Month: April 2014

Russia Label

Printing industry is now offering a variety of label production types, styles, types. In this assignment of labels, in principle, has not changed since the days when ancient Russia for this purpose used the bark, and in ancient China – the pieces of silk: the label and are used to identify the product and the manufacturer. In a competitive environment for sales success are not only qualitatively made product and well-built sales and distribution policy, but also the right of packaging, which should attract customers, cause they have confidence in their design and, in fact, sell a product consumer. At a time when virtually all the products in stores are sold in packages, each jar and each bag is glued own label, which should immediately create an image of the goods, the brand. For these purposes, produce full-color stickers of various shapes and forms. Consider the different types of labels.

There is a simple (empty or with imprint) labels for supermarkets. They have their own format, logos stamped on the label and the correct information. They are printed, usually on thermal paper, so that electronic scales can instantly give the weight of the product and its price. The label is attached to the packaging of the product and not Unstick. For packages with gifts and gifts, perfumes, jewelry, often make the labels, printed on the foil. Labels with a beautiful embossed often decorated with precious wines and high-quality vodka. Recently began to produce labels odors, such as impregnation of perfume essences. This is a label with the aroma-printing.

For household appliances, computers and accessories are manufactured special sealing labels that are used in as a warranty sticker. There are special materials that are easily broken when you try peeling – and we see immediately that the product is sealed with a label, someone tried to open it. Labels can not be only beautiful, but "survive" under extreme conditions. For example, there is a special self-adhesive labels for shipping containers, which are bonded with glue so that they do not come off in the cold or heavy rain. In addition, they can apply information to ballpoint pens and markers. Such a label can stick to the dirty / wet surface of the container (unpainted or painted steel, aluminum). And yet Labels are for ad campaigns, on postage, for tires and textiles … and stuff … and so on. One of the trends of modern industry is that large print runs go to the past, giving way to small and medium. For example, there is a huge range of cosmetics and perfumery, often designed for small groups of consumers. Increased requirements for labels: they must 'Cling' customers have the content, which is able to 'rejuvenate, lose weight, wrinkles under the eyes' … and it is clear that the production of labels to choose quality manufacturers. To instead of coated paper labels are not printed on the toilet. And so instead of UV inks are not used gouache. This, of course, a joke, but the label – the face of the goods and treat the person should be taken very seriously.

National Auditorium

I imagine that many are those who have visited the city of Mexico, and have been amazed with her beauty, warmth and hospitality of its people. Mexico is a city that has extensive hotel offerings and thousands of places to venture to suit all tastes and budgets. One is the Benito Juarez international airport, in the city of Mexico, gives the alternatives in the field of hotels in Mexico. It proposes the best of the best for tourists who want to enjoy an unforgettable vacation, with family or friends. Also has several restaurants, with exquisite menus of top chefs, both local, national and international. The Holiday Inn is located just 25 minutes from the international airport in the city of Mexico. The tourist will feature all the comforts that will allow you to relax to the Max.

Hotel communicates with the points most important and strategic city, those staying there, therefore, have the possibility of having at your fingertips, saving transport costs. Close to there, We find the National Auditorium and the Plaza de Toros Mexico. The Museum of anthropology is unmissable, one of the most popular attractions of the city of Mexico. The deals are very spacious and dissimilar for every type of budget, if you have little money, and want to find an offer really quality, the Azores Hotel is an excellent choice. This hotel is 3 stars, their prices are affordable, but not for this reason, low quality. Its location is strategic, because it is found in the Centre of the city, therefore, can move us on foot, and tour the city revealing the mysteries of its culture and its history to full.

It is that Mexico is one of the cities of the world more attractive for lovers of history, since many of the public buildings were built hundreds of years ago, using stones from the temples that were destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors. This beautiful city of legends, tales and mystery, represents a place mandatory for tourists wanting to really have fun and learn at the same time. The night of Mexico is unique in the world, and those who have visited recommended not overlook, the Cantina La Opera, very popular among the inhabitants and tourists, to have a few local drinks, and witness the legend about Pancho Villa. This legend prays that this historical character entered in horse and threw shot full Mexican Revolution. It will be a legend or actually happened in reality, the truth is that it is not proven, but not would lose me for anything in the world. For lovers of the night tourist, another option is the Victoria lounge, luxurious canteen, it boasts the most exquisite and elegant city dishes.


