Month: January 2015

Prada Sunglasses

The success history of the family company Prada. It began in 1913 with elegant leather goods. Brothers Mario and Martino Prada produced and sold bags, suitcases, shoes and gloves and put this on quality from the outset. in 1978, the granddaughter and heiress of Miuccia Prada, the company it is today took over. She expanded the product range to a collection of clothing for the creative patterned and colorful like substances at the same time more simple cut and running case are characteristic. The handbag Division learned a fashionable new interpretation, in addition to the classics by Miuccia Prada brought an own model designs, partly made of textile material. The up to date a little in the years lost, somewhat conservative company received fresh momentum. It doesn’t take long, there appeared first plagiarism by Prada designer pieces. It was obvious that Prada someday as well the glasses for themselves discovered. In addition to those to improve the appearance of there of course, Prada sunglasses. Some of them are already classics become and be reissued each year with the usual design. Large, slightly oval and slightly slanting glass inside a framework of medium width. Customers can choose glass in different shades, as well as with the frame made of several colors or patterns make their choice. In addition to this type of model that timeless acts, because he can be slightly each season on the just latest fashion adapted, Prada has more own sunglasses in the program. In the sunglasses online shop are HIT to see the latest models from the Prada collection and to purchase. The Aviator style inspired and futuristic-looking Sun glasses with wide straps, providing additional sun radiation protection at the sides in addition to its fashionable aspect there is in variable versions. Other models for men and women are less spectacular, but still of high aesthetics and elegance. In addition to predominantly more businesslike designs, Prada has also a women’s sunglasses on sale, whose side bars filled with many fine silver metal studs are reminiscent of rhinestones. To all sunglasses, customers will receive an original Prada glasses case with a Microfiber cleaning cloth. Of course give the lenses 100% UV protection in accordance with the CE-3 rating. In the overview of the Prada sunglasses lists all relevant dimensions of the eyeglass frames. So, customers can determine their matching glasses model online. The total width of the glasses, glasses height and width, nose bridge width and length of bracket are perfectly stored. The measure comparison with existing glasses provides the best personal criteria. The fitting mode of is downright awesome: for the favorite model the customer can upload his own photo and see immediately whether the glasses is him. Rudolf Hancock

CSP Sends Obsolete Applications In The Mainframe Environment To The Turbos

25.07.2011 serves as a database-independent standard solution for Oracle, MS-SQL, Informix and DB2 Grosskollnbach, Chronos. Database archiving is possible also for mainframe databases with Chronos. Especially for old applications CSP offers a way to save costs by decommissioning GmbH & co. KG from Grosskollnbach. CSP in customer projects has shown that standard procedures for archiving databases from the mainframe must do not stop. Chronos outsources inactive data from DB2 and Informix databases and relieved as the expensive resources.

According to research by Forrester Research, is the bulk of the information in databases in the access and causes enormous costs without real value. The question of how to deal with the data of the existing application arises in the transition from mainframe architectures on Windows or UNIX/Linux architectures. A migrating is often associated with a lengthy project, in which you must make compromises. With simple access mechanisms to the stored data, Chronos ensures that only the data must be migrated, which are necessary for the operations. So you can be significantly reduced costs in the mainframe field and at the same time to reduce the dependency on expensive mainframe systems. Interested parties can request under a TODO-plan, which supports the archiving of mainframe databases. So far the risk “was too great, to turn off Altapplikationen on mainframes many”, explains Stefan Brandl, product manager at CSP database archiving.

“We have the evidence brought in customer projects, that Chronos in the long term can hold data and business logic.” Many standard tools are not available for DB2 and Informix databases on mainframes. CSP offers the same performance as the operators of other databases with Chronos of this target group. Companies achieve great benefit through the use of Chronos as a central component of archiving with heterogeneous database environments. As a database-independent standard solution, Chronos supports many database vendors and versions. In addition to the already for online archiving Application retirement established databases such as Oracle and MS SQL Server have been archived successfully also Informix and DB2 on Z/OS and Windows / Linux based. “When the company the effort decreases significantly, if a system can be used for different databases”, explains Stefan Brandl, product manager at CSP database archiving. “A system means training the users at the same time much less and reduces the proportionate share of maintenance.” Company description the CSP GmbH & co. KG was founded in 1991 and specializes in innovative software solutions for manufacturing companies. The company provides to its customers as well as the implementation and customization of standard solutions also comprehensive advice and support. Around the new product line of Chronos for database archiving, CSP offers an extensive range of services companies from all industries. CSP has numerous international reference customers in the industry. Among other things, group, Audi, Daimler, Lufthansa trust BMW technology logistics, Deutsche Telekom, one, General Motors, Porsche, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, VW, and Bosch on the solutions of the company. Company contact: CSP GmbH & co. KG Hermann Pellkofer mens Rauf 11 94431 Grosskollnbach Tel: 09953/3006-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Walter Visual PR GmbH Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611 238780 E-Mail: Web:

