Month: October 2015

Web-Based Systems

Audit, which is a server system that lets you know how to navigate users structure of the archive, view and modify objects. Erroneous and malicious user actions are blocked as a versioned system, and a special basket – all objects are only virtual, and only administrator can make her physical treatment. 5) Web Access Web-based system allows you to organize additional access to the archive system via a lan or the Internet to those employees who predominantly used by browsers, as well as for remote employees and customers. 6) scanning and document input stream Stream input is designed to accelerate the input of a large array documents. The module integrates the input stream scanning, fixing and indexing of documents in the system, combining all three processes. Coming from a scanner or from the file system images are viewed operator who starts a value of required attributes. In this case, the creation of archival card and attaching thereto the documents automatically in the background.

To facilitate the work of the operator module stream I can recognize are in the document bar codes and to put their values into the specified attributes. 7) The deployment of the system and its use of system uses a standard HTTP-protocol, providing a connection through proxy at different speeds, allowing, for example, removed from office workers to access the system from mobile computers via WiFi or gprs. Deploying an archive server in a typical configuration takes 10-30 minutes, Depending on whether the customer is ready to use database. Transfer mechanism allows to migrate data from one database to another (this requires that you back up your data in one archiving system and restore them to another). Attached to the archival documents files are stored separately from the database, in a special file storage that allows you to manage storage arrays for x and use a variety of media formats, For example, raid arrays, tape arrays, arrays on cd / dvd drives. File storage, in case of crash databases, will save all the attached files and restore all data up to the original file name. 8) Additional Background problem. All processes, requiring for their execution more than five seconds, held on as the background – it allows, for example, at the same time to import the data into the archive, upload or download documents make navigation and editing already entered on the current data. Messaging system (AMS). ams is an internal mail system, allowing you to exchange messages, assign tasks and track the status of their implementation, and attach attachments as links to documents from the archives.