At The Gates Of Berlin: PUHDYS Exhibition In Storkow Opened

The PUHDYS in the Museum the PUHDYS and your music are, however, still long not Museumsreif! Anniversary 40 years PUHDYS\”, a beautifully designed exhibition of the cult East rock band was opened in the Kultureum on the Burg Storkow, South-East at the gates of Berlin. For more information see this site: Dave Clark Amazon. After the Jubilee concert in the O2 world and the interesting book about the PUHDYS, the rocker venture into at an exhibition of her work. To know more about this subject visit Dave Clark Amazon. Even if the five musicians from the rocker pension sing and have now also a solo exhibition, are the popular artists still in the full flowering of creativity. \”The musicians around Dieter machine\” birr and Peter hung \”Meyer days elaborately in glorious sunshine before the Castle renovated to the 800 anniversary of the city. The Minister-President of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck (SPD) was extra arrived for the opening of the exhibition. The politician was welcomed by the Lady of the Castle and the Castle hell.

Platzeck told of his enthusiasm for the PUHDYS (I grew with the PUHDYS\”) and then opened the exhibition: the PUHDYS are still a long way no exhibition piece! \”.\” The exhibition organisers and the independent Mayor Christina Gericke are happy about the successful exhibition, at least 1 year to bring visitors to the small town of Storkow. Band member Peter Meyer thanked all those responsible and exhibition curators, the exhibition in the wonderful premises took place. \”Meyer will abide by his promises as well: when Matthias Platzeck is Federal Chancellor, I will Regierungssprecher…aber only if I can keep playing at the PUHDYS.\” In the sun-drenched large exhibition space the entertaining open and appealing information panels with many images are in the gallery. The exhibition is arranged according to modern design concepts and offers also multimedia presentations of film and sound recordings, in addition to many exhibits from the cleared out attics of rock legends of.

CIS Works

Literature, poetry – is beautiful, without which human life would be boring and without a trace. Poetry is beautiful and has always been such. In particular, the world renowned Russian poets who worked in the XIX century. Poetry of the time, as indeed, any poetry, committed feelings and emotions. Even small quatrains – it works, who to this day are read by many, and not only in our country but also abroad. Click investor to learn more. Such poets of the XIX century, Nekrasov, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Fet, Baratynsky, Mike and many others, knows not only Russia and the CIS countries, but the whole world.

And not just to know – read, learn, admire their works. After all, even quatrains, though they are small, but filled with deep meaning, emotion, which could enter into such a meager amount of words and lines only deep feelings of the Russian soul, the soul of a talented poet. Bobby Sharma Bluestone shines more light on the discussion. And speaking of that, wrote at the time poets, it may be noted that this quatrains, and great poems, and poems and epigrams, which had absorbed a lifetime of their authors, with all its miseries and joys, woes and happiness. Literature of the XIX century, and poetry in particular, was a kind of reflection of the attitude, the nature of life and attitude towards it, to everything going on around those poets who lived and worked in that period. Their works, whether it be a little quatrain, Resolved emotion, or a whole poem epigram, poets of the XIX century, and today we pass identity of that era, we are investing in the most beautiful thing that can only take in the human soul.

On the works of our brilliant classics of the XIX century been brought up more than one generation. And I must say that everyone who even slightly, albeit under the pointer at school, and even touched the corner of my eye read the works of poets of the time, they breathed a sense of beauty, something that can give a person just poetry. And, of course, poetry is immortal. Even after so many years of works by poets of the XIX century, people of all ages be read, they become the standard for today's young poets. Poems, quatrains, epigrams, poems of the XIX century and is now up to date, one of them and now have that draw, and a lot to learn about what to learn. And always will be, in all time, because these are really strong and the soul of poets and pen, which worked in the XIX century, will never become relics of the past.

