Month: November 2012

Design Centers in Europe

Largest Design and Research Centre in Europe are constantly improving the processing technology of air and gives us new the highest quality. It is generally accepted division of humidifiers by type. Steam humidifiers – are devices in which the humidification of the air is heated by the evaporation of moisture. Water is heated in special reservoir electrodes, and the steam enters the room. Take, for example, a humectant Boneco 2031. This innovation, which not only effectively increase the humidity to the desired level, but if you want perfumes it – it has an excellent aroma therapeutic and prophylactic effect, improves mood, reduces fatigue.

So with the help Boneco 2031 you can spend a hot inhalations (this humidifier is widely used in health institutions, health centers) Ultrasonic humidifiers evaporate water using high-frequency oscillations are modern and effective instruments for maintaining a given moisture is probably the most popular type of humidifier. They attract the economy, quietness and the ability to set exact parameters of humidity. The principle of operation is as follows – the water from the tank reaches the plate vibrating with high frequency and splits into tiny particles that form a kind of cloud. Passing through a cloud of dry air is moistened and returned to the room. However, ultrasonic humidifiers combine and other useful features. Model Boneco 7135 – ultramodern device that softens the water by means of a filter cartridge, so that the furniture and interior is not a white salt deposit, even if using plain water (in many ultrasonic humidifiers need to use distilled water). Mirror display with touch control allows to set the desired mode and monitor the work of the humidifier. Conventional humidifiers humidifiers also called "cold type", as moisture is based on the principle of self-regulation of natural evaporation.

Dry air passes through a special evaporation grid humidifier cartridge. This system is not only hydration, but also cleaning the air, as if wet cleaning. An example of a humidifier may be the traditional type of model Boneco Air-O-Swiss 2241. This instrument equipped with an air ionization and a filter impregnated with antibiotic. Easy to clean, easy and reliable. There are also devices that combine and humidifier and air purifier. For example, the so-called "Cleaning the air" (model Boneco1355, Boneco 2055, Boneco2055 D) provide a "wash" the air, purify it from dust, viruses, bacteria, ionize and flavored. At the same time easy to use, economical and reliable. And, finally, the climatic complex Boneco Air-O-Swiss 2071. The instrument for cleaning, moisturizing and fragrance has a powerful system of filters. Air passes through the HEPA-filter, cleaned of allergens, then a carbon filter absorbs noxious gases, smoke and unpleasant smells, and then hydrating the filter stops processing. Gentle moisturizing and cleaning the air, different modes of power, ease of operation and maintenance of complex climate make Air-O-Swiss 2071 and irreplaceable home or office. A what do you do if you want to increase the humidity in the room a large area and volume? Because household humidifiers are designed for home, office, home … The decision is a greenhouse. The company offers modern ArhKlimat industrial and semi-humidifiers leading manufacturers. Comfortable conditions for life and work – this is your goal and our mission.

Italian Power Equipment

"Italy comes to the Germans" (Italian stallions against German iron horses) are increasingly in recent times builders make their choice in favor of the Italian power equipment, choosing his favorites to the Germans. professionals with expertise in many of the subtleties of equipment, choose their tasks under this Italian brands. Hot water boilers Unical, models MODAL, ELLPREX, deserve special attention. A number of very convenient technical solutions such as the door of the boiler, having the opportunity to open up and left and right, universal burner plate, burner allows you to set any manufacturer, place pots Unical of the most popular and beloved consumer. Another of the perceived benefits of Boiler Plant Unical, MODAL and ELLPREX furnace is elliptical rather than a standard cylindrical. This contributes to a significant decrease in the formation of condensation gives opportunity to give a nominal efficiency of boilers in Unical 92%. If, however, analyze the market of heating equipment in general, but now the situation is gradually shifting in favor of the young (and not), but at the same time ambitious players willing to offer an adequate, quality product. At the same time, unlike the giants of the market, the players of lower rank more accommodating, loyal, and try to work now, not to capture the market, not at the rapid rate of economic growth, both at work to create a favorable image and information situation in the industry, developing their marketing communications, a favorable attitude of the consumer.

Such market situation provides a good 'working' the competition, forcing leaders to accelerate and catch up to keep up, rising higher and higher your level. Leaders – certainly the Germans, Italians are catching up and catching up with a small behind, offering, however, is very, very interesting technical and markettingovye solutions. Some dealers of power boilers are ready to offer a pleasant seasonal bonuses, allowing for the escape Italian equipment brand Unical tangible discounts. Interesting conditions on Unical Modal. See if you can call (495) 620-59-37, or write to e-mail Lain Technology