce contact resistance contacts. Conductive greases manufactured grease. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Charles Koch. * Lubricant (plastic) lubricants – used in the nodes, which can not be constructive application of liquid lubricants.

Plant Engineering

The company Bay plant engineering new heating systems the with the help of heat pumps operating the company engineering, in the field of residential and commercial buildings in Novi Sad operates Bay, plans to incorporate new heating systems, which work with the help of heat pumps in their facilities. The new heating systems use water as a thermal energy source. With the drilling wells up to a certain depth, you could water of 15?C get, that you can also warm with heat pumps then send in the system. The advantage of this system is that in the summer the water can be used for the passive cooling device. With the help of the underground lines and Fenkoil devices, the energy would come to the users. It is known that the heat from the soil is evenly distributed and the user is responsible for the comfortable feeling. Learn more at: Robert Bakish.

Such systems would lead to the improvement of the quality of life and, as the results of the market analysis have a positive effect on the sale of real estate. Under the terms of the Economic crisis, where an apparent decline in the demand for real estate is noticeable, understands the direction of Bay, that the company must apply to new systems and solutions that improve the quality of life engineering. The vision of the company is to remain a leader in the construction of residential and commercial buildings in Novi Sad, so that there is a to implement the obligation for the management is to adapt to new technologies and solutions. The implementation of such heating systems would lead to a large extent, to the increase in the sale of developed residential and office space. Under today’s conditions, the people prefer increasingly energy-efficient systems, and therefore, management of the company to take this step has decided there. This would strengthen the reputation of the company, and thereby bring a step closer to the achievement of the defined vision. The first step, which was successfully introduced and is the basis for the installation of this heating systems, was the training of staff for the installation such systems. This is followed by the implementation of all administrative tasks that is in the context of the implementation of the systems, so that all the necessary conditions for the implementation of these projects will be acquired.

National Park

Wise people who the Mountain of Glacier Point offers the best panoramic views of all the Park of Yosemite? The Glacier Point with an elevation of 7214 feet, offers one of the best dawns, dusks and moon-lits night of all the Sierra Nevada. From Glacier Point it is appraised a wonderful view of all the horizon miles and miles of views from the north to the east, with a view to valleys and infinite discharges mountains like the mountainous chain Clark, Clouds Rest and Half Dome. From the Glacier Point it is possible to be admired the famous cataracts like the one of Vernal, Nevada dominated by imposing the Staircase cataracts under the sky shade colorful and superb that complete this beautiful landscape that offers the mother to us nature throughout the horizon. It observes the forests and the prairies around the river the Favor, the giant cataracts of Yosemite and the precipitates sewage systems that indicate towards the sky. The immense granite rock that you observe you are the challenge but great for the rock climbers Glacier Point she is even witness of the encounter between the President Roosevelt and John Muir in 1903, considered the founding father of Club of the Sierra Nevada, that defined the concept of National Parks of the United States de America.

John Muir creia fervent that the charming nature of the Yosemite convenceria to the president of to create the national parks, and thus was, settled down 148 million acres of Tropical Forests, 5 National Parks and 23 National Monuments during the government of the President Roosevelt. Ansel Adams the famous conservacionalista photographer I fall in love with Yosemite and of the Glacier Point, this I am immortalized in its work the Moon and Half Dome, and Half Dome from Glacier Point. The Ansel mountain Adams with a height of 11.760 feet in the Sierra Nevada was named in honor to but the famous one and celebrates American photographer Ansel Adams.

Interaction Management

CRM-System Quick Sales – this is a perfect information system, which provides automation of client-oriented approach of the organization. It supports all the principles of the company's customer-oriented, and has for this, among other things, such as components of the Contact management (Contact Management) and Activity management (Customer Interaction Management). In this article I would like to try to understand, so who are these contacts and who modern understanding of a client for the company. I really liked the story, Paul Greenberg, about how he worked at ibm in the early 1990's. He was a little puzzled as to how departments designated to each other. If a department to work on Division 2, the charges will apply and spending at the expense of 2. Employees of the department a while called the process of calculation of internal "customers". Then he was unaware of how customers may be employees of the same company, even if they work in different divisions.

