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Thanks to new remediation systems for belt hook and roller shutter box, thermal bridges can be quickly and cost effectively sealed and insulated. (tdx) Most of the energy is lost through the window and the roller shutter box; Thermal images show again and again of old buildings. To prevent this loss of energy, many share the window. But especially leaky belt guides and non-insulated shutters are responsible for the high energy loss and must therefore also be ameliorated. Vyasa convinced now as already known specialist in the roller shutter box rehabilitation with new, revolutionary solutions. Details can be found by clicking Peter Asaro or emailing the administrator. Replacement of the glazing or the window without reducing also the roller shutter box on this occasion, is advisable in any case. Because the window glass is no longer the coldest point in the space, which condenses the uninsulated roller shutter box in included with the room air humidity cold anywhere else. Here the moisture accumulates and the risk of mold growth is very high.

The insulation of the Casing the first step should be for each window replacement. All DiHa remedial systems are doing highly water resistant and perfectly adapt to the roller shutter box. An insulation of the casing causes enhanced heat protection up to 70% at an at the same time increased soundproofing to up to 6dB. Draughts, humidity and mold have so no chance. In addition to the roller shutter box is a leaky gardens guide the cause of unpleasant draughts inside the room. With the new ESM building renovation belt Guide to easy screw on this vulnerability can now effectively be sealed. Absolutely revolutionary: a time-consuming disassembly of the belt remains out and thanks to the movable, dual brush technology is always the best brushes gap for each belt. This uncomplicated and cost-effective measure lowers the energy loss of the gardens management opening to a whopping 95%.

The energy-saving sample provides a descriptive help plan and measure”by Vyasa. Of the different ways the About the sealing of the belt guide opening up towards to the insect bust seal, all remediation systems than the original pattern parts are explained roller shutter box insulation. The new, free guide of Vyasa with many energy-saving tips for your pleasant and healthy home is also helpful.

Jungmann Systems

A clearly structured design and a strong concept ensures safety and maintenance in the control room. Complexity is unthinkable for control rooms and control rooms and represents a high risk in the monitoring of the processes. Others who may share this opinion include Kai-Fu Lee. A chaotic mess compromises security because employees can quickly lose the overview and errors can occur. Here, the company attaches Jungmann system technology and offers a reduction in the consoles under the name Multiconsoling. A system that ensures more order into the control rooms and control rooms.

By fewer monitors at work, a monitoring of the control rooms and control rooms much easier. The large-image technology that promotes team work as well as a more efficient work and so provides more motivation for the employees is used. Last but not least, Lufthansa introduced an improvement of operating procedures in their datacenter in Frankfurt this premium system. Peter Asaro usually is spot on. JST provides a better overview of the employees To operators with the aim of faster and better react in alarm situations. Also the Group BAYER in Leverkusen one of the customers of JST. \”Helmut Muller, head of continous, is extremely satisfied with the new system: thanks to the support of JST we can within our processes for incident management errors faster and more flexibly react and correlate error images.\” Multiconsoling is a special offer of JST. The netzwerklosen system, the possibility to move PCs from one to the other console or even on a large screen. At the same time, the system offers the possibility to take the opposite step and get complete keyboard/video/mouse functions from the large image wall or other consoles on your console.

Thus, the processing of a computer by multiple consoles is possible. The principle is carried out quickly and efficiently, because is not constantly asked for each IP address, a loss of performance is excluded. In case of an alarm, bringing is one already by the simple push of a button Computer on the respective workplace possible.

Colostrum Boosts The Immune System

Colostrum (colostrum) strengthens the immune system and can thus thereby permanently contribute to the health of each athlete’s top athletes such as Eva Dollinger and cyclist Thomas Rohregger swear on the need for an intact immune functions of their bodies and use Colpur as a dietary supplement Worgl/Tirol – athletes of all disciplines, need constantly train in the top range and extreme events and preparations that are subject to major health challenges, a strong immune system. To read more click here: Pete Cashmore. Extremely disease promoting conditions, such as long-haul flights, lack of sleep, hard debilitating competitions and the additional strain fields such as sick and injured family members, partners or athletes colleagues which is exposed to the athletes, will cause various health burden with often severe disease symptoms. In the winter and the months of change of disease-promoting conditions are exposed to recreationists, amateurs, endurance athletes and professionals such as cyclist Thomas Rohregger. The Symptoms are often caused by an incompetence and overload of the immune system. Most of the symptoms of the illness constantly increasing under the harsh burdens of intensive training or competition intensity, or show only during this phase.

