Month: May 2014

Best Practice Security

Contactless chips offer a number of advantages. But also the data security must be guaranteed. The contactless smart card technology is due to its positive characteristics such as cost-efficiency and functionality now in more and more areas as identification medium used. Here are also often high safety requirements in focus, for example, for cashless payment, access control systems at airports or in companies in addition to aspects of how comfortable application. Measures of best practice “these systems the risks of overcoming per se poses to security technology to minimize help. In the recent past was this risk of the security bypass of smart card systems the hacks of the Mifare Classic systems with LEGIC prime by the chaos reviewed computer Club Berlin of the general public front led. To keep this risk as low as possible, the first step is the creation of a security concept, based on the present safety requirements.

This facilitates the compilation of technical and organisational measures, whereby the following applies: more measures be taken, the greater the resulting safety of the system. The establishment of processes to organizational security are important, for example, with regard to the process of exhibition and collection of smart cards or the installation and the exchange of readers. With high security requirements an optimization of all involved components also recommends: in addition to protective measures of the reader hardware (such as a manipulation-proof casing) and the host system through a secure server and setting up a firewall, plays the choice of card type with increased security or, where appropriate, the migration to a new generation of smart cards a great role. New RFID cards generations such as the Mifare plus, the Mifare DESFire EV1 or the LEGIC advant promise a high level of protection against manipulation attempts and data theft. The combination of several techniques has become essential in particular for applications with high security requirements. As individual as this Also advising on the most appropriate systems and applications should be needs in terms of security: is your ideal partner YouCard card systems for this purpose.

Federal Republic

For years, the prices for solar panels for generating electricity have fallen. Prices for solar systems are going down for years, making photovoltaics also for private users increasingly interesting. A solar system on the roof for example is feasible – through low production costs for more and more homeowners and is very well accepted in Germany. The Federal Republic is EU leader when it comes to solar power generation – help among the many private systems for photovoltaics. One reason for the unfettered demand for solar systems is the unlimited supply of solar electricity in Germany. Unhindered by high production lowers production costs per solar system, an effect that was also wanted by the law for the promotion of renewable energies (EEG) and promoted.

So module prices for photovoltaic modules from China were in April 2009 with less than 2 euro per watt (purchase price f. crafts), in November the prices of comparable modules for a solar system amounted to 1.67 euros per watt. Modules produced in Europe in November 2009 were just here it is only EUR 2,10 – is still a matter of time before the prices per watt at under $ 2.00 slip. And even if that probably slightly lower is promoting photovoltaic this year than in the year 2009 can be assumed, that the downward trend in the prices continues. In the last year alone in Germany solar systems with a performance by 3,8GW installed and 2010 again expects an increase in the photovoltaics in the double-digit percentage range. The total coverage of solar power in Germany is currently about ten gigawatts – enough to power five million citizens. What is there on the solar system topic on innovations and technological developments, is Europe, where every year in June (this year from June 9 to 11) the latest advances and trends will be presented again in 2010 at the Intersolar. Christian Munch

Cape Verde Titanium

The German manufacturer of next-generation firewalls Adyton system is partnership with the Portuguese value added distributor titanium walls known. Leipzig (Germany) / Amadora (Portugal), 5 December 2013. The German technology company Adyton system expands its sales regions in Europe and signed a new distribution agreement with the Portuguese value added distributor titanium walls. With the signing of the Treaty, the distribution of unique next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR in Portugal is being driven. Since 2012 value-added, distributor sells Titanium walls IT security solutions from premium to its channel partners with a variety of end customers in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. As a young company can flexibly operate Titanium Walls offers its customers pre and after-sales service, assists them in the implementation of IT-security solutions and offers both maintenance and support services. With Adyton systems’ next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR has its product portfolio to an innovative Titanium Walls Firewall appliance can expand. Products Adyton system have gained our attention because they have integrated the software of our partners BitDefender.

