Month: November 2014


Today drywall – an essential material for interior decoration both residential and nonresidential use. Produced erection of internal partitions in the apartment or office – you need drywall. Running lining Interior walls – drywall needs. Even for the installation of the ceiling also need drywall. With drywall, you can create a perfectly flat, regularly shaped surface, and bent under the main style interior. Drywall can work without the use of different cement concrete solutions or plasters, and the drywall has a high performance – a well-sawn, processed, it can screw any screws or screw and hang a picture or a bracket for your TV. Drywall with characteristics similar to the tree.

However, in comparison with wood fire-resistant gypsum board and support combustion, so it is used in the facing of wooden structures. Drywall is eco-friendly, it does not emit any harmful substances, such as some plastic panels. Drywall, like wood, has a low thermal conductivity, so in this room is set constant microclimate. Materials and technologies with gypsum board, provides complete freedom to your imagination as the regeneration of new premises, and repair. Lightweight construction of the drywall does not create extra load on the foundation of the building I want to remind With drywall, you can create a perfectly flat, regularly shaped surface and a curved, under the basic style of the interior. Drywall can work without the use of different cement concrete solutions or plasters, and the drywall has a high performance – a well-sawn, processed, it can screw any screws or screw and hang a picture or a bracket for your TV. Sheathing drywall 1.

Fastening sheet of drywall, gipsovolokno to profiles to meet along the bearing profiles. 2. On the end of the sheet edges of drywall, gipsovolokno not pasted cardboard, with marginal planing, pre-chamfered at an angle (22,50 at a depth of 2 / 3 of the leaf). 3. Sheets of drywall gipsovolokno attached to the frame with screws in increments of 150 mm at a distance of not less than 10 mm from the edge of the sheet covered with cardboard and not less than 15 mm from the cut. 4. For attaching drywall sheets to the framework used self-tapping screw TN, and for tapping screw sheets gipsovolokno MN. 5. Fixing screws must be included in a sheet of drywall, gipsovolokno at right angles and penetrate into the metal frame to a depth of not less than 10 mm in a wooden timber at least 20 mm. Head screws must be recessed in a sheet of drywall, gipsovolokno to a depth of about 1 mm for subsequent puttying. 6. Cardboard sites in tightening the screws drywall sheet should not be disheveled. 7. Deformed or incorrectly placed screws must be removed, replaced with new ones that should be placed at a distance of not less than 50 mm from the previous site of attachment for drywall, gipsovolokno

Planting Trees

For three or four years, until there is a fashion for large-sized, forest management units in the Moscow region is almost completely finished the planting. Now the trees are bringing in from Tver, Smolensk, and other areas as well as from Belarus. Ponyatie "kpupnomep> uclovno because do not cuschectvuet konkpetnoy vycoty , during kotopoy ono kpupnomepom. Large-sized – is formed, mature trees, with well-developed crown. Minimum height for large-sized usually think of two meters of coniferous trees, and from 4-4,5 meters of hardwood trees. Maximum height may reach 10-12 meters. Russia's large-sized – is Norway spruce, Scots pine, linden, mountain ash, birch.

Work on landing domestic large-sized trees are made preferably in the winter. Planting trees is formed by digging with a lump of earth, the ground is frozen. This keeps the root system as tree, which is almost 100% guarantee survival rate at the new location. There are three types of large-sized seed. 1. With an open or closed root system. Planting these trees is in spring or fall (preferably in spring) in a strictly defined period of time.

Cost 5.8 meter deciduous tree is 150-250 dollars, 1,5-2,5 m juniper – 50-100 dollars. The price also includes delivery, planting and warranty. This method can be transplanted only deciduous trees (linden, birch, maple, mountain ash, oak, chestnut, etc.). From conifers – juniper just an ordinary (Juniperus communis), provided that the large-sized will pritenyat. Planted by large-sized need very good Care: Regular watering, feeding, handling stimulants, sprinkling the crown.


