Month: September 2013

Industry Solutions

Overview of the latest server solutions industry leading manufacturers of Sergey Panin In this review, you will learn about the distinguishing features of the latest developments of server companies HP, IBM and DELL. Part 1. All Entry Level Servers variety offered on the market today making servers, regardless of manufacturer, can be divided into two main types of form factors – Tower and Rack Mount. A characteristic feature is the ability to Tower Servers converting to rackmount (rack mount) form factor, with the help of special collections. This possibility should be considered when choosing a server because it gives additional opportunities versatility. Recently, Hewlett-Packard Company provided users with the following server: The form factor Tower: HP ProLiant ML110 G4, HP ProLiant ML115, HP ProLiant ML150 G3, HP ProLiant ML310 G4.

In the form factor Rack Mount: HP ProLiant DL140 G3, HP ProLiant DL145 G3, HP ProLiant DL320 G5. IBM offers: The form factor Tower: IBM System x3105, IBM System x3200. In the form factor Rack Mount: IBM System x3250 offers DELL Company: The form factor Tower: DELL PowerEdge SC440, Dell PowerEdge 840, DELL PowerEdge SC1430 In the form factor Rack Mount: Dell PowerEdge 860, DELL PowerEdge SC1435 servers start with a performance of Tower. In this segment, the optimal solution is the company's server HP Proliant ML150G3. We recommend the use of the company's servers with the number of 10-15 people. Dual architecture based on the latest dual-core Intel, server ML150 G3 delivers performance required at the present time and has excellent opportunities to expand and modernize system in the future.


But the forum and guestbook are worthless, but they can be Attach to your site from other services (as I did). Another interesting point. Noticed that sites with the people very well indexed by Yandex itself, and it can not but rejoice. Pleasantly surprised with a good download site. Contrary common opinion about the slowness of the people, my site (quite full) is always fast loading. Let's talk about the shortcomings. The most significant is the inability to organize a dynamic website. In other words – forget about the comments on articles, estimates materials and "other goodies".

Besides, is not very convenient when the site, forum and guest book are at different services. Plus the restriction in the amount of the site – 100 megabytes. Conclusion: The start with the people it is quite possible. There you can learn good html and insight into the principles of the Internet. And do not listen to the homegrown "profession-analyte" in many forums, spreading terrible stories about what "Having been once on the people, then it is very difficult to wash off." This is complete nonsense. Free hosting with php MySQL – myth or reality? When the lack of comments to articles on the site squeezed his throat noose of helplessness, I was "immersed" in Dronov and understood – to create a dynamic page need hosting with php MySQL. In brief: php – the language of writing dynamic websites, MySQL – a database where comments are recorded, etc., etc. Write your site, I did not, and decided to try to free "engines" (patterns) for the site – Joomla and WordPress.

The Exam

The second element is to be prepared to seize the opportunities that gives us good luck, are you prepared for good luck? Imagine you arrive for an appointment, they offer you a place in the team sport that you like, or the possibility of a scholarship to study at the best school of the foreigner, but you’re not in shape, or you have not studied for the exam that will give you the scholarship. Or you’re looking for a great sound system and it is that you are a superganga which costs mil, but you you are paying it in 200, and even insist you and tell you that delivery you tack immediately, but in this important moment for you, you have to say no, because you don’t have enough moneyWhat happened? good luck it was you hands because you were not ready to take advantage of it, to catch it. But once you enjoy those opportunities, have provided them or yourself have them searched for, you have to assimilate them, exploit them, be prepared to catch this good luck. It analyzes, 7 of every 10 young people in Spain have the opportunity to study, and you’re one of those 7 that take advantage of that opportunity, the opportunity that will take you to the success. Being young is to seek and face extraordinary challenges, with such enthusiasm that most intricate obstacles can overcome, facing them with an iron discipline, tuition of champions, with an absolute determination, with character, with gills, wanting to do things. And, in addition, be able to smile at life. It will be important to smile at life?, it will be important to maintain a positive mental attitude to the challenges that face us life? To life we must attract her, to the luck you have to call it; in life should be a positive mental attitude.