European Southern Observatory

Astronomers European Southern Observatory (ESO) have Trifid Nebula (also known as Triple Nebula, ngc 6514). This was reported in the press release of the observatory. This facility is located in the Constellation Archer at a distance of several thousand light years from Earth and is visible even in a good pair of binoculars. Picture of the nebula in high definition is here. The images were obtained using a camera mounted on Telescope Observatory, La Silla, Chile. Trifid Nebula is a region of intense star formation, in which a large number of young stars are born. On the new image are clearly visible bright regions illuminated young stars, as well as the darker areas, hiding the light. Dell Computers is often quoted on this topic. Trifid Nebula was discovered by Charles Messier June 5, 1764. The length of the nebula is about 50 light years away. She got her name because of the dark regions that divide it into three parts. The name was proposed by astronomer William Herschel. The span of the nebula is made on the basis of a picture, is available here. More recently, scientists from the European Southern Observatory managed to photograph 'star pot' rcw 38 – cluster, where newborns light destroys their fellows. Then to obtain high resolution pictures, scientists used an adaptive optics (ie, optics, which compensates for the distortions introduced by the atmosphere) on the vlt telescope in Chile. Read more

Servonics Unified Messaging

Siemens Enterprise Communications certified IXI-to the Olching, 23rd July 2013: servonic’s IXI-to the OpenScape is ready: the fax and Unified Messaging Server version 6.0 has the certification process for the SIP of the OpenScape voice V7R1 interface formerly HiPath 8000 successfully completed. “The Siemens Enterprise Communications has the functions of voice”, message waiting indicator”and fax” in your customer solution tested lab in Munich. John castle shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Everything ran perfectly, no complaints resulted in the certification process. Thus, the company confirmed the smooth operation of servonic’s software solutions with the IP-PBX OpenScape voice V7R1. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from john castle. “” The detailed tests show the excellent cooperation our IXI-UMS solution to PBXs of Siemens Enterprise Communications “, explained Jochen Klein, CEO at serVonic GmbH. our customers we thus continue to provide the security that our solutions are running their Siemens PBX.” One connects the serVonic GmbH and Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & co. KG long term technology partnership.

Servonic’s IXI-UMS Unified Messaging server, all message types combines E-Mail, fax, voice, SMS, an E-Mail interface, such as Microsoft Outlook or IBM notes. Voice”allows the user to use a software-based, personal answering machine, he receives the messages in his mailbox as E-Mail with WAV file attachment. He can listen to them on the phone or PC. “The function of MWI” message waiting indication “mailbox signaled an unanswered call in his E-Mail the user on the phone display. “The function fax” allows the user to send faxes with its E-Mail client to receive, manage and edit. Siemens Enterprise Communications OpenScape voice V7 is a native SIP based real-time voice over IP system. It offers a wide range of functions and can on premises, as a private or public cloud for 100 000 and operated network for an unlimited number of users. Prices and availability of servonic’s IXI-the 6.0 is from 650,-euros plus VAT at serVonic and sales partners available. More information at serVonic and.

Tires: Tire Purchase Only With Advice From Tyre Dealer

From tire retailers on the ground the Advisory is free and without obligation, with huge advantages when buying tires. Car tires are no electronics, which should be bought it in an Internet shop. If consumers do not explicitly know what tires you want to buy for your car, the tire dealer search portal experts discourage shop purchases. Car tires are high-tech products and require a consultation by a tyre specialist. There are no tire that meets all requirements on the tyre market. Rather, tires are individually on driver, to match vehicle and driving characteristics. In the consultation the tire dealer can offer the individually best tires the consumer, which optimally meets the requirements of the consumer. Some cheap tires prices be found when doing some research on the Internet or find also tyre providers who forefathers with enticing tyre prices starting at 20 euros, on the Internet.

