Month: June 2014

German Mobile

Data flats are now mostly part of AllNet flats for 6 years there are mobile flat rates to all networks in Germany. compares these from the outset. Now the term AllNet has become for this flat. Were intended AllNet flats initially mainly for telephone calls to all national networks you increasingly used due to the increasingly widespread with Smartphones. Thus the use of the Internet and therefore also data flats is becoming increasingly important and are integrated offers nowadays often AllNet flat. now takes into account and is used for selecting new compared to the desired volume. At this point we would like to point out again, that mobile data flats in Germany are generally only so-called fair flats. This means you pay only the monthly flat rate for mobile Internet use these at home and no longer.

However, the speed of access on reaching a previously defined data volume for the rest of the month will drastically on usually 64 kBit / s throttled. Paschal not answer what data volume is needed. At best, this can be to determine if you already have a Smartphone, perhaps with a data flat and flat with some forward planning transitioning to an AllNet. So, can you settle for Android smartphones, for example, the app 3 G WatchDog on the phone and learns the required monthly consumption. If the use of SMS goes back SMS are sent in Germany but still lively. Dater will find the SMS flats in all networks of the AllNet often part or at least an option existing are flats continue taking into account in the form of an own selection. Whether you need them each user must decide for themselves.

Next to the input mask, the issue was limited to the most essential criteria of the tariff. These are in addition to power and run-time, the price of SMS, the included data volume as well as the costs associated with the plan. To the new mobile AllNet flat comparison * 14 ct/min from a German landline. German mobile radio price: 42 ct / min that reports regardless especially on the development of mobile flat rates and mobile Internet flat rate offers of the operator and a variety of other providers in Germany. The offer is complemented by a mobile phone shop, without contract and SIM lock in the cell phones and Smartphones are available.

University Men

More than 150 million men worldwide suffer physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, and modern methods of diagnosis, according to the WHO, impotence, colloquially also impotence. Erectile dysfunction is erectile dysfunction, which have the effect, that the penis stiffened not, or not sufficiently and / or an errektion not long be maintained enough can understand befridigenden intercourse. In medicine erectile dysfunction is called the inability to carry out satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is not with infertility, to witness a child disability in normal erection, so equal. The extent of erectile dysfunction can vary greatly, from occasional trouble up to the complete loss of the ER erection ability. Erectile dysfunction is not medically, if the problem is more than six months and more than 70 percent of the attempts to understand intercourse remain unsuccessful. The number of the Men with erectile dysfunction is therefore much higher than the number of those with medically diagnosed erectile dysfunction. According to a survey by the University of Cologne in Germany alone, erectile dysfunction, men aged between 30 and 70 years, suffer around six million.

Likely to develop erectile dysfunction, increases in the growing age, can relate to but also quite young men. Impotence seems to be still a taboo subject for many men and even though there are now reliable potency against erectile dysfunction, less than half of the affected men in medical treatment goes. Erectile dysfunction causes the causes of erectile dysfunction can be very different and far-reaching. Whereas 80% of Impotenfalle on physical causes, impotence can have psychological causes, but not too inhuman: physical causes: coronary heart disease; High blood pressure; Arteriossklerose, diabetes, effects of operations and injuries, hormonal Disorders, Multiple sclerosis and other nervous disorders mental causes: Lack of self-confidence, the psyche here not to leave loss which is libido, anxiety, depression, pressure, stress, partnership conflicts, repressed homosexuality even if the causes in most cases physical nature, as the psychological consequences of this impotence can further reinforce this.

Traffic Trackers

Services for connecting to the Internet for individuals users and for organizations that provide network provider. They each have their own set of tariffs, different value, 'the thickness of the channel', the restriction traffic. For private clients ISPs often offer connections that were the rates include unlimited traffic, but the organization, most of them are connected to the payment terms for the actual consumed traffic. And even in a small company the amount paid for the right of access to global networks, are becoming very, very significant. In the financial crisis the company became more rigid approach to spending. Including revised budgets, allocated and on the Internet. Is it possible to reduce these costs without compromising quality? The answer is simple – it is possible. The only question, and in what way.

Methods can be used are different. The easiest – 'close' the Internet, leave, for example, only e-mail. The solution? Yes, definitely. But – uncomfortable, still need to monitor developments, market conditions, competitors. Yes, and your site needs to be support. Other methods are based on the use of different programs or services that solve two problems – reduction of traffic due to its compression ratio and a decrease in traffic due to different levels of access to resources, files, use of caching. Compression that the network information is performed by connecting to a dedicated server (acting as compressing proxy server) and install on your computer or server network of special client application. It may be, for example, the system cproxy.