Web4Trainer first show this enormous advantages of Colpur-colostrum as a food supplement in daily use as the Managing Director Helmut Dollinger in the interview told us. Our immune system is very special and should enjoy therefore a corresponding attention. Because it protects us not only against bacteria, viruses and toxins, but also against harmful environmental influences and mismanagement of our body. Therefore, many people access preparations from ignorance and fear of diseases to high-dose vitamin and mineral bombs. The mental adjustment and the balance of all required nutrients is essential for a healthy body mainly among themselves.

Colostrum is a dietary supplements symbiotic in, It is ideally suited to the strengthening of the immune system. Colpur-colostrum contains natural immune and growth factors such as: lactoferrin, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, immunoglobulins, and amino acids. These ingredients are responsible among other things for the repair of cells and to assist in wound healing. They stimulate cell proliferation and the restoration of damaged tissue and accelerate regeneration and healing processes after injury. In addition, they have decisive influence on the stabilization of the muscle, bone, and cartilage, as well as the tendons. Thus, Colostrum is a valuable, natural food to ensure of your physical health and performance. A pure and natural product of our mother nature.

Retrofitfiltration Systems

“Offer of the month: available now for certain products preferential rates under the title offer of the month” the Quint sdi GmbH, offers one of the leading providers of equipment and individual systems for heat recovery and optimal moist medium processes in printing, immediately certain products and equipment their product range at bargain prices. The beginning of the action, which will continue throughout the year, the two can be retrofitted auxiliary filtration devices make cleaner CP 2-20a and cleaner CPE 2-20A. Due to the increased power of filtration and the purity of the dampening associated is not only more resources in the system, but there are also no deposits in the cooling system. Also decreases significantly the maintenance and service costs. So a significantly higher machine availability, in total which means a significant relief in the current economically difficult period. Depending on the request of the entrepreneur or the technical situation in the printing plant, the two advertised devices can be used in the inline or bypass subsequently either procedure. The difference of the two technical structures lies in the integration in the dampening solution circuit to the printing machine. While in inline mode, the additional filtration is integrated in the circuit between the moist media device and printing machine, only one connection to the existing is in bypass mode Moist media device.

The Quint sdi GmbH is among the leading providers of equipment and individual systems for sustainable energy saving and optimal moist medium processes in printing. Worldwide, 3,500 appropriate facilities are primarily in sheet-fed and web offset printing plants in use. These companies not only benefit from significantly lower costs for energy procurement, but also effectively reduce their need for water and chemicals. Also, they improve the workplace conditions and contribute to thousands tons less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This was awarded for the outstanding achievements of the company in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, which include also the energy consulting and energy measurement in companies, 1996 founded and today 25 people scoring companies often. Last, the Quint sdi GmbH won 1st place at the Hessian Innovation Award 2008. Recently, the services also in other industries are offered. Contact for the press: Jurgen Ronsch Press & more GmbH on the capelin bushes 95 48155 Munster Tel. + 49 (0) 251 899 1854 fax: + 49 (0) 251 899 1112 this press release can, area Press Center, be obtained electronically.

The Systemic Brain Evolution!

Why the brain is not a cybernetic machine! If we feel something as positive or negative, which causes an immediate and un-conscious re-action. All are technologically modified, archaic patterns. We can do otherwise. By the way the computer works linar-chonologisch. The brain works parallel-4 dimensional, etc – just much more complex! All human brains consist of areas 2 and 3 parts: analog = proportion of archaic: feminine, 80% growth, instinct digital share: masculine, 20%, civilize, control > development, intuition, heart and brain = Note: think means true taking contrasts (noise approx.