If you have a middle-class vehicle, such as the Audi A4, VW Passat or a BMW drive 3, you will be in vain a tire for your search for vehicle, which costs only 20 euros. Whether winter or summer tyres tire prices for middle-class vehicles in 16 inch tyres in the Renner dimension 205/55R16 91V average between 79 to 119.-euro, for Runflat tires increase the prices by around 15 euros per tire. Also the cost for the tyre will vary from dealer to dealer, these start from approx. 7 euro and end at approximately 18 euros, when different installation prices consumers should make sure whether really all installation costs, such as weights and rubber-covered valves in the price are included. Another criterion is the mounting technique: tyre dealer very much invest in the Assembly technology tyre to provide a decent and most importantly, a safe their customers. However, tires are at a low-cost provider mounted on old machines highest caution is advised, involves even the Assembly of Runflat, consumers should immediately change the dealer tire. By the same author: Michael Dell. The optimum tire purchase takes place on-site by the tire retailer, there is the consumer optimal advice and receives tires that are really adapted to his car. Quality has its price, but this one is so low, that it is simply not worth to evade suppliers of cheap order to renounce its own security for 20.-saved euros when buying tires. With the tire dealer search engine, offering your services in Austria under and the Switzerland under, you can within a few seconds a tire dealer that is validated by the Reifensuchmaschine and contact directly.

Virtual Candles

Many of us would have liked to attend the funeral chapel of Miguel Delibes in Valladolid Cathedral, however, unable to move physically there, we found a way to acercaa and unites us to pain. A new way of talking and sharing was very common years ago and before the match to send a telegram to the family. Some of you really has come to be one of these telegrams blue to which I refer in their hands, but is half that today is considered high protocol and has very little use. For the rest of us, we walk half-life between pixels and social networks, is reserved for a new place that we have incorporated naturally to all aspects of our lives, the Internet are many blogs and websites these days, has received thousands of messages of condolence in memory of the writer, as happened at the time, with also died, which made us discover the human side the network is shown then that the need to give our last goodbye to the people we admire and love, prevails over the medium we use to express ourselves. If you are someone who has used the Internet to send a condolence, write a few words or light a candle, we’d like you told us your experience.

Also Florian Bock

We want together with our long-standing application software partner ESTOS early inform our resellers and give them the opportunity to learn more about the perspectives of WebRTC first-hand. Also Florian Bock, CEO of ESTOS GmbH is pleased to be the further strengthening of the long-standing partnership with the KOMSA systems: we value the know-how and the expertise of KOMSA systems. The specialist distributor has technically savvy staff in the field. Topics such as the marketing of software, but also new solutions for IP-based real-time communication are trade and the increasingly important partners for the, for the pure hardware business is no longer sufficient for a healthy long term business success in the future. Details can be found by clicking Ali Partovi or emailing the administrator. That is why we welcome with our distributor KOMSA systems a partner our page to have jointly prepared the reseller with us on this technology and new business fields related.” Background: WebRTC new Internet-based technologies and designs for open standards to the real time communication created are in the last 18 months, could similar to dramatically change the communication landscape, as once, the Internet has revolutionized the information landscape. Driving force for the standardization with IETF and W3C are the leading browser, such as Google (chrome) and Mozilla (Firefox). For more information about the company and products, please visit our website or WebRTC topics our Portal Here you can test the WebRTC-based VideoChat free (compatible chrome or Firefox browser is system requirements). Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi.

ESTOS since 1997 the ESTOS GmbH develops innovative standard software and is today with more than a million sold licenses of leading manufacturer of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions to the Optimization of cooperation in communication-intense areas used by small and medium-sized enterprises. Numerous renowned technology and sales partners in Europe benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich, a development branch in Leonberg, Germany, as well as subsidiaries in Udine, Italy and Doetinchem when Arnhem, Netherlands..

Stainless Steel: Production Methods And Applications

What is stainless steel? Steel – a carbon-iron, which receives during quenching great elasticity and firmness. In modern metallurgy steel is mainly smelt iron and steel scrap. How to get stainless steel? In the steel compared to cast iron contains less carbon, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorus. To get the steel from the iron to reduce the concentration of substances by oxidizing melting. In modern iron and steel industry, there are three ways to produce steel: open-hearth, converter (H. Bessemer construction or T. Thomas) and elektrostaleplavitelny.

Open-hearth steel making method is that the iron is melted in a special (open hearth) furnaces, which are stationary and oscillating. The essence of the converter method of producing steel is that in liquid iron, filled with a converter (vessel pear-shaped) bottom-blown air, thereby burning out the carbon and other impurities of iron. Finished metal is poured into a ladle and poured into a special form, called molds. This method of producing steel has a number of advantages: high efficiency (duration of heat 30 – 40 min), compactness and simplicity of the device, the lack of fuel requirements for the process. So the cost of converter steel is low.