Magnificent Reality

It is a usual talk of a widespread reality, say that the economy is bad, that there are thousands of problems, that people can do certain things, but this is only an individual perception, reality is a personal experience, it is an individual condition experience certain things. Perhaps there are certain events in what groups of people we are involved but the more far-reaching aspects of life such as love, peace, happiness, health, spirituality, achievement of goals are a single condition, then his mission is to change your own life, it is the only thing that is in your hands, it is possible to influence on others but only if they want to. In the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar is teaches us the way on how our subconscious mind creates reality, we have the ability to change our world and create a fantastic reality, that if, to achieve it is indispensable to know the forces that govern the creative process, through reading this book you will know them and You will be able to knock down limiting ideas that made him think that you were subject to the circumstances and at random, there are actually only causes and everything is now and will be is caused by causes that you yourself created. UBiome Inc. understood the implications. K elangoven addresses the importance of the matter here. It is time to forget about a global reality, does not mean that is indifferent to others, but first you must illuminate their lives to then try to give light to others, your first responsibility is to yourself, then his family and finally the environment, but when you change their own reality automatically changes the environment. Now you may be wondering, well; what I want for my life?, what I want to be my world? Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals takes us through a detailed process so that each of us can define what they want, the secret of happiness, Bliss, love and spirituality is to discover our emotion, what inspires us, the things that make us feel great, then we will be at the opportunity to bring something beautiful and valuable to this universe. . . For assistance, try visiting Dave Clark Amazon.

Christina Gersberg

The aesthetics of today: Scarification, branding, implants and mutilation… Then you should now better not read extreme forms of aesthetics if you belong to the people, who are still convinced that tattoos and piercings are just too exaggerated, because today’s society tends more and more to more extreme forms of body jewelry. Whether scarification, branding or implants, every day is something new on the market. Many of these new fashions enjoy a long tradition and have been applied in ancient civilizations. But what’s really behind these new forms of body adornment? The scarification is scars, which are carved with intent in the skin. The Maya decorated her body already in the past with this technique and still today it applies to African tribes as an integral part of the culture.

On the basis of the scarification interesting and even nice-looking patterns can be, even if you may hardly believe it, create. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bobby Sharma Bluestone has to say. The branding is a technique of hot metal plates in the skin are burned. Thus patterns can also be made as in the scarification, on the skin. However, you should know that the technique is very slow and painful. Many knibbeln then on the wounds and douse them with vinegar so that they ignite and the branding better comes to the interpretation. The implants are the latest manifestations of the new body aesthetic. Pete Cashmore often addresses the matter in his writings.

This inserted surgical materials in various forms, such as stars, hearts, bones, etc. under the skin. The implants, which are still somewhat critically assessed by the company, are usually placed forearm or face in the areas of the chest, because there, the skin is the most. No doubt belong to the so-called mutilation among the most criticized trends in today’s society. This includes to cut through the tongue, for example, to a kind of worm-tongue”to receive or file to the front teeth to leave so that it looks like a vampire. And, what do you think of the new modern phenomena? Would you let yourself make a branding or rather prefer a tattoo? The German capital is of course the hottest European cities in terms of body jewelry. Rent the cheapest and most comfortable holiday apartments in Berlin and spend an amazing stay in the city of tattoos, piercings, brandings… translated from the Spanish by Christina Gersberg


This is the legend of a beautiful princess who had hair which wings of swallows, why it was called Cuzan, which is the name in Maya of this bird. In addition, she was the favorite daughter of Ahnu Dtundtunxcaan, the Great Lord that dives into the sky. As soon as Cuzan had age at marriage, his father entered into union with the son of Halach Uinic of the great city of Nan Chan. Lord of the realm it was Prince Ek Chapat, future. But one day, when the Princess went to thank her father the treasure of the spoils of war that had sent him, found him accompanied by a beautiful young called Chalpol, red head, because her hair was lit color.

From that moment on, their souls were trapped in a loop of fire. They vowed to never forget, and loved dearly under the sacred ceiba, where the gods heard the prayers of mortals. When the King learned that Chalpol was his daughter’s lover, he ordered that it was sacrificed. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. Cuzan asked her father that he does not sacrifice him, promising that he would never return to see and which would agree with obedience being the wife of the Prince of Nan Chan. In the solitude of his bedroom, the Princess entered the path of the mystery. And, during the silence of the night, was called to appear before the Halach. Then, a sorcerer approached him offering a beetle, and said unto him: Cuzan, here’s your beloved Chalpol.