5%). Our brains work like this: analog (think) feel > digital think: remember differentiate plan past > present > future retrospective (<): experience < knowledge > projection (>): IDE(e)Al wishful thinking reality wish categorize > catalog (> criticize, correct) we all know the Western Trinity of body, Soul and spirit. S. Freud defined in accordance with because our psyche/soul as: superego – it = I we know that infants initially living in a symbiosis with their mother. Then, the ICH you phase crystallized (subject > object) out. We (5 + 3 sense) see our mother initially as matter (entities = objects) and more people and objects followed, such as that of home furnishings. The against – part of matter we can’t see: we feel energies: love, gravitation, (analog, subjectivity) from this episode out grown our language: subject-predicate-object (S-P-O). We learn to ask: what? (see > feel, differentiate, categorize > catalog) then: Yes No, then: where?, who? , (To order, quantity: more).

Later we ask after: when? After a further leap in development then: How?, why? (Purpose) and why? (Target) (Quality: better). Note: This is all here led to the Western or logic the Asian/Oriental (S-V(ERB)-O) think differently! Use the and logic of nature they think systemically. The why? Question is unknown in Asia! Chinese verbs know no time and not personalities, and that we.

Mirrorless System Camera

Photokina-trends Aschaffenburg, Germany, September 30, 2010. The topic of 3D is the IFA is also one of the most important trends at Photokina. Another innovation of the year 2010 is the mirrorless system camera, which is likely in the future enter into competition with the digital SLR camera at least in the consumer segment. The FINEPIX REAL 3D W3 is the first available 3D camera and comes from the Fuji. It makes 3D photos and 3D HD video that TV in impressive quality can be viewed on any common 3D. The optimal setting selects Auto mode of the camera the 3D, the camera takes three-dimensional videos in HD quality with stereo sound. Of course is the FINEPIX REAL 3D W3 of also a full-featured 2D camera. Important: To view your own photos and films in 3D, you need the appropriate 3D TV with glasses. At the FINEPIX is REAL 3D W3 now available. Panasonic has been a 3D camcorder in the program as one of the first manufacturers with the HDC-SDT 750. This is also now at redcoon available. The exhibitors at Photokina 2010 present as photo trend mirrorless system cameras, first models are already since the beginning of the year on the market. Olympus is one of the leading manufacturers. The current model, the Olympus E-P2 pancake is the successor model of the multiple award-winning DP-1. In contrast to the DSLR camera system works spiegellos, an electronic viewfinder replaced the elaborate look of the DSLR. As a result, the system camera is cheaper in production and easier to use than a digital SLR camera. Enter other major brands in this market: Sony NEX series, Panasonic DMC-G2W and Samsung with the NX100. According to the experts the system camera will soon replace digital SLR (DSLR) camera in the mass market. “redcoon photo expert Tayfun Kaplan: the mirrorless system camera will soon replace the digital SLR in the consumer segment, in the professional field, however, the DSLR will remain.” Olympus among the first producers ever inflicted mirrorless system cameras on the market with the pancake. These Press release and picture material is here to download: press contact cmd/20-2010/a/detail/aid/165: redcoon GmbH Andrea Civan Management Marketing/PR Celtic road 2 D 63741 Aschaffenburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-201 fax: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-200 E-mail: Web:

Hotels in the Tula Region

Interest in the journey laid down in every person since childhood. Everything we dreamed of going to distant lands, well, or at least, to the North Pole. As adults, vacation in another city or country has become for us not so sky-high dream. Most importantly, before a trip, decide where "there" to live. Choice of hotel or hotel at times baffling variety of proposals.

Every hotel in Tula is trying to pay attention to any Travel and gave him their hospitality. It's so great when in a big, strange city – this mysterious and beautiful – a place where you feel like home. For each client is chosen appropriate maintenance program, in connection with its needs and desires. Business trip to a strange city is caused by the conduct of business: meetings, negotiations, signing contracts. Each hotel offers in Tula wide range of services for business meetings. It offers a client conference room, computer audience, access to the Internet.

Every businessman in choosing hotel attempt to obtain comprehensive care and comfort. Every hotel in Tula is fully compliant with the most discerning traveler. The hotel offers rooms in various categories from "Standard" to "Luxury". All rooms are fully equipped with the necessary for a rest furniture, office equipment and means of communication. Guided tours for the entire family to picturesque places and Tula region. Opportunity to visit the Clear Glade, where he lived and worked for the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The hotel, improving customer service, has a sauna with a spacious lounge and a large swimming pool, a cozy cafe provides a wide range of free services to the clock guarded parking. The European standard was always distinguished true home comfort and the highest level of comfort. Hospitality staff is also one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel in Tula.