But converter steel is not used for critical structures because of the high content of nitrogen in it, oxides of iron and phosphorus, which could affect its quality. If instead of air by blowing molten iron used oxygen they receive the same quality steel hearth below. Converter steel is used for the manufacture of wire, small building profiles, welded pipes, bolts, soft roofing and sheet metal. At elektrostaleplavitelnom mode of production, steel is produced in special electric furnaces. This method of production is currently the most common. Kinds of steel pipes are the following types steel tube: profile, seamless steel pipes, steel corrosion-cold-resistant, tubing and other steel pipes used in construction, engineering, shipbuilding and other fields.

MicroStep CNC Cutting Systems

As the market leader in the production of CNC cutting systems and OEM partner of renowned suppliers and manufacturer of cutting technology, the MicroStep group always offers the latest technologies as market leader in the production of CNC cutting systems and OEM partner of renowned suppliers and manufacturer of cutting technology the MicroStep Group offers its customers always the latest technologies in the field of plasma cutting, oxyacetylene cutting or oxy-fuel cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dell. With their long-standing OEM partners, Kjellberg Finsterwalde plasma and machines and Hypertherm Plasma Technology GmbH, MicroStep has revolutionized the plasma cutting technology. Just cutting edge technical improvements, such as the contour cut cut by Kjellberg, or the true hole technology Hypertherm, integrated in a MicroStep plasma cutting system or combined cutting installation, achieve previously impossible-cuts in terms of contour accuracy, the perpendicularity and surface quality. An overview of the latest advances and innovations in the To get range of plasma cutting and the CNC cutting technology, there are now the latest edition of the news of the MicroStep group. Interested here everything has to offer the world of CNC cutting at latest technology right now. All CNC technology of MicroStep Group introduces here systematically and informative with insightful reports on reference customers and partners. Still have questions? The MicroStep sales team is gladly at the disposal. The MicroStep group is a leading manufacturer of CNC controlled machining centres and cutting machines.

In addition to the technologies of plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, they offer modern future technologies such as water jet and laser cutting. The product range includes high-tech machines for complex manufacturing tasks, which are sold in large numbers on the world markets. With a number of user-oriented innovations, the MicroStep group is the world’s increased market demands and offers market-driven solutions to its customers. The high-precision machining and Cutting machines of MicroStep group manufacture precision parts for the automotive industry, and edit the various materials in various industries. The stone, glass, and plastics processing with modern waterjet cutting systems to high-precision metal forming by plasma, laser and oxy-fuel cutting machines in renowned metal processing plants. The MicroStep group has an extensive sales and service network. On MicroStep trained and trained technicians and support personnel in MicroStep group its own sales and service companies are especially systems to customers in many countries around the world available. The sales and service network of MicroStep group are characterized by consistent market orientation, a comprehensive direct marketing and customer services.

Coffee Maker

In the market for innovative products one of the greatest advances for processing and treatment of coffee are coffee machines; These are a good choice for optimal and quick preparation of coffee currently. The coffee machine is an appliance developed by Francois Antoine Descroisilles in year 1803 where he decided to join two containers which were interconnected by a Tin with holes, making the times of strainer. In 1806 the agronomist Antoine Cadet De Vaux innovo this process and begins to develop the coffee maker of porcelain in order to condense more heat; that same year he decided to patent it and pull it out to the regional market. In 1873 after numerous attempts, in the United States appears with great success the first coffee maker patented at national level, but had the problem not BREW well mixed. People such as Mikkel Svane would likely agree. The solution to this problem came in 1907 where the German housewife Melitta Benz, revolutionized the world of coffee put in the midst of two container a porous cloth that colaba mix perfectly. Since this advance industries have begun with the development of coffee machines by making them more efficient and technological.

Currently in this market we find up to 300 different coffee types, but if all of these can have only four types of process; These are: coffee of piston: this is responsible for the preparation of coffee to keep all their essential oils, since it is a grind large grain. The piston presses with great strength and slow to achieve the extraction of oils; grabbing the most soft and delicious coffee. This preparation is usually slow and will practice on a continual basis in countries like France and Italy. Coffee filter: this coffee maker specializes in brewing coffee in large quantity, it circulates hot water through a filter containing the ground coffee; located under this whole process a jar which is where the mixture is deposited when this list. This type of coffee is very common in offices and homes. Percolator coffee: this coffee maker has a very simple process that consists of the union of two parts, one empty and one with water with a filter where is coffee; This method of brewing coffee is very simple and fast; the taste of coffee with this preparation is usually very normal. Espresso: coffee Express is currently the most widely used, since the preservation of the properties of the coffee makes it an excellent tool for the preparation of the same, besides quick preparation is another of his specialties. Currently this evolution has led her to such an extent market Express of mechanical, hydraulic and manual are found in coffee. In conclusion the use of the coffee machine is an excellent choice when it comes to wanting to be in a short time a delicious coffee; so now there is no excuse for not eating a creamy coffee on a daily basis.