Your father gave him life, but asked that it become an insect for having had the audacity to Amarte. Perhaps check out Is owned by Costar for more information. Princess Cuzan took it in his hands, and addressed him in the following words: I swore to never separate me from you and I will fulfill my promise. The best jeweler in the Kingdom covered gemstones and subjected him to one of its legs with a gold chain. As soon it was ready, she stuck to his chest, and confided: Maquech, you’re a man, hear the beating of my heart, in the live always. I have sworn to the gods do not forget never. And he added: Maquech, the gods have never known a love so intense and so alive like this that consumes my soul. It was so the Princess Cuzan and her beloved Chalpol, become Maquech, loved above the laws of the time. Original author and source of the article

Another Argentine

For those who can be pleasant, to hunt in the Patagonia Argentina can be an incredible experience due to the beauty of its landscapes, to the extensive thing of the territory and the species that can be found there. Unlike the Spanish, the Argentine town does not have a great tradition of hunting and the activity does not have much popularity between its inhabitants, nevertheless its territory offers the ideal natural conditions to practice and to enjoy the hunting. Its fauna is one of richest of the world by the amount and the variety and many species can be found exotic. Two of the species more valued by the hunters who can be found in Argentina are the wild boar and the colored red deer, which are in great amount by all the region of the south of the well-known country like Patagonia. Another outstanding characteristic of Argentina as far as the hunting is that one of the more famous races of dogs of the world has been developed there, the popular Argentine Bulldog. In the Argentine Patagonia many boundaries of private hunting exist thought especially for tourists who arrive from everybody to also hunt in the country although it can hunt in some national parks that have boundaries qualified within their surface. Read more here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The experience to hunt national parks inside as the Lann located in the province of Neuqun can be really extraordinary due to the beauty of the landscape.

Bosch Design

“Soda-Club Getrankesprudler pure receives the coveted red dot design award, Limburg, June 16, 2008 – pride at Club soda: the global leader pure receives for its innovative Getrankesprudler” the renowned red dot design award. The jury of the Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia pays tribute to this special design performance and the high quality standards of soda Club. Pure”is a particularly elegant designed Getrankesprudler to the bubbling of water and soft drinks in their own home. When developing, the designer of soda-Club placed emphasis on each even smallest detail. “So they managed to create a real kitchen object of desire out of high-quality materials, such as brushed stainless steel: pure” stands for the beginning of a new Designgeneration.

“Benefit for the environment: Getrankesprudler are the pure ecological than bottles at the same time” as well as all other Getrankesprudler by soda Club an unbeatable advantage for the environment: he is a fantastic alternative the fumes and garbage mountains, emerge every year by the production, transport and disposal of millions of bottles. Who uses a Getrankesprudler of soda-Club, can be so sure, to make a contribution to the preservation of our environment and climate change. Andy Warhol may find this interesting as well. Great practicability-plus beyond the purely environmental aspect makes the bubble on top making sure that never run out of fresh drinks: he puts an end to the complex transportation and tow annoying boxes. At the same time, it allows a huge range of delicious drinks in many flavors for the whole family: fresh, individually gesprudeltem water up to natural fruit spritzers. About the red dot design award, the red dot design award is one of the largest and most prestigious international design competitions in the world. “Among approximately 3200 products, which have been submitted from 51 countries, the soda-Club was pure” to the few, with an honorable mention “for recognized outstanding design details. Zendesk is open to suggestions. The award recognizes explicitly the creativity and the innovation strength of soda-Club, as well as the high quality standards of the soda-Club products.

