Month: January 2013

Supervision Walls

We provide quality work at: repairs of apartments, offices, houses, cottages, shops, repair of non-residential premises. Also finishing works: plaster, paint, plaster, facade, tile, Parquet, ceilings, wiring, plumbing and heating work. In Kyiv and Kyiv region. Here you can order a comprehensive repair and some types of work. Procedure for Supervision of works progress of work and control over their quality, you can take on.

Of course, coordinating the work – a difficult task for an amateur, so we advise beginners to guard against failures, failures that result in downtime and disorder at the site, and a list of all planned activities and their sequence of execution. A guide for you and can serve as an illustrative list compiled by our priorities for repairs and finishing of premises: 1. Cleaning the premises, including the demolition of a number of structural elements. At this stage of the work endure furniture, break walls, and those design elements that are left without support, prop up stand, strengthen, and tolerate debris. 2. Treatment (prophylactic or regular) surfaces of the walls, ceiling, floor compositions for preventing dampness, rot, insect pests. 3.

Laying of new pipes (gas, water supply, sewerage, heating) and electrical wiring. 4. Construction of new decorative walls, interior walls, the base for new flooring. 5. Preliminary adjustment of Communication (installation of boilers, installation water supply, power distribution boards). 6. Initial carpentry: Crate and trim windows and doors, installation of beams, etc. 7. Plastering. 8. The final adjustment of communications, including the installation of sinks, tubs, radiators, etc. 9. Final stage of joinery: door hanging, nailing architraves, ceiling cornices. 10. Installation of built-in furniture (cupboards in the hallway or the bedroom) and equipment (built-in appliances). 11. Finish walls and ceilings (hanging, embossed ceilings, final painting, wrapping paper or paneling). 12. Finish flooring (color, flooring rolled flooring or parquet laying and finishing). 13. Furnishings. Design interior of apartments, houses, commercial property development project power, alterations, repairs and decoration of apartments, houses, offices, shops in Kyiv region and in cities which have representatives Author's supervision over the progress of repairs in the apartment, home or office.

Federal Reserve System

Does EA would do if it has to care for someone and failure behaviour? Surely, it will try to blame what happened on that someone and will propose tougher measures to prevent that you again derailed. This will prevent receiving the blame on something you have been assigned to EA Although this seems a very childish solution, that is what the Fed and the SEC in the United States and other regulatory bodies have done and oversight in the rest of the economies affected directly by the crisis subprime, that instead of assuming the responsibilities of what has happened, have tried by all means, dissociate itself from the blame. And to demonstrate some type of action or reaction (logically delayed), it is that they are working on the regulatory aspects to avoid that this same happen again. I’m not saying it is wrong that they decide to increase control over financial institutions, but what I say is that, as always, these measures come at the wrong time, and it is likely that they are insufficient to prevent the next crisis. In this sense, the Federal Reserve and the SEC, are close to reaching a formal agreement for the supervision of the financial system. According to published mainstream media specialized in the United States.UU, both institutions are moving in the design of mechanisms to share information that will supposedly allow them to have a perspective broader and continuous on the financial institutions that are key and the markets that could impact the stability of the financial system. They still do not agree on what power should concentrate the Fed and what not. I imagine that, after what happened, the discussion should turn lathe not responsibilities want to assume, but which avoid. But really is a higher level of access to the information by those entities or tighter control which prevented detecting intraoperative little whites for the financial system? It would be very strange that the answer was affirmative, since all market knew about these operations and the mechanisms used.

EU Member States

On 10 July 2012 the electronic contracting of the ANEI Commission presented its report at the headquarters of CEOE in Madrid. The Commission considers that Spain could save 7,823 million incorporating technology in the management of its recruitment procedures. Nothing else see this news on the website of Pixelware, I downloaded the same full report, and although I am always critical of estimates of this kind, the report of the Commission on public procurement is based on the EU studies to calculate the overall figure of savings that the public sector can achieve, and concludes in propose to public authorities design and approve, without delay, a program of the use of electronic means in public procurement. The figure could be higher or lower, but it seems clear that there is a likelihood real save if we innovate by investing in technologies that make procurement in public administration processes more transparent and competitive. According to the report, in this same sense is pronounced on electronic public procurement EU Green Book, pointing out; It is essential that the EU Member States undertake, as soon as possible, mechanisms enabling electronic public procurement, in an interoperable, Pan-European rear-facing environment, it seems that the number of 7,000 million has become a magic number of our crisis in Spain: in the article the world of 10 April, where it can save in health, they say: seven billion. This is the new magic number, the amount of money that the Government intends to cut in healthcare in his article of May 5, the Government will inject 7 billion to clean up Bankia, reads Bankia faces the inevitable: be aided by the Government. And according to sources of the Executive cited by Expansion, the amount needed for sanitation is 7,000 million euros. Well, we all know that this figure was only the beginning and that I went up as the weeks passed and today we can not be sure of what will be the final amount.