Yes, we are in danger, because in 20 years the whole load will result in a sharp reduction in consumption, but we do not care. We need to survive. And the U.S. has a program that was developed in Carter's first term, I think, under the second term of the president. Written by Carter, but Carter lost to Reagan. Therefore, this program was launched in 1981, when Reagan became president.

The point of this program consisted in the fact that the U.S. began to print dollars, stimulating consumer demand by them in their own country. Bearing in mind that this will be a demand for the very high-tech products, which will make America and jerk. Program was implemented, and this wave of technological progress is called information: personal computers, Internet, mobile communication, etc. This wave is not really paid off so far. And all the debts under which crumbling U.S. financial institutions today, were made precisely in 1980 – 1990 years under the development of information technology. Already launched several new waves of biotechnology, nanotechnology …

But it is clear that these Innovation waves, not only will not develop into mass production. For these waves will not even be brought up to the end of the research, because the money is gone. And then the picture is very simple. The number of consumers does not increase Twenty-five years, since 1981, the debt is increasing, and it appears that the growth of these debts are so big that it became impossible to maintain them.

Contemporary Education

In the truth, you discipline them to all of the school they can and they must be worked in way to form citizens critics, from there to be able to say itself of work to interdisciplinar. 2.5 FORMATION DIDTICO-PEDAGGICA: The PHILOSOPHY AND the EDUCATION CONTEMPORARY a question that guides the education of disciplines in the average education of the public schools of So Paulo, and too much institutions, and that without a doubt perpassa the thought of that if they occupy to teach it is: So that to teach Philosophy in the current days? Understanding the education under the optics of Saviani (2007), we believe to be necessary to the professor in Philosophy of Average Ensino of the public schools of So Paulo, to have well clearly, that one of its tools to be used in the education of Philosophy is the philosophical reflection. For this author, this reflection must satisfy a series of requirements, however, it summarizes in three requirements that seem to be the bases for the philosophical reflection: it must be radical, rigorous and of set. The philosophical reflection must be radical, because is demanded in lower court, that the problem is placed in radical terms, understood the word in its more proper and immediate direction. It is demanded that if it operates a deep reflection, thus if goes until the roots of the problem. The philosophical reflection also must be rigorous, that is, must be proceeded with severity, systematically, placing? if in question the hasty conclusions of the popular wisdom and generalizations that science can try. The philosophical reflection must be of set, wants to say, the problem cannot be examined in partial way, but in a perspective of set, becoming related the aspects of the context where he is inserted. For Favareto (2008) the expectations that involve the education of Philosophy elapse of the necessity to try to cure the deficiencies of the cultural mutations, the technologies and what it reaches the behavior of the people as a whole.

Labeling and Packaging

Packaging and label design – the final frontier, which is man, that before his dobratsya cherished commodity. Razvarachivaya layers of polyethylene or removing the paper, you can either burn out any wish to see the product or vice versa light up even more and got no regret about wasted money. In this regard, design should be part of a very high level, because people expect to make in anticipation of a miracle – one of the great miracles that can designer to make even plain paper. Creating a label rather laborious process of actually, if we understand the importance of this component. Cellophane and polypropylene are among the main types of polymers that use for the manufacture of packaging which have been used.

Along with their main and obvious superiority they possess one important drawback – probably during their decomposition, Coy, according to various estimates prospectors continued for 400 years. Renounce the use of the packaging industry data and other polymers are now virtually impossible, and the use of biopolymers – very expensive, and although they did not always meet all necessary requirements. Together with the hitch disposal adopted by the arms package of polymers built up from the escape velocity, and requests the search for workable solutions. More economically interesting technology to solve problems gives the company provided Symphony Environmental (UK). Such development is contained in the use of special additives in the production of d2w packaging have been used. As a result, conventional polymers stayut oksobiorazlagaemymi.

Provided the development is used in most lattice than 60 countries, though it reinforces the highest returns, and the last tarry LLC "LiGoyl" gives her and the Ukraine. Additive d2w provides a masterbatch, Coy used in the manufacture of various products in the quantities of packaging that have been used and packaging of plastic sheeting and polypropylene. Her portion of the composition composed of 1% for general population the main raw material.