Noxum with innovations to multi channel ecommerce, product information management, mobile Web and app on the CeBIT 2011 Wurzburg – the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management, product information management, and content management systems media flexibility in print, online and Mobile E-commerce Web solutions multi channel Commerce, mobile presents professional services for cross Web & app concepts and solutions for the effective creation of the app at the CeBIT 2011 connection of micro – and Macropayment solutions for the processing of payment operations mobile payment for digital goods cloud computing scalable business models for content management and publication solutions Noxum publishing day at CeBIT 2011 the Noxum publishing day has now become the permanent establishment at CeBIT. Noxum is dedicated to the exhibition Friday the publishers this year. Partner to Noxum stand Noxum and his partner across systems GmbH jointly present at CeBIT. Together with the language technology manufacturer, the build process for technical documentation and product information can holistic are represented by editing to translate and publish. In addition, across shows the integrated solutions of Congree language technologies GmbH. Their products support authors in the formulation of consistent texts taking into account defined style rules and a uniform wording. The Noxum booth is located in Hall 6 H24 opposite the exhibition area of the Webciety area.

Increased Productivity

Introduction of a new ERP software at Eltec technology leads to the considerable increase in the transparency of all business processes & improve productivity the Eltec technology increase the transparency of all business processes & improve productivity, Brunn Valley is one of the most innovative providers of special cables and special solutions for wiring systems in Germany. The Eltec technology customers come from the sectors of industry, automotive, as well as the air & space and are among the most prestigious addresses in the European industry. Continuous technical innovations, coupled with a consistent implementation of the service & quality principle, Eltec technology make a strong partner in the European market. Investment in the future of the requirements of mid-market in terms of production efficiency and precise cost management are increased significantly in the European competition in recent years. Eltec technology turns this challenge with the enterprise-wide implementation of ERP software to a results in significant improvement of all business processes. The prerequisite for this is one through the ERP software caused considerably increase the transparency in the production, the personnel and document management as well as determination and allocation of the costs incurred in the production.

Optimization of business processes & reduce of costs allows you to efficient inventory management the use of the new ERP software at Eltec technology from now on a continuous acquisition and tracking of all products and components of the goods receipt of the production to the finished product. In the goods receipt in the future each product is provided with a bar code. This enables a highly efficient inventory management that is specifically focused on a just in time delivery. Needed a precise knowledge of necessary production materials, the current stock and for the planned production quantities and qualities guarantee a timely delivery of orders. Quality control & quality assurance the implementation of the ERP software has direct Impact on the quality and the quality of the manufactured products.

Germans Amp

Use of technology and the World Wide Web Berlin, July 12, 2011? All so that the 27-year old Oliver Bruemmer gave his grandmother in Mannheim an iPad it on his life in distant Berlin also digital to be started. However, the Spry 85 senior citizen with the bulky user manual was quickly overwhelmed. To facilitate your use of technology and the World Wide Web, he aimed the iPad2 Advisor simply & quickly: not a book for experts and insiders (also for iPad1) “written for her.” Thus, the idea of establishing an own publishing company was born to immediately publish the Advisor on their own. With our counselors, we allow access to the digital world beginners without extensive experience with modern communication technologies. The offer is aimed especially at the many millions seniors in Germany, where similar fare, like my grandmother. For them we want to beat a small bridge between the generations”, says Oliver Bruemmer. Oliver Banes is graduated from the European business school in Oestrich-Winkel and the Humboldt University of Berlin, where he studied business administration and psychology. Together with the 31 qualified communication designer Britta Wagner, who is also responsible for the Visual design of publications, he directs the management of the publishing house in the Damaschkestrasse in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

The publishing house specializes in the publishing of high-quality and easy-to-understand counselors from the fields of computer, Internet and mobile. With his debut iPad2 simply & quickly for the goal: A book for experts and insiders (also for iPad1) “the banes & Wagner publisher picks up a development, that vast swathes of the economy yet neglect: the importance of older people as a customer group and the corresponding adaptation of services, products and technologies to their wishes and needs.” We hope that we have with our small contribution to the solution of social Problem can afford the increasing social isolation of a variety of people, which the odds remains locked of modern communication and information technology”, says Oliver Bruemmer. According to the current (N) Onliner Atlas of initiative D21 are today on the road while around three-quarters of Germans in the Internet, at the same time, the digital divide between generations is growing but. Accordingly, is it approximately 15.5 million convinced online not dealing out of fear or ignorance with the possibilities of the digital world? and these are mostly pensioners. Also it to the network which attached, attractive offers are in demand, both technologically and in terms of content are oriented to their needs. The easy-to-understand iPad Advisor Brummer & Wagner Publisher starts right here and presents readers clear content packaged in a clear design. Also maintained the seniors on the Web site of the Publisher with complementary information materials and instructional videos to the iPad use, as well as other useful tips and tricks. The establishment of a Remote maintenance support and a live chat option is also planned in the near future.

