Month: May 2015

Best Films of 2007

"SuperPertsy." Since September 20 "SuperPertsy" – a film situation, which comes, apparently, every average American teenager static, which wants a lot to drink and copulate with a beautiful girl. Despite the hackneyed plot this is the best film in the genre of teen comedy. American Pie even close to it is not necessary. Superpertsy this rare case, when vulgar humor is not nothing but laughter. "Film 12". From 20 September 12 – a remake of the famous American film Sidney Lumet, "12 Angry Men." The play, which served as the basis of the picture, was the first student theater production at the Shchukin School – Nikita Mikhalkov. Perhaps this is largely influenced the decision to remove a consequence Mikhalkov film. According to the director, after working on the script got a completely new and original work, the actual audience for the early 21st century, "Death at a Funeral." On October 11 If you love British humor, with characteristic his farce and stiffness, the best comedy you will not find.

Took a picture of Frank Oz, the famous Russian audiences for such a great comedies like "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," "What About Bob?", "Boufinger." "Elizabeth: The Golden Age." C15 November Elizabeth: The Golden Age is a gift for all lovers of historical paintings. The film is a sequel to the 1998 film "Elizabeth" (one of the best films of the year). The good news is that the backbone of the creative staff has remained unchanged: Director – Shekhar Kapur, Elizabeth – Cate Blanchett, the operator – Remi Adefarasin. "Beowulf". From November 22 Beowulf is a cartoon film based on technology that was used in "The Polar Express." But this cartoon for more adults than for children. The film is based on an old Anglo-Saxon epic poem. The main character – a warrior Beowulf, who came to Denmark combat monster with a terrible Handel, who catches up with fear in a Danish town. The photograph shows an episode of this cartoon. Forecasts for the movie

Internet Marketers

In the Anglo-American market there are many Internet Marketers who focus their Internet business strategy Arbitration CPA. What is the arbitration of CPA? The CPA is cost per action. If I refer to arbitration did not include the PSC CPA / CPV (or only partially) which is the cost per sale which all work to promote the sale of an affiliate product. Most of the courses we only mention the CPS / CPV (cost per sale / sale). But there are many more forms of payment per share and may even be more profitable: Cost per click (mainly Google Adsense), cost per double click (some companies pay the Affiliate a minimum amount (click on the link and click anywhere else the website of the company).

usually is in combination with a reduced CPS. In this article I want to concentrate on cost per lead, or registration form (company pays the affiliate an amount each time a visitor fills out a form or simply register or even just leave your zip code). More fields fill in the prospective visitor to become we usually receive more commission. These variants have the advantage that a visitor has to take action but do not make a purchase! The visitor becomes a prospect, but not necessarily the buyer. Do not have to take your credit card! So we make money on the Internet to generate prospect that logically it is much easier to generate a sale. There are two main disadvantages: There are not many such promotions in Spanish.