After a thorough analysis, the revolutionary concept of Adyton has us system ‘ persuaded to distribute NETWORK PROTECTOR in Portugal. I am delighted the partnership with Adyton to establish systems and care NETWORK PROTECTOR on the Portuguese market, says Carlos TELLES, Managing Director of Titanium Walls.We opted for a partnership with titanium walls, because Titanium Walls can demonstrate a good track record in establishing new brands in the Portuguese market. Titanium Walls specializes in the IT security market and focused with its limited product range. With the successful launch of BitDefender, a wide network of resellers, and many customers could build up Titanium Walls. Adyton systems’ network security solution is a perfect complement to the existing product portfolio.

NETWORK PROTECTOR offers Besides deep-packet inspection, firewall rules, IPS and Web filtering extended also the ability to ensure secure applications within enterprise networks. We are pleased “says Marco Weeber, sales manager of Adyton system. to working with titanium walls and their resellers, to implement successfully an Adyton system also on the Portuguese market Adyton systems Adyton systems is a technology company from Leipzig and has revolutionized the concept of next-generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability using the novel technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton systems uses the latest deep-packet-inspection technology for this purpose. Adyton systems is regional office Leipzig of the TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, bears the mark of quality “IT security made in Germany. on Titanium walls value added distributor Titanium walls his devoted to the task Channel partners and their customers in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde with IT security solutions from the premium area to. As a young company, titanium walls is very flexible and offers excellent solutions through its strategic partnerships to satisfy its customers. The dedicated team consists of employees with many years of IT experience and guarantee a high level of expertise. Titanium Walls was founded in 2012 and is focused on security.

Dusseldorf Table

Tourism and gastronomy equate increased quite on Internet which is Internet becoming the everyday medium, whether when booking travel or car or purchasing concert tickets in the context of leisure activities. Already for some time, it is possible to book cinema tickets and seats in advance on the Internet. But above all the tourism industry could note: towards a strong performance in recent years with online booking. According to a study of the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (BITKOM) e. V. in 2007 offer about 36 percent of all representatives of this sector of online bookings, of which 62 percent hotels and 40 percent travel company. Online services in the hospitality industry of the gastronomy sector draws, for example, by providing electronic delivery services. So far, however, only 16 percent of all restaurants allow to reserve a table, as BITKOM reported continuing their customers online.

In the UK, the market around to the online table reservation is booming. In the last year were about 2.4 million guests worldwide Tables gives at their favorite restaurants. Trend: Online table reservation hold, answering machine, closed or even unfriendly staff are long now passe. After a 3-month introductory period could listing newly designed platform for online table reservations, first success stories. Several hundred visitors regularly use and reserve your table around the clock online, and rising.

The most popular restaurants restaurant in Dusseldorf and the White Lounge and the Carl’s in Hamburg include the Gunnewig Rhine Tower. Chinese, Italian and regional cuisine: the restaurant guide lists a wide variety of restaurants and restaurants according to speciality. The network of participating restaurants is growing steadily. which is free table reservation service in only 3 steps by connecting directly with the participating restaurants reservation calendars. Simply choose a suitable restaurant, determine the number of people and time, enter personal contact data and reserve. Promptly receive a booking confirmation as a customer and can get relaxed dinner. In addition to online booking, more information such as a description of the restaurants, opening hours, images, current offers and a clear plan are available on

Germany Tel

The RFID technology took a wide space at the trade fair. You can managed inventories, determine customer preferences and goods are located. The Hong Kong company data-Pro technology limited and Heng CHEONG label company limited showed for example RFID solutions for theft protection and for use on bottles. Data Pro technology limited, Hong Kong developed so-called smart shelves”specifically for the jewelry trade: RFID scanner are incorporated into the display cases, which equipped with RFID labels can track jewelry pieces in their collection. The staff receives the information about Smartphone, Tablet, or PC. “The smart shelves” can also be used to explore the preferences of customers and manage inventory. Special RFID labels for containers filled with liquids, such as wine bottles, by Heng CHEONG label company limited, Hong Kong, ensure that the readability of the radio spectrum is not affected by the liquid.

