Month: December 2015

Information Systems Testing

Only a computer system with a well-functioning piece of hardware, systems software and a properly chosen application software, integrated systems and security algorithms built between all nodes can be recognized professionally configured system ready for operation. After you build or audit, with subsequent elimination of weaknesses, the computer system is put in service. Later works on monitoring and improvement of systems safety and functional units. These include monitoring the work of major computer systems, operational updates for the operating system software and hardware. Information Systems Testing security, based on the current threats that face them are.

These works can minimize the likelihood of any disruption kompyutera.Odnako be aware that the number of threats information security as a global and distributed computerized systems is growing every day. Every day there are new computer viruses and other types of malicious code. New methods penetration of the protected system, ways to access the errors and failures of certain units of computer system. It is for this, the second component of the service sector of computers – is the ability to quickly resolve any of the fault in one way or another computer system, minimizing the damage of the failure of the damage. This area can be attributed the problem to disinfection, elimination of faults in software complexes computer location and removal of hardware problems, as well as their causes. When you work to avoid failure is necessary, first of all, eliminate the cause of failure. Whether it has infected a system virus, incompatible software or interruption in power supply, a priority is the elimination of that cause.

And only then can eliminate the consequences of failure and bring the system in state maximum security and ustoychivosti.Ochevidno that routine maintenance tasks and troubleshooting computer related. The better performing tasks for the planned maintenance of computer systems, the less likely it crashes. But we can not exclude the risk of force majeure, which can disrupt the computer system. Therefore, you should always have ready a team of specialists who are ready to eliminate all these failures quickly and efficiently to any vremya.Takim, it is evident that the best solution service computers and computer systems is the use of services of companies that specialize in these tasks. These companies provide the widest range of services in computer maintenance and, at the expense of specialist staff in different directions, can help quickly and efficiently solve any problem. Whether it's Troubleshooting your home computer, or provide a clear, stable operation of the computer network of a large enterprise.

Dynamic Quality Systems

As indicated ISO 9000 can be applied to any industry, product or service, and consists of guidelines, requirements for establishing quality systems within an organization, allowing you to transact with any organization in the world, with less risk and greater trust are seeking standards bureaucratic practices achieving quality. It adds that the ISO 9000 standards have three basic components that must be considered: management, quality system and quality assurance. With regard to the Administration, ISO9 000 provides for a system to achieve the progress of the organization, through the implementation of strategic goals, understanding of user needs, productivity, etc., Through preventive and corrective actions. In relation to ISO 9000 quality system requires the organization to document the procedures and implemented, so that if a change is made, it was also delayed in writing. You must have an evidence base to fit reality to one hundred percent.

In relation to quality assurance, ISO 9000 is dynamic, because it involves many facets of the organization, such as the establishment and documentation of systems sales, purchasing, production, etc., internal and external benefits ISO 9000 brings about the inmates: Increased awareness Improved documentation quality positive cultural change Increased operational efficiency and productivity Improving communication cost reduction / waste or reverse) Externally: A perception higher quality is improved customer satisfaction is a competitive advantage Reduction quality audits by the client Increasing market share. Remember: As stated by Wikipedia, in order to be certified under ISO 9000, organizations must choose the scope of professional activity to be recorded, select a record, subject to audit, and after successfully completing , have an annual inspection visit to maintain certification. In the case of the registrar / auditor find areas of noncompliance, the organization has a deadline for corrective action, without losing the validity of the certification or continuity in the certification process (depending on which has already been certified or not .) In actuality worldwide ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 are required, because that ensure product quality by implementing extensive monitoring, ensuring that all processes involved in its manufacture are operating within the required characteristics. Normalization is the starting point in the quality strategy and for the subsequent certification of the company. These rules were written in the spirit of that product quality is not born of effective regulations, if not a media production process and operating properly. This is a standard that applies to the company and not the product of this. Its implementation ensures the customer that the quality of the product he is buying will be maintained over time. To the extent that there are companies that have not been certified as the standard differentiation in the market.

Cooling System

Cooling system – liquid, with a forced circulation closed. Radiator cap has two valves are not allowed in the cooling system to excessive pressure or vacuum. When closed valves, the system is pressurized. When you open the radiator cap beware of scalding. The normal water temperature in the engine cooling system 80-90 C.

The water temperature is controlled by the pointer temperature, which is located on the dashboard, and its sensor installed in the cylinder head. Cooling system should be refilled and clean as possible “soft” water that has low salt content. When properly meshing of bevel gears with spiral teeth backlash in the general part of the tooth is 0,15-0,4 mm. The differential consists of a demountable boxes, which are placed two conical poluosevye gears, spider and four satellite. The differential is set on tapered roller bearings, located in split bearings with lids, which are processed in conjunction with the sump of the main gear. Bearings regulate the nuts without any noticeable axial clearance, but without the tightness. To fix the nuts on the bearing caps are stoppers Service axle is lubricated, according to the map lubrication, inspection at 1000 hours tightening nut flange leading pinion nuts cups differential. Tightening torque of nuts flange should be 20-25 kg-m, and torque nuts cups differential 11.8 kg-m.