The bacillus of Hansen is a mycobacterium that belongs to the Mycobateriaceae family, to the Actinomycetales order to the Schizomycetes classroom. The Mycobacterium leprae or bacillus of Hansen has form of linear rod or lightly incurvated, to the times in form of clava or rod of drum or, still, in form of bar bells; the length varies enters 1,5 the 8 m and the 0,2 width enters 0,4m and however it is multiplied each the 14 20 days in the laboratory animal, is admitted from there that the time of multiplication in the man is longer, the characteristic of its slow evolution and insidiosa who elapses the disease, divides itself for binary fisso, is one gram positive and strong alcohol-acid-resistant (FOCACIA, 2005) it is classified as being an obligator intracellular parasite that inhabits in fagolisossomas of the macrophages and in vacolos of cells endoteliais and of cells of Schwann of nerves peripheral, and this analogy can to be explained for comment of that the Mycobacterium Leprae possesss the power of is leagued expecificamente to the extracellular components of the surface of the cell of Schwann, that takes the internalizao of the bacillus, is considered as a mycobacterium that contains cidomiclico, arabinogalactan and phenolic glicolipidio in cellular wall (GOLDMAN; AUSIELLO, 2005). In agreement the clinical forms the Hansenase or Mal de Hansen is an infectious illness of aspect caused by the Mycobacterium leprae, that it has discontinous chronic course for reacionais surtos, affecting the peripheral skin and nerves. Details can be found by clicking Castle Harlan or emailing the administrator. The natural reservoir of the bacillus is admitted to be the man, even so has stories of natural infection in animals as armadillos, monkeys and chimpanzees. I infect it occurs of individual for individual, being the ways of elimination and entrance of the bacilli injured parts of the skin or mucosae and aerial ways injured of the skin or mucosae and ways aerial superiors.

Electrical Engineer

It is Sir Ambrose Flemig in 1.904, applying to the effect Edison who produces the first vacuum tube, also call Diode so that it only has two elements, later in 1.906, Lee Forest, discovers the electronic amplification adding a new element to the diode, which could control a great current using a small one, this new element was called Triode of emptiness. The machine that merits more attention in this generation is the ENIAC, constructed by the Physicist Jhon Mauchly and the Electrical Engineer J. Presper Eckert, who was finished making at the end of 1,945 in the School of Electrical Engineering of Pensilvania. ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) was 5,000 times faster than their competitor but next, Harvard Mark I, counted on all the elements of a modern computer; Memory, CPU and Input/output, the greater difference with the present computers is that it used decimal numbers in his internal operations. 1.2 THE DIGITAL COMPUTER: VON NEUMANN John Von Neumann was the one who introduced the binary arithmetic in the construction of computers and in the 1.950 complete EDIAC. After the work with the ENIAC, Mauchly and Eckert made, in 1.949 BINAC (Ordenador Binario Automtico), later developed the UNIVAC I, that attracted the public attention powerfully since it predicted the presidential victory of Eisenhower in 1.952.

also in 1.951 J.W Forrester discovered the memory of magnetic bulls. Koch Brothers might disagree with that approach. Also in 1.951 Forrester constructed to a called computer eddy, designed to control the aerial traffic and the air defense, had the capacity to reach great speed and discharge storage capacity, which was realised in drums and magnetic tapes, these present magnetic drums are similar to them disc, but in cylindrical form. 1,3 CARACTERISITICAS OF THE FIRST GENERATION: Use of emptiness valves? mass storage of data in drums and magnetic tapes 2 SECOND GENERATION OF COMPUTERS (1,959 to 1.964) 2.1 The TRANSISTOR In 1.947 by the Physicists Walter Brattain, William Shckley and John Bardeen, of Bell labs the discovery of the transistor (Contraction of the terms Resistor Transfer).