Small Architectural Forms

In the modern improvement of the urban environment is increasingly along with gardening talk about placement in the space of small architectural forms. What is it? The very concept of small architectural forms (short IAF) has arisen long and under him understand the structures, equipment and art and decorative objects external improvements to complement the main building of settlements. By IAF include kiosks, vending machines, fixtures outdoor lighting (or as they are now fashionably called – landscape lights), stands for posters and advertisements, stairs, fences, garden and park buildings, fountains, obelisks, plaques, urban street furniture, urns, etc. The notion long ago, but if earlier improvement districts was limited to laying asphalt on the pavement and the placement of several ballot boxes, now mayor, for example, Krasnoyarsk, are increasingly focused on aesthetic transformation of cities. All this leads to what are increasingly talking about the improvement of urban environment with small architectural forms. In most cases, architectural forms have only functional significance, but in recent years were added to it yet and aesthetic. Thus, in squares and parks placement IAF allows to divide the territory in certain areas, different in their perception, or allows accents in the right places.

More recently, there was a tendency in a single design of entire neighborhoods being built cities. A single style, which are decorated small architectural forms, too, should, in theory, is related to urban design, harmoniously with the concept of development. Small forms can be collected on site from pre-made components, and transported to the installation site in the form of finished products. To ready IAF recently imposed many requirements. These are standard: efficiency, aesthetics, safety, functionality, manufacturability, and custom, the main one – is versatility. Most often, customers, and this is usually the administration of cities, want a standard set of elements of the LFA could create custom and, as a rule, more functional system of small architectural forms.

The use of such systems leads to the fact that the territory which is done with their help, it is unique, and better adapted to a comfortable rest, and therefore more popular. That, in ultimately have a positive impact on the image of urban municipal bodies, providing urban amenities. Unfortunately, very few firms involved in the creation of small architectural forms, conduct unifying elements of the LFA. Preferring to just create more cheap small forms, and thus win the market. The more so on the current legislation required the administration of territories during the tenders for the purchase of IAF to choose the cheaper offer. But cheap does not mean that the qualitative and, importantly, aesthetic line of architectural forms the established appearance of urban development. Therefore, in these conditions, the main responsibility lies with the architects and designers who develop any project construction or improvement of the urban environment.


Absolute freedom has no linkage or compatibility with the right to other freedoms. This makes the anarchic sovereignty in the absolute manifestation of independence regional freedom of the individual, a live unintelligible and not compatible with rational, common sense and binding of all coexistence than in training functional State of the social system, constitutes the joint unit of his people. If freedom is absolute independence, does not exist. Since everything depends on something; and that something, of a whole. And to make possible an absolute freedom, it depends on the submission of these other freedoms that form and constitute their absolutism. Freedom is what is offered to us as easily to our own realization; and not in opposition to its difficulty, submit for our own purposes. Then true freedom has its support in what the others allow us to make in the social environment of coexistence where we realised; and not in the independentist autonomy of the absolute manifestation of ourselves.

Since dependency without the support of others, would not be possible the free realization of the individual as a independent and socially dependent human being as a fellow citizen in the mutual coexistence of the constituent formation of its society. The term conceptual as we call freedom is relative in the breadth of its deeper significance. Its root is formed in the essence of the conception of two primary parts: one, the freedom that provides the media and people in relationship and us socially facilitates; and another, which we claim in vindication of human rights by a change of mentality of the social environment in which we live so that it does not obstruct the des-inhibicion of our independence and dependence on those social relationships that will allow us to develop the realization of our own personality. Within both parties primordial freedom that is provided and which is claimed in the pursuit of the claim of rights of the essence of its conception, we can find three branches diverging freedoms which may arise of governmental crises and the beliefs and cultures of a people who have a deep lack of credibility not only in the resulting demagogic always, depending on the circumstances that determined them, of their policies, but also those habits and customs which characterize most rooted from their roots.