The Digital Canon Not Won The Election In Spain

These are the conclusions by the platform not to Canon Digital, which encompasses both associations of Internet users such as manufacturers and distributors of computer systems: > the total votes collected by parties who do not want the canon, except for the PSOE, CiU and the abstention of the PNV, was 13.827.453 votes. > 54.2% Of citizens gave their support to parties that have committed not to the digital canon in their electoral programmes, in case of winning the elections. > However, up to the PSOE, party that pushed for the current model of canon digital, has acknowledged that such a model should be checked and find a consistent solution for everyone, which meets to authors, users and manufacturers. > The European Union has opened the debate, but without imposing a common model for all its member countries, but the controversy has already arisen in several of these countries, and quite possibly in the next few years, there is a common law on the right to private copying and the defence of intellectual property. > platform has already begun its battle against the application of the levy.

He has counted with the support of three million signatures and over 50 municipalities which had been approved in its full, motions against the digital canon. > Result of the results of the last elections, the platform managers are determined to have all the meetings that are necessary with the new Executive which will be released in April to reach an agreement, while waiting if the European Union decides to take the step of establishing a law on digital royalties and unify criteria in all Member countries. > Platform has taken several judicial measures that pursue the abolition of Cannon, such as the filing of an appeal of unconstitutionality before the Constitutional Court, request for popular legislative initiatives to reform the LPI in Congress backed by collected signatures and submission of a claim in the courts for the defence of competition, in Spain and in Europe. On the other hand, also seeks the collaboration of all users so that they require in the courts the exemption from payment of the fee when Justice does not correspond. Original author and source of the article.

Writing Journals

According to studies from various universities in Latin America has shown that digital journals in Latin America have practically all the tools of the digital journalism (interactivity, multimedia, hypertext) but they are not as leveraged as for example, the Spanish newspapers in the handling of the information.Both are needed, both complement and accumulate information.Because of the evolution and consolidation of new technologies, we are witnessing increasingly a greater presence and influence of newspapers in society. -One of the first features of digital journals is that they offer an information on a global scale, can be read anywhere in the world, through a simple Internet connection. The extinction of the European newspapers despite its long tradition in these countries is not discarded in the European society. -Can respond to the demands of each user specific information including: cause of a communication, a custom model of communication desmasificacion. -Se It gives a greater importance to the content of the information. It’s generating services multi-platform instead of brackets that a person can access from different places.

-Online information services enable integration of all formats of information on same media (text, audio, video, graphics, photographs, animations) – network makes it possible follow up to the minute of the news updates, occurs the permanent direct, real time information. -There are no limits to the amount of media that may exist, or there are limits on the volume of information. -Multiply the available channels, transmitting more information in less time and at global level. -Do not require large investments in infrastructures, or permits, or licenses, it has no distribution costs – allows direct access of the public to information sources without the mediation of professional communicators. It is a publishing system that works apart from traditional media publishers. An example is clear press Holland (Netherlands), which currently almost in its entirety is digital. -Users have access to the servers where lies the information and also can communicate with each other using the same system you have access to the media. This allows creating forums, and build communities.

-Interactivity is possible. Content providers and users have a few perfectly interchangeable roles. -Information on nodes (discrete units) is distributed and are articulated through links (programming orders. But not all are advantages to digital newspapers. It can happen to make them that obsession by the immediacy of these journals take into account verification and contrast of sources, control their information. The Hypertext, the new technological frontier of writing, requires new communication skills and a greater effort of reading, since it disappears the linear paradigm. Sometimes even disappears the coherence and the sense of the texts. It is necessary to learn how to navigate through the information. Another disadvantage is that Internet connections there are no in every part of the world (full coverage).

Digital Books Improve Up To 50% Spelling

Students who use digital books can improve up to 50% their spelling according to the main conclusion of a study. The study is revealing, because it guarantees that students who use multimedia content have improved more than those who use traditional methods. Students who use digital books can improve up to 50% their spelling according to the main conclusion of a study by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and the done Blanquerna among 1,700 pupils of secondary school of Catalonia Fria 1 1 program users. According to a release, the students who have used digital content have experienced an improvement of 20% of average results, reaching 50% in some cases. The importance of the multimedia contents students with poorer outcomes in this study belong to schools where there are no laptops themselves for each student, so they can only use the computer at home, and in parallel, in schools where these technologies are not used not detected improvements. The study is revealing, because it guarantees that students who use multimedia content improve more than those who use traditional methods, which demonstrated for the first time that applied to teaching information and communication technologies can help students improve their academic results. A macroinvestigacion study, led by Professor of the UAB Pere Marquis and conducted during the last quarter of the year 2010-2011, is part of a macroinvestigacion that will extend over several years to address academic progression linked to the use of new technologies in the classroom.

In fact, the first phase has focused on spelling (one of the unfinished business of school children, along with reading comprehension, according to PISA). The students have been divided into two groups: one worked for two months spelling rules with traditional methods and the other through digital content competition which was evaluated at the beginning and at the end of the test. Beyond of the technologies in the classroom, academic success with digital books requires some appropriate content, as well as training for teachers. Source of the news: digital books improve spelling up to 50%