More zones were dedicated to new products and services in the print area. Gripping on the 3D printers see other SYNNEX technology International (HK) Ltd. offered a compact 3D printer, which produces high-quality product prototypes in up to 6 different colors and high resolution. Universal advanced technologies Ltd., Hong Kong, showed a variety of equipment for label printing, including bar code printer and scanner, card printers, systems for printing safety labels and a hand-inkjet printers, which must not be connected to a PC. Laser Art Studio limited, a leader in the industry, presented his integrated holographic printing technology for security labels and packaging at the trade fair. “Continued demand for eco-friendly printing and packaging solutions was through the Green Priting & packaging solutions display area” as well as corresponding markings of green solutions suppliers “in all exhibition zones into account.

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role, and the character of the eco eco-friendly packaging solutions represent a competitive advantage”a Support brand and a product. Creative solutions are needed here. So, paper, packaging materials from cellulose and corn starch, as well as digital printers with UV LED technology were offered under other eco-friendly PET film, FSC. The company Kai suspension membrane key board & speciality printing co., Ltd., Hong Kong, introduced PET labels, which must no longer be replaced by plastic bottles before recycling. In the de luxe, visitors found zone high-quality packaging for luxury goods and design-oriented products. In an elegant setting presented among other noble packaging for jewellery, watches and wines. So Alpha specializes around, 3 Asia Limited, Hong Kong on the production of high-quality packaging made of polyurethane. The extensive product range offers many colour variants and has the appearance of leather. The next edition of the Hong Kong International printing & packaging fair finds during the period from 27-30 April 2014 held in the exhibition halls of the AsiWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 – 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 – 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts:

Directions Gives ABC Rifle 10 Euro Baptism

On Thursday, 6 August, first day of school for small ABC shooters is in four provinces. Jena, August 5th, 2009: This can be costly for parents. With the cash bonus program directions save money that is exchanged for cash from an amount of 30 euros for the purchase of school equipment. Also, directions gives everyone who opens a new account of the bonus to the school, 10 euro starting credit. Under the URL established especially for this action can school parents for themselves or their children create a directions bonus account, on which the cash bonus directions returns with every purchase will be credited. To open an account, you need only an email address and a self chosen password. As soon as the money on the bank account to be transferred, appropriate information will be due.

The directions running action to the school until the end of September. Because directions consistently pays back 2% of the net goods value with every purchase, you will reach the 30 Euro payout limit already before the end of the first school year. The account can but also arbitrarily long continue to run and the parents can give their children the money saved for a special occasion,”says directions Director Kerstin Schilling. Under the 1800 directions partner shops offer many school supplies. When, there are pens, notebooks and folders. Can be found under bags schoolbags, pencil, Pausenbrot boxes and co.. Textbooks, which often must be purchased by students themselves, are the directions online bookshop in a over 20 available. Of course, there are also all for the first day of school by the school beginners up to the chocolate cake decorated with an edible photo greeting card is the latter can be ordered at.

About directions: is cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and vouchers, users receive cash transfers which directions from an amount of 30 euro on the account of the user. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value for online purchases and pay for Initial registration a sign-up bonus of 10 euro. It is free to use. Directions was founded in September 2007 by the co-founder of the software provider Intershop Karsten Schneider and Kerstin Schilling and Roland Fahie. Press contact: Bestsidestory the specialist Ulrike Schinagl, Tel. 77 290, E-Mail

Learning To Draw

Want to learn to paint but the unknown with what and how to start, then this article is for vas.Byvaet so that people really want to learn to paint but do not know where to start. And we should start with a vague until you understand under the name drawing technique. Painting technique involves the style in which you'll draw and stuff with which you work. The style is usually dictated by the material such as oil paint and the material dictates the style such as watercolor, she inherent in his style. When we figure it out: the first thing you need is to find a style, then the only thing that can advise is to go to paintings and drawings is a master of different areas of fine art. To do this, I advise Pocito online gallery, or if there is a possibility nearest museum. And now for a little attention! When you are strong like a painting or drawing, as they say took the soul.