Minor Modification

Gastrectomy or minor modification of the digestive system to correct obesity surgery Gastrectomy or Gastroplasty Tubular gastrectomy is a minor anatomical modification of the digestive system to correct morbid obesity successfully. Also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy, Vertical Gastrectomy or Gastric Sleeve. Gastrectomy is a treatment that was initially described as a first step to more complicated procedures like gastric bypass or duodenal switch in patients with high surgical risk with body mass index above 50, subsequently it was found that weight loss initial patients undergoing gastrectomy as the only surgery was very good (approximately between 50 and 60% of overweight) one year after surgery, without the need for additional surgery or complementary. How it works Gastrectomy is performed by laparoscopic surgery without opening the abdomen, and general anesthesia and takes between 90 and 120 minutes. By gastrectomy, is a longitudinal resection of the distensible part of the stomach, drawing up a small stomach elongate, with a small capacity 80-120cc (being the normal stomach 1.000cc), retaining its functioning digestive system natural filling and emptying. The area is left gastric tube has three layers of muscle and is therefore the least distensible stomach. What are its advantages? The advantages of gastrectomy with respect to other restrictive techniques that are performed, is the absence of foreign bodies (Masson intervention and Lap Band) that regulate appetite, which was first achieved in a strictly technical. Gastrectomy is a true metabolic surgery. Decreased levels of ghrelin (hunger hormone), by eliminating the portion of the stomach that produces it.

Fixing System

Such a system of fixing an order of magnitude more reliable than plastic fasteners and more aesthetically beautiful than metal. This mounting system does not have any minus. Especially such a system is not replaceable attachment, if you decide to put a mosquito net Antikoshka. As for the grid antikoshka, it is specially designed mosquito nets. Its aim was The need to prevent the situation, the possibility of loss of a pet from a window. This mesh is a thin and heavy-duty nylon cord bathed in PVC.

Such a grid is unable to break away not only a cat, but people. Cell of such a network as well as the fiberglass mesh is 1 mm, which allows air to pass easily into the room, and insect forever close the path to your apartment. Grid Antikoshka has one drawback. She is black color, and therefore somewhat obscures the light aperture. But at the same time it scares the animals away from open windows. Black – it does not much to pay for preserving the life of your pet. Not less the popularity of roller blinds have mosquito nets. It is not replaceable nets for roof windows, as these windows have the axis of rotation, and when you open the window sash goes both for the outer and inner side of the wall.

When such a situation, no other network is installed at the window can not be. Here comes to the aid of roller grid, because roller grid is a grid, which is sliding on vertical guides, is removed in box (shutters), located in its upper part. Such nets can be installed on windows and on doors. The advantage of such networks is that they at any time can remove (hide) and release the window opening without removing the grid box. Recently in Moscow decided to build houses with glazed balconies and loggias. Glazing of balconies carried profile Providal. But in these boxes is not provided full-time installation of mosquito grids. Therefore, their installation is conducted in private. Often people will sheathe the inside of the balcony before the installation of mosquito nets, and the closed profile, which should be fixed. And the trouble the customer, if he would call in firm is not competent in this matter. Having received the reply that in this case nothing can be done, he will be forced to make friends with the flies and mosquitoes. I will tell you a mystery: We did not do so. In sliding mosquito nets, as in the framework You can set the grid Antikoshka and Antipyl. As for the mosquito net Antipyl, it is indispensable if you have front of house growing poplar, and therefore to you flies in the light poplar aphid, which the rest of the grid is not a hindrance. Do not listen to those who are not having in your arsenal grid Antipyl will convince you that a simple grid will not allow glow to sneak into your home. Finally, for those who are trying to do his original home, there was a mosquito Pleated mesh. This unique Italian designer will give your home an inimitable charm. Pictures of all the nets can be viewed on our website. If you decide to install mosquito nets, call. We help you solve your problem. We have not solved problems there.