Month: October 2012

The Production

Relatively recently, a monopoly in the construction of wood frame construction came to an end, replaced the usual boards increasingly comes to steel. For the metal, the practical limitations on designation does not exist, for example, in Europe successfully constructed apartment buildings with one of the most high-tech modern technology – pre-fabricated buildings made of light metal (LMC). Methods used in the production process allows to produce single-and multi-span buildings of varying height. Buildings can be designed taking into account the peculiarities of their use and possible additional requirements. The main difference between lmc from the traditional method of building – an industrial approach in which building construction made pipelined manner and at the construction site is only installation. This allows us to drastically (by more than half) to accelerate the construction process. In addition, as a result of unification of all metal parts and components of such buildings is relatively low, and the assembly does not require lifting equipment, heavy-duty and specialized training (certification), assemblers, because the connection details of welding is not used, only used fittings. And thanks to the factory selection elements in the geometric characteristics and no additional work on the dock. The use of all elements of the framework, including fasteners, thin-walled profiles made of galvanized steel can with minimum weight design to achieve the unique strength characteristics of the load-bearing frame with corrosion-resistant for a period of not less than 50 years. How does it work? Regardless of the purpose of buildings and material selection can provide a number of key advantages of frame construction technology: the possibility of construction works at any time of year, the high pace of construction, during construction does not require heavy lifting equipment; ease of construction does not require extensive training and challenging the foundations of resistance to seasonal fix progress basement, high earthquake resistance, the ability to implement a variety of architectural ideas.