Stay on this artist, find out what style it works, look at the work of other artists in this direction. When this has happened and you liked the work of a painter is perhaps imriseonizm, cubism, primitivism, or classic, bold type in the search engine 911 and dig some stuff you need. This includes a brush to paint in watercolor or oil, a set of graphic pencils, water for watercolor (also cost money) or solvent Oil krasok.Nu and learning about drawing Grandfather of the Internet. If you dig you can find many references. I wish you success and best wishes, Eugene Krapivner.

New Platform For Teaching Materials

Since January 28, 2010, the platform on the Internet is accessible. Since January 28, 2010, the platform on the Internet is accessible. It is aimed at parents, teachers, trainees but also to authors and publishers. The website is very clearly designed and includes a wide range of work sheets, copy templates and educational games. In the main subjects German, mathematics and English are offered also teaching and learning materials for students with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Exercises for the concentration training as also various guides for parents, teachers and trainees are also available at voucher for new customers the Internet portal launches a new customer-focused strategy and offered a voucher for new customers over 5 euros. The customer will also receive this after opening a customer account by email. The voucher is redeemable immediately and requires no minimum order quantity. Starting at 99 cents a download is possible. It is therefore possible without the portal for free to test risk customers. Trainees receive a discount at in addition by 20 percent.

A template for trainees is located on the Web page, this must only be stamped by the school and can be sent by fax or mail to the owner of the portal. The portal operator has recognised the time pressure the PayPal payment option allows for an instant download of the material. Especially for parents, a timely deployment of exercises for the preparations on class work is often essential. The portal also offers payment options to advance payment, invoice and cash on delivery. In addition to downloads, also the acquisition of physical goods is possible, this shipping is only 4.90 euros. focuses on quality and service a quality of work materials assures its customers when purchasing of teaching and learning resources. To comply with this standard, check all the operators of the platform Documents of the authors prior to deploying the portal, on adherence to content as well as educational requirements. Questions regarding the materials or the delivery of physical goods, customers can contact support, and alternatively a service number from 7.00 to 19.00 available users on weekdays. Make money with authors and publishers can offer their materials for sale on the platform. Whether educational games, worksheets, or copy templates, money makes with good materials in the long run earn. The portal its authors guarantees a reasonable remuneration in the form of a participation in the net sales in contrast to many other platforms. As well, the author is named and can submit references to future clients. Testing of all materials ensures that only high quality teaching and learning materials are offered on the portal In an internal Forum is for authors the opportunity to exchange ideas and corrections to request. Link:

Beware Of Low Construction Money Rates And Low Initial Repayment!

What you should be aware of when a real estate financing in the low interest rate environment. Paunzhausen, the January 26, 2010. Low interest rates and a common initial redemption of 1% result in affordable credit rates for real estate buyers in the current low interest rate environment and make the home only affordable for many consumers. But danger lurks: who can afford a real estate only with low interest rates, or agreed no higher initial redemption from ignorance, can to the end of the interest rate painfully in the case of redemption run. Who needs in the current low interest rate environment in construction money, has a comfortable starting point.

The real estate prices are still cheap and construction money is sufficient for low interest rates. Real financing experts know however the this lurking danger: who now makes mistakes in real estate financing with low repayment rates, will have at least a nasty surprise about the timing of interest rate and then the dream of homeownership can quickly become a nightmare. It is the rule, and for many banks that real estate loans with a repayment installment be agreed by 1%. The combination of low interest rates with low repayment rate allows a comfortable loan rates financing the real estate buyer. By, about the risks of these variants are but very few consumers understand and the banks do not always educational work\”says Robert Aschauer. \”Because lower redemption fails, the more earn the banks to the financing.\” A calculation example shows where the problem lies: a loan is required over 150,000 euro with an interest rate of 15 years then the nominal interest rate is currently at 4.2%.

At the usual early repayment of 1%, a monthly charge of 650 euros arises for the borrower. The remaining debt is still a 118.000 euro this loan nach15 years. These are still almost 79% of the original loan amount.