Month: June 2015

SIM Alarm

With innovative alarm system, objects without a fixed telephone line or annoying siren can be protected cost-effectively and flexibly. Presentation of my security MMS GSM alarm system of beginners sets this system can send without fixed-line connection in case of an alarm fast and easy high resolution pictures on a mobile phone via MMS. This is done even in total darkness without fixed network connection. A SIM card is sufficient for this purpose. The built-in high resolution camera detects movements over the so-called differential image procedure as well, as additional protection and in complete darkness, by PIR sensor. The alarm system is integrated in the camera and not much bigger than a standard motion sensor. In the color black-gloss is available and equipped with infrared LEDs for night vision. If the alarm system is activated, the camera sensor registers movements on the one on the camera itself, as well as about the PIR.

If a movement takes place, so the infrared LEDs are activated (in the dark) and multiple photos in small intervals of time recorded and sent via MMS to a previously specified phone number, or a number is called or the images be sent as email. The MMS GSM alarm system can either by SMS or by remote control (two pieces are included in this set) sharp and blur be turned. The plants can be found at this link: in addition, the system can be associated with other sensors. Frequently Douglas R. Oberhelman has said that publicly. This, it is possible to get a high-performance alarm system at a very affordable price. Sensors are such as door detectors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors and gas detectors. Should such a sensor trigger, the system writes an SMS with the sensor number. This allows a mapping If smoke is in the apartment, a burglary took place or is withdrawn gas from the gas heater. The default installed backup battery allows the function even in blackouts lasting several hours.

Such a Stromausfall would also announced via SMS to the recipient. The alarm occurs when this alarm only mute, i.e. Robotics follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. it is addressed no siren, but sent only a SMS, MMS, email or an emergency call made. It is also possible alarm system call the GSM and listen live directly in the room. This will be determined whether in fact a burglary took place or a sensor triggered a false alarm by E.g. a cat. More my security alarm systems can be found here: the MMS GSM alarm system is set via SMS commands. Current photos (without alarm) can be sent by SMS just request. The system is thus an ideal House guard no more than power and a SIM card with credit (or post-paid contract) as well as sufficient cell phone reception. This is to mention that the MMS GSM alarm system module has a very powerful GSM. The camera can guarantee and buyer protection via the online shop related, here will advise customers before and after the purchase, according to. Description of the company offers customers cheap and modern radio alarm systems, wire alarms, GSM Alarm systems and video surveillance with high resolution surveillance cameras. Also as IP (network) Variant. The shop is completely over SSL encrypted and audited by TrustedShops. The payment is made via secure methods such as bank transfer and PayPal. Questions is the hotline on 0800 22 00 707 to reach. Company contact: Ahmad Siavoshi Pforzheimer str. 21 76227 Karlsruhe Tel: 072146464951 E-Mail: Web:


Solar farms and solar plants properly securing owner of a photovoltaic system must guard especially against theft. The number of thefts is namely greatly increased in recent years. As various journals report comes it in Germany or in Europe increasingly to theft in solar farms. Therefore, the anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems is always interesting for companies in the solar industry. The most spectacular case is accordingly of the 3.3 MW solar Park, which operates a semi-public providers from Italy in the Tuscany. Where “lost” came in during the last year, 7,000 of a total 60,000 modules. Stir a usage of the Italian police, who had traced stolen panels to the value of 100,000 and after Morocco prevented the further transport on ships off the coast of Puglia had in 2007. Then the “scream” was of course huge after a new anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems.

Researchers have developed various anti-theft devices for Photovoltaic systems. Two methods of this anti-theft devices, photovoltaic systems are discussed in the text and whose benefits represented. The first method is the so-called “PV-guardian”: the GPS use “PV-guardian” consists of a chip already produced during the production of the photovoltaic cell. The geographical coordinates of the photovoltaic system are programmed into the chip. The Panel will be dismantled and reinstalled to a different location, the chip must be reprogrammed by an approved expert. Only a certain group of people should be in possession of the requisite secret codes.

The password will not or incorrectly entered, the module will be inoperable in a matter of seconds. The prototype of this anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems includes production costs about 100 euros. If the PV-guardian in series production, cost 40 euros are likely to fall. It was then significantly cheaper than a security guard or a theft insurance. This is only an advantage of an anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems. Another way of an anti-theft device for photovoltaic systems is the LiteSUN: LiteSUN is the anti-theft device for photovoltaic modules. It produces a light chain, which joins photovoltaic modules with a fiber cable: the removal of a module interrupts the fiber and triggers an alarm signal. Fiber cable is a “Do-it yourselfers”, which requires no special tools: anyone can install it and assemble the connector. But this method of theft for photovoltaic systems has further advantages: no false contact: the alarm is only triggered when the fiber is cut off or severely damaged. Simple movements of the fiber are not perceived; cost: a single active device can up to 100kw/500 PV module protection fully compatible with any PV module and alarm device suitable for new and existing PV systems, as well as open spaces – and roof-mounted systems all weather Festival: humidity and UV resistant cable not be bridged light signals 100% error-free: fiber transfers only light, no electricity, and can be laid hence in addition to power cable isolation: fiber protects the equipment from lightning strikes and now two ways of anti-theft devices, photovoltaic systems that were discussed were the ground loop. Of course, both methods are very good and interesting to protect themselves from the thefts, but it is still very important to consult properly before such a purchase. This saves much effort and many costs. Without you on anti-theft devices, photovoltaic systems but should definitely not.