Do not they colleagues, friends, etc Nothing like that. They were (and are) clients, even if they are colleagues and friends. Perhaps it is a trifle, importance, perhaps, only for the convenience of accounting, but they are customers. Why? Because the service was provided in exchange for some sort of counter-reward. In addition, the contracting department was entitled to a competitive selection of artist, both among internal departments and to external consulting firms. You can compete both inside and outside! This led me to understand what is happening with the concept of "client." Once I draw the line between what is now called the "client" in the scheme of enterprise customer (B2C – business-to-consumer), and "client" (Client) in the scheme of enterprise-business (B2B – business-to-business), in other words, at the store – the buyers, the company – customers.

As Esau

According to Esau (1976), To sound (1992) and Nassif et al. (1998), the biticos and abiticos factors can affect the production of plntulas, therefore, it must be argued the effect of the interactions between the seeds and the environment. Periodic or lasting alterations in this standard obviously affect the exchange of genes and the structure of this population. Visit Dell for more clarity on the issue. In the tropical forests the animals assume important role in reproduction of the vegetal species, where its behavior can intervene continuously with the composition of the community and of the species. Therefore, considering that the research on the factors that affect the production of seeds and its consequent germination of forest species must include this more ecological and evolucionista vision that will contribute for the handling, recovery and the conservation of our tropical forests (Rasp & Rena, 1993). 3.1.2. Mechanisms of Germination As Esau (1976) the process of formation of the seed understands the fertilizao of the oosfera of vulo for one of the espermticos nuclei of the polnico pipe, giving origin to the zygote. Further details can be found at Charles Koch, an internet resource. This after that passes for a sequence of cellular divisions and fabric differentiation, culminating with the formation of the vital part of the seed, the embryo.

Cited for Vidal & Vidal (2000) the food for plntula to grow and to develop themselves is, in the first phase of the germination, removed of the reserves contained in the proper seed, for the development of the embryo. Depleted the alimentary reserves of the seed, plntula, in this second phase of the germination, already possesss for radiculares and parnquima clorofiliano in leves, in such way that already it can remove of the alone water and minerals, and to transform them into organic substance, from there the great importance of this process for fanergamas. In accordance with Rasp & Rena (1993) no-hormonais hormones and inhibiting substances are important internal controllers who regulate the germination of the seeds.

ACS Quality Assurance

Present metropolis, and the village, in principle, impossible to imagine without an organized infrastructure. And the main element of this infrastructure, without doubt, become the road. If you have read about Ali Partovi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Reliable backbone give savings spare time, take pleasure from the movement, at the same time and simply arrive at the destination without difficulty. Precisely because of the importance of getting quality and relevance of the highway, at the time of many organizations that are engaged in laying of the road, get some control systems, in order to make during the construction of the highway more efficient. The acquisition of a separate asphalt mixing system gives a chance to control the production process and the quality of asphalt produced, and in addition to the periods of its production. Moreover, modern technology allows virtually to cope without using the other organizations, such as creating a concrete building.

Separate mobile generating concrete plant – a perfect solution for all major construction difficulties. Most importantly – it initially to make the correct final choice, in which case the production of concrete will eliminate all the problems any construction. It should be noted that modern advances make it possible not only to ensure production of quality construction of concrete and asphalt road, but is also equipped with a built-in filters to separate dust components and purification of industrial gases. Thus significantly increases not only performance of the industrial division of the construction company, but at the same time the comfort and safety for workers who are involved in the production process. Not counting the involvement of filter structures, traps dust and other manufacturer is able to create no danger to the world around them. For each of the construction company, in particular – a major, which continually produces the bulk of production orders Highway construction, is most reasonable to asphalt concrete plant and other equipment was owned. Own equipment gives an opportunity to manufacture, not being in immediate dependence on suppliers and the quality of their work. Moreover, their own equipment – the ability to provide it to the hiring of small firms operating in similar industries, or deliver for them, road asphalt and Building concrete.