CONET Now Available For On The Go

With the own Web-content-management-system CONET Media Suite makes the Hennefer IT-system and consulting its website fit for mobile use Hennef July 20, 2011. Under the Web address mobile.conet.deist a special, optimized for Mobile Access version of the website of Hennefer CONET group can be reached. Because the users of smartphones and other mobile devices are awaiting another presentation of content as the classical Internet users at work or on the home PC. The mobile website meets these demands of CONET with a simplified navigation, optimized resolution and more lyrically-oriented representation. He was used to as the actual homepage with the CONET itself developed and successfully used in many customers CONET Media Suite. Modern content management systems such as the media suite already distinguish between content and layout. It is easy to set up its own form of representation for the display on Smartphones, the mobile access use habits better meets as the classic site”, explains Dr.

Martin Kabath, the area manager of the CONET Solutions GmbH. Setting up the mobile version is only a one-time cost for the definition of the new layout. Nothing is changed in the continuous maintenance of the website for the editors, as well as the technical webmaster. All content must be created only once as usual, the different output then automatically controls the system. The CONET group the CONET group reached on annual turnover of more than EUR 60 million as a medium-sized distinct IT group currently with around 400 employees at eleven locations in Germany.

The CONET technologies AG as holding company coordinates the central tasks of the group, the operational business is located in the subsidiaries: Hennefer CONET Solutions GmbH offers its clients since 1987 and currently 239 employees solutions in the fields of software engineering, communications and IT infrastructure. The CONET business consultants GmbH focuses SAP consulting and process management system and bundles the expertise of some 130 SAP consultants. This expertise will strengthen the Munich ACCELSIS technologies GmbH particularly in the field of portal and SOA solutions. The Frankfurter CONET Services AG specializes in consulting, installation and operation of IT solutions for the financial industry.

Hotel Star System

Of course, first drew attention to the number of "stars." This general rule – theirs, the stars, more ("Crowns," "suns", "key", "moon" and so on), the higher class hotels. (We're talking about a hotel, not the so-called "Home visitors" or other categories of accommodation – there is another classification, see below). But always remember that the three-star hotel in Germany is not adequate to the hotel with the same number of stars, for example, in Egypt or Turkey. In addition to characters, the level of the hotel is expressed in words or letters, for example, in Thailand to denote Hotel ** – Budget (B), *** – Medium (M), **** – Standard (S), **** – First Class (F), *** ** – Deluxe (D). Now, some hotels are very high level of appropriating another category "Luxury" or "deluxe" (eg *** ** Deluxe – a level higher than normal *** **). Of course, you can always tell a different category hotels in appearance – in beauty and size of the building. But it is obvious that this is only the outward differences. But the concept of "level Hotel 'is the mass of components: 1) the general improvement – is the amount of space (halls, conference rooms), the presence and quantity of restaurants, bars, cafes, etc., interior decoration, the availability of elevators (new / old, fast / slow and etc.).

2) equipment rooms – (furniture – modern, quality, etc.), room size, comfortable furniture, bathroom equipment, cleanliness, functionality, lighting, etc. 3) service – the regularity and frequency of cleaning rooms, bed linen and towels, attentive to the guests pleasant things like chocolates on the pillow, etc. Who has a currently "star" hotel classification adopted in almost all European countries, for exception of Greece, Albania, the CIS countries and certain islands. In Greece, the letter designations are used categories of hotels. For example, the letter A stands for **** Hotel, B – *** C – **.

Exhaust Systems

The company 'KVINT' has the exclusive right to distribute goods firm FOX Exhaust Systems, a German manufacturer of exhaust systems unmatched for all brands of cars. Exhaust systems and their components are classified for certain types of products: exhaust systems, universal mufflers, silencers nozzle, the exhaust system of individual production and sports exhausts, that eliminate the power loss in the power plant point of exhaust gas. Universal mufflers are constructed from stainless steel the best quality. These exhaust systems are different in that unlike regular mufflers, they use a unique basaltic components that significantly reduce the background noise of the power plant and at the same time have a good crossing properties. Nozzle to the exhaust systems of FOX Exhaust Systems – it's not only improved performance of the power plant, but also the unique look of your car. All tips mufflers are of different sizes, which allows you to install them on every car. Any tip before you ship for sale carefully polished by hand before the shiny surface.

