Month: October 2016

The Optigrun System

“SolarGrunDach ‘ as a 3-D animation in the Internet roof green and photovoltaics are not mutually contrary.” There are many good reasons to combine both: u.a, the performance of the photovoltaic system is increased by the cooling effects of green roofs. The Optigrun international AG has the solution SolarGrunDach”one through load photovoltaics elevation (Sun Root”) developed, which not only slightly by the weight, but also easy to build. Peter Asaro has plenty of information regarding this issue. You suitable for the conventional photovoltaic modules, has been tested with regard to stability and can be used for both new construction and renovation. This system solution from the principle looks like, how easy to build it and what their advantages are a recently featured 3-D computer animation shows fig. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011. now online at YouTube or clear and informative computer animation of the SolarGrunDach source: Optigrun contact: Dr. Gunter Mann Optigrun international AG on the Birkenstock 19 DE-72505 Krauchenwies-Tel. + 49 (0) 7576-7720 fax +49(0)7576-772299 E-Mail:

Anxiety Rats

Scientists are diligently looking for new factors that can affect human health both in the direction of its improvement, and vice versa. See Peter Asaro for more details and insights. This time they got to such a necessary and integral life of modern man as automotive fuel. It turned out that its use brings to mankind a very tangible harm. In our already troubled century, it raises the level of anxiety and aggression. Prove it, as always, helped laboratory animals. Experiments on rats have shown – rodents, occasionally exposed to fumes of these types of fuel, began to attack each other several times more. They have symptoms of anxiety and depression. The reason – the pathological changes of brain cells, which were observed in rats breathing vapors of gasoline and diesel fuel. Rodents are not exposed to behave much calmer. This discovery has scientists another brick in the wall of the case for the use of solar energy for movement on the Earth's surface.