If you need to improve firm this equipment in a position to be confirmed as a bank loan. Separate equipment ensures quality performance of all without exception types works and their essential quality results. Moreover, some asphalt mixing plants – a significant savings in road-building materials. Create the future of literacy with the use of qualitative technology!

Fortin Nanawa

13 TUJUTI I number thirteen che Regiment Tamonaromente ojekuaa Fortin Nanawa che camp living wall oje eha II Na tahupimi hand to the visor has tambojoja che mbarakami Amongaraivo Nanawa trench Taropurahei 13 Tujuti III Aropuraheita Regiment thirteen Nanawa de gloria jeroviahaite has ityvyrami Regiment seven living wall mopu ahare IV Ro atamahagui tesaraietepe SMS ko ronenanduka Roheja eme hagua ore ra yrepe Pedestal de gloria oma hagua V Oreave avei soldier paraguayeteva ja ero species ymi Ndaha eivante rojalavaseva Noroikotevei nererochichi saw my command Irra hendive Brizuela Mokoivevoi ana mbaraka has the Leon chaqueno ijykerekuera Mayor Caballero ore ruvicha VII Tiger Cub is usually Macho overo ra tyre machito jey Oime kuatiape 20 January Penenongatu pee mbohapy VIII Oimeveva eraku ore raperame Ore ra arova laurelty pyahu Ojupi hagua umiva ru ame Regiment thirteen onekuambopu IX model ore pope Tujuti ore rera Mita i pyata lampinokuete Guyra has yvytu onesupeheva Ore rovasavo ohasa jave X Oikove pukuva mante ogueroviane Regiment thirteen rapykuereta has oropema ojeguane letter history pyahu ko eramogua XI DDR Bolivia heko ensuguyva Ndohechamo ai and Paraguay Oi haperame ipopia rasyva thirteen Tujuti kavichu pochy XII Kundt ko oimo suede yvypyro Ojuhuta ape pire pereri has ojepo joka gringo tuja vyro Nanawa eye rokeme iti XIII Oguahe jave Iko January 20 eha ara vierne rovasy Ohua VAT ekue blood and fire Oikepavo ape na Boli memby XIV Ko TSI guive ore retainer dos-pe Kundt rembijokuai ndikatui oike Osegui hapere Andy_peralta Lopez Mboka i ratape ohovapete XV Umi 105 ipo apenova Mbohapy hendaguio ihu u tata Hechapyrami tatati ojapova Nu has ka ka’aguy osununumba 16th Nahendurohina guyryry oikova Ndaja eivoi jaikovetaha Ndaipori rupi ipy to opopova Tape ndojuhuiva tembiguai ava 17TH Ipyahe canon ndosovei shrapnel Jama mboka i has one aircraft has nor upevero ndoku wall Omoiva ei ekue fifth Division 18th Nane tiko o ouvo yvyture Canon has mboka ratati nengue has eye to ari jahecha pe nure Inevujoa Boli Re tongue 19th Ava i akangue ko ape has pepe Akaverakuera omosarambi A thing chirkaty machete haimbepe Ikokuepeguaicha what mita okopi XX Peichane voi aipo anaretame mba epochy ifuncion jave Ohecha, ohenduvamante ogueroviane Nanawa de gloria farra karape 21st another pitopu Nanawa de gloria Hera opytama mandu arami Oscribi suck ipyahuva history Tamonarokuera Trece Tujuti XXII Tuguyeta apytepe ou la victoria Regiment trece-pe opukavymi Aga ikatuma I i Ndopamo history aiha raza Guarani XXIII Na chop encuadra hand to the visor has tamondoho che puraheimi Amongaraima Nanawa trinchera has Regiment thirteen Tujuti XXIV Fortin Nanawa che che camp the heroic fifth che Division number thirteen che regiment has alone the one che battalion. Original author and source of the article.. .