Immune System

Let's just count the weight of the human brain … an average of 1400g. That is equal to 2.5-3.0% by weight of the body. However, the volume consumed oxygen by the brain is 20% of the volume consumed by the entire body. It is not difficult to understand that the brain requires large amounts of oxygen, compared with other organs. CAPSULE 'shark liver oil "in the main substance of this drug – squalene. (96%) Squalene is widely used in traditional and alternative medicine, so many countries around the world call it "Miraculously, all-powerful oil," "Holy substance," "substance, carrying oxygen." In case of insufficiency of oxygen are obstacles to the regeneration of brain cells and nerve fibers.

Not fully utilize the nutrients, which leads to the manifestation of symptoms, evidence of hypoxia. Eating squalene help fill oxygenated blood and brain, thus, improve intellectual ability, your body fills with energy. From lack of oxygen most affected heart cells, so drugs on the basis of squalene in patients with congestive heart failure, need to strengthen the heart muscle, which sits on a starvation diet. Together with vitamin (E), which is included in these capsules, squalene protects cells from blood vessel damage, because of which the arteries cholesterol begins to settle. One study found that a daily intake of 860mg squalene enhances the ability of drugs to reduce holesterinponizhayuschih LDL and raise HDL content in the blood. Perennial painstaking study of squalene suggest that this is an amazing substance in combination with vitamin (E) reduces the tumor by more than 33%. So that the body can successfully fight disease need a strong immune system, and for the normal functioning of the immune system needs constant supply of oxygen. Squalene improves a number of indicators of activity of the immune system, especially its ability to counteract the growth of cancer tumors and enhances the overall immunity, and with increasing dosage and improved indicators of immunological tests.

Forming Equipment Rolling

Classification of rolling processes rolling process on the roll forming equipment manifold. They can be classified by various characteristics. Longitudinal, transverse and oblique (helical) is determined according to vzimnomu location of the axes of the treated body and rolls. If the axis of the rolled strip is perpendicular to the axis of the rolls, the rolling is called longitudinal. When takm method of rolling strip only forward, ie performs only translational motion. Longitudinal rolling is the most common.

For the transverse axis rolling obratyvaemogo body parallel to the rolls. Axis of the rolls rotate in one and tighter storoonu. They are gradually converging, in thereby reducing the diameter of the product, which also revolves, but in the opposite direction of rotation of the rolls. In the longitudinal direction of the processed body does not move (unless otherwise pulling devices). Side rollers perform an auxiliary function: they keep the product between the rollers. Cross rolling is used in metallurgy and machinery for the production of axles, shafts, bushings, gears and other products such as body rotation.

Skew rolling, also known as helical, occupies an intermediate position between the transverse and longitudinal. In this case, the axis of the rolls at an angle to each other and to the axis of the rolled round billets. Thanks such location rolls billets in the rolling process does not only rotational but also translational motion. Since the roll angle with respect to the axis of the workpiece body is usually small (up to 12-18 degrees), oblique rolling nature closer to transverse than to longitudinal. Process skew rolling Shirikov used in the manufacture of seamless pipes, particularly at the piercing mill, where of a solid round billet get dirty tube – the pocket. Special type of rolling is the so-called periodic rolling. It is characterized by Temo during deformation height of the gap varies periodically. Most often this is achieved by making the rolls special non-circular shape. In this way receive periodic profiles of rolled shape cross section which varies periodically along the length of the strip. When you change the compression is changing all the parameters of rolling, so periodic rolling can be characterized as non-stationary (in the transitional areas). Further, the rolling process is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetric rolling call such a process in which impact of each of the rolls on the body is processed in exactly the same, identical. If this condition is violated, then called asymmetric rolling. Among the asymmetric processes are: rolling in rolls unequal diameter, rolling one of the driving roller, rolling at different circumferential speeds of rolls, rolling or uneven (asymmetric) distribution of mechanical properties along the height of ledge, rolling at different conditions of friction on the rolls, etc. An important condition for the rolling process is the presence or absence of external forces applied to the ends of the strip. On this basis distinguish between free and commercial rolling. Free call rolling when the strip forces act only from the rolls. Non-free rolling is carried out with the intention or pressurization end of the strip. Tension force or the backwater created adjacent mill stands, Coiler-tensioning drums or other devices.