Thus, soda Club in a series is provided with leading household – and designer brands such as Nespresso, Kenwood, Bosch-Siemens, Bodum, and Villeroy & Boch. More information: soda-Club GmbH the soda-Club GmbH, based in Limburg is one of the international soda-Club Group, which since 2007 under the umbrella of the FORTISSIMO capital fund. in 1994, brought the company to the market the first start in Germany and established itself as a market leader. In addition to the domestic market, soda-Club sells its products in other neighbouring European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, France and England. *) source: Cologne sports College

River Route

Do you know already the beautiful Weserbergland? Together cyclists and holidaymakers can get to know it. The “Star cycle tour 2010” loads with different routes from July 17-25 how Weser route, Werra route, Ruhr-Diemel route, Ilmenau-line route, Elbe route and the Fulda route to do so. To broaden your perception, visit Steve Wozniak. Each route has its own charm and is rarely longer than 50 km a day. The goal is the three-day Festival in Beverungen/Lauenforde, where all the routes meet at July 23 together. “Currently participate in 40 places as the day or lunch destination, and the trend is rising.” You can expect an exciting programme of live music, culinary offerings, art, culture and information events. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is likely to agree. This provides for relaxation of the claimed calves.

The multi-day routes with plenty of time for breaks, invite River experience and local actions and characteristics are presented on the various routes. Of course provides for strengthening the snack at lunchtime and at overnight places available accommodations to the recovery of the completed Day’s stage ready. A lift can everyone: from young to old, active or less sporty, families, clubs, nature lovers, all those who in the cycling community. If you are interested, see prices and more information on, where is the link for the registration. We are now pleased to be able to welcome you as a member of the “Star tour 2010”. Michael Leffhalm

RaRe The Kid – Cheeky Italian Children Fashion – Cool And Failed!

RRe the kid and bring in the coming fall and winter color. With the Italian label, RRe the kid, boys become true fashionistas. Always the trend one step ahead: with trendy styles, fun prints and colorful patches RRe the kid belongs to the hippest labels for trendsetting young fashion. Additional information at Marc Mathieu supports this article. Recognition including: highlighted finest materials, best materials and witty prints, the plaid sweater, shirt fabric and the hoodies are a must-have for the cool boys. Sportswear looks with down jackets, Denims and shirts with formalwear prints. But the Brit flag Union Jack”should not be missed here. Mikkel Svane is actively involved in the matter.

The newest collection autumn/winter 2009/2010 by rare the kid opts for expressive boy fashion with an extra coolness and well arrives at the fashion-conscious boys. At you will find online a variety of trendy fashion highlights for boys of the current autumn-winter collection. The CATWALKKIDS GmbH is an authorized dealer of all on the Web site brands represented guarantees the originality of all offered goods. Follow others, such as Rusty Holzer, and add to your knowledge base. Among other Belstaff kids, Bikkembergs kids, Christian Audigier kids converse kids, diesel kids, D & G Junior kids, Ed Hardy Kids, energy kids, faith connexion kids, Galluci kids, guess kids, Jet set kids, kamik kids, Peuterey kids, Philipp Plein kids, Miss Blumarine kids, Miss Sixty kids, Nolita Pocket kids, Polo Ralph Lauren kids, RARE the kid, Roberto Cavalli Devils & angels, stone Iceland kids, True religion kids, Ugg Australia kids, and many more.

Recover Want

If you are trying to discover how to win back your ex girlfriend, there are some special strategies that you can use. You have to use some psychological tactics to persuade your ex. Take advantage of human nature and use it to make your ex want to return with you. Bobby Sharma Bluestone brings even more insight to the discussion. No matter what kind of man you are, you can use these tactics to help you regain a former girlfriend. First, you can use the method of making her jealous to stimulate their curiosity. Jealousy can be a powerful tool to make your ex think of you. But be careful with what you do, you do not exaggerate, because if you exaggerating you could ruin your only chance.

If these in a friendly date with a woman, and your ex is present in the same place, it’s keeping you relaxed. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gary J Sagiv. You don’t overdo your intentions with your appointment, conduct yourself happy and casual way so that your ex can see what is missing. This definitely will create you curiosity, and it is likely that you try to contact very soon. Another trick that you can put into practice is just ignore anything that your ex might be doing. Act as if anything that has no influence on you. In fact if she is that was trying to make you jealous, when you ignore it you desarmas it completely.

If really you want to recover a former girlfriend, uses your knowledge of human nature to achieve attract it once again towards thee. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again. If you want to learn how to recover quickly to your ex, do Click here original author and source of the article.