Computer With PVC Protection

Sometimes it is important to know how to ensure that the computer has PVC protection from radiation or thrill Ktorov increase the electrical potential of the brain by a simple voltage and careless management of the progress of mental process affects the computers of the great banking systems and protect the body polihlor vinyl itself Processor and our sand generator we get rid of the problems of generating crisis umnyzhivshy money to zero in Russia we were there Party will have the money and accounts that are recorded electronically and password multiplied by zero can restore and disappearing ink and changing understanding of the Renaissance life decisions for Luda all live and breathe the same planet vozduhom.vsya this is my mechanical computer and turn people’s thoughts prvedet to the monetary system from hand to hand is the development of people do not stop the most important thing right postupit.sori in our country, elections and the people are oppressed is a consequence of such actions as the killing of whales muzchiny and improper relationship, all emitting devices garmonizirovany.ya not offer all the sand generators harmonize that is included in the process of the quartz oscillator children’s laughter all zhivogo.delaetsya it’s just written an emotion picture video signal as widely as possible and using adder fueled generator sand and live longer than 300-400 years in both the Bible and our hour will come and rise a star is born and my son and so extend the life your-gospoda.vsya net radiation wrong and sometimes in the shadow zone cuts our bodies and turns that is paralyzing effect it is the moment we Radioengineering guilt stoned-people paralyzed offer all emitters Set as circular harmonization program of radiation and other Internet priborov.ya for Sony-Ericsson, and even if we sometimes laugh at the whole world have the right to harmonize its product and children’s laughter and love uspeh.a because it could be and your war of all firms that are for life. Sori listen to a song about the Vietnam letchika.zemlya is our computer and the sand of Egypt and Cairo in resonance can help to think and nam.i and water exchange over the ocean is cooling protsees 8 degrees of nuclear reactions of the earth that is why so important whales, and north and south poles are cooler radiator cooling of atomic reaktsiy.nado preserve and describe in more detail and edit mysl.mne not like a program that memorizes the input kompyutre (server) places to visit (do not save the halyards coca), and browser which inscribes the names of eyes reading morphine substitute the coca that people would not fall under the influence and could themselves prokormit.ya declare myself sometimes I’m the smartest on earth, and let us take care of people like me and hide for the future by investing in them dengi.. . .

Crystal Display

Most of the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)-monitors support high resolution display, flexible in its modifications, and in contrast to LCD monitors do not require work in the original resolution. Although the close position of power cables, they may be affected by electromagnetic interference. Flicker and refresh rate of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)-port monitor your eyes and causes rapid fatigue. Mikkel Svane: the source for more info. For this recommend using a monitor, which provides for better resolution of the frequency of 85 hertz. Image of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)-monitors made of fine microcrystalline elements. The main advantage in size, it is easy and flat, and also had no harmful radiation. However, ideally a decent picture, they reach only one, the recommended resolution.

When purchasing, pay attention only to the 'factory' permission, switching to another, just degrades the image quality. Relative brightness and contrast, the more these values, the finer the image detail and saturation. For the new matrix Brightness: 240 – 450 cd / m; Contrast 350: 1 – 700: 1. Response Time display must be no more than 30 milliseconds or even less, or much worse dynamic images, the effect of blurry motion. In the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)-monitors, color and brightness of the matrix is totally dependent on angle, it is necessary to pay attention to. No need to purchase a model, the viewing angle is less than 160 . Displays LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)-displays because of its matte surface minimally exposed to light patches compared even with a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)-monitors have an anti-glare coating. Summing up, forming a conclusion, there are no perfect monitors.

Solved only by you. But no matter, what kind of monitor you are tempted, it is necessary to take the best of those that allow your wallet. Most likely, it will be a modern liquid crystal display, cathode ray tubes – yesterday. To date, the minimum diagonal screen is 17 inches, but the play or work behind the monitor with a diagonal of 19 inches is much more comfortable and pleasant. If this monitor for yourself, and you want to watch videos or movies, here came a more wide-screen model, and certainly more diagonal.