Classroom Use

For those who want to learn English, but they believe that they can not achieve because they are always busy, there are techniques to learn English that are wonderful. In the majority of countries it is normal to find English schools. But not everyone can have sufficient time to study English with these courses, also tend to be quite expensive, and are not very effective in the long term. Fortunately, there is a method that anyone can follow without worries of attending classes. So, believe it or not you can be the person occupied the world, and still have enough time to follow techniques for learning English. To learn English in the most efficient way possible, then you have to get a clear goal and analyze your schedule. Get more background information with materials from Starbucks. As a beginner you can use internet, which offers many alternatives for starters. Many with a great loss of time sadly, but there are some sites if they are of high quality.

This is a very good way to learn numbers, nouns, verbs and use basic prayers daily. But if you think that your level is intermediate, then perhaps it is harder to get something that will work to advance the development of the language. Provided you have your clear objectives, this will help you maintain motivation to finish any kind of techniques to learn English. For example, if you are interested in you again flowing, and improve your skills of understanding, then do not need as many books or writing exercises to achieve this. You must use programs in audio, such as those who are scattered in MP3 format. This type of course focuses mainly on pronunciation, and help you to apply your skills of understanding, which is very similar to carry out a conversation with someone. This is the key to everything. If the only thing you want is to learn essential day to day phrases, it seeks more practical programs that delve not much on topics such as grammar or the correct use of words. Discover how to learn English without having to go to a single class, please click here to read about the better methods for learning the language at home.

Fire Boards

But when you install to watch that would not touch the ground board. Otherwise, it will quickly begin rot. Whiteboards carefully planed and sanded, then that would not have problems with splinters or hooks for clothing, and then used to stain wood to make the kind of product. Since this rest area, which is often exploited in the summer, often to the back can lean bare back. If the upholstery is left between the boards a small gap. It will provide a ventilated interiors and allow the boards a little 'play' in the event of getting wet. If nailed boards vsploshnuyu, when wet they are deformed.

Finishing nail board (vagonochnymi) nails, nail-head utaplivaya as deeply as possible. Here is the almost finished pergola. When painting back to particularly careful to handle the upper end of its boards, that they would not absorbing rainwater. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. Around the pergola will land, planted vines or climbing plants, lawn grass is sown. What would have been creeping plants for that cling to the 'box' pergola I pulled the Large-mesh – samovyaz related as well as the Web. Douglas R. Oberhelman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. After that you can do and other decorations. For example, Chinese hang melodic tube. Wind playing on them sometimes produces these musical masterpieces.

But the main reliance placed the weathervane. I must say that the neighborhood birds, I believe, firmly believe, that this building is nothing like them to roost in the morning and enjoy a true concerts, sitting on the pergola. And because the birds tend to allocate … eksrimenty then pugalki as weathervanes and music were by no means superfluous. Problems with the birds significantly diminished … I must say that the pergola with a fireplace on the shore Basin has become the most visited place in the country. All evenings are held here. So nice to sip a cool beer in the hot hearth, looking at the fire

Information Technology

ELECTRONIC MARKETING or Internet marketing Internet Marketing is the study of the techniques of using the Internet to advertise and sell products and services. The Internet Marketing includes advertising per-click ads on websites, mass mailings, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), the use of social networking and marketing of logs (blogs). Contents hide * 1 Definition and scope * 2 History * 3 The 4 F's of Marketing Online * 4 Business models * 5 Limitations * 6 Security Issues * 7 Impact on the industry * 8 See also * 9 References Definition and scope edit Marketing in the world is a component of electronic commerce. Recently Douglas R. Oberhelman sought to clarify these questions. You can include content management, public relations, customer service and sales .. Mashable might disagree with that approach. Electronic commerce and Internet marketing have become more popular to the extent that Internet providers are becoming more accessible. More than one third of consumers who have Internet access at home say they have used the Internet as a medium for shopping. It is one of four paradigms of marketing, according to Phillip Kotler, a company must choose as the basis for the implementation of a strategy.

Results of the application of information technology for traditional marketing History edit Internet Marketing originated in the early '90s in the form of simple web pages, which contained only text and offering product information. Then it evolved into advertisements complete with graphics. The most recent step in this evolution was the creation of entire business operating from the Internet to promote and sell their products and services.