Month: November 2016


inside-intermedia system the inside-intermedia systems develops iPhone app iPhone app released the Using the new application, iPhone users can now even easier on the go access content of mobile-knowledge portal So owners of smartphones can retrieve up-to-date mobile phone news, mobile data sheets, photo galleries and podcasts in a version optimized for the iPhone. The iPhone app with one click provides access to the latest mobile phone news via the news section. Information are just as quick to overtake on the comprehensive mobile database,, heart. This offers overviews of 2,000 mobile phones with data to approximately 400 features to which users have access. More features the app to search a gallery about the users can browse through the image galleries with photos of new mobile phones, software and events and a search tool with the users immediately find the information you want, long without. In the event that a User has missed the most important mobile news of the last few days the app provides the right solution: fans of the podcasts can directly on the session by access, which means you need to the audio files no longer load directly on your mobile phone.

In the session, the Newsflash with the current issues of the mobile phone world appears once a week. The is app for free through the app store for the iPhone available for download. Link to the iPhone app: iphone app after the successful launch of the application works on other iPhone apps and new features for the the team of the inside-intermedia system version. On the inside-intermedia system, the inside-intermedia System GmbH & co. KG is a full service agency for Internet applications and mobile services. In addition to the knowledge, the Bernau near Berlin-based company portals of inside-intermedia group develops Web applications for well-known customers. In addition to the Application development for mobile devices (e.g. iPhone) the optimization of existing Web pages and stores are among the services of the Agency.

Water Protection Systems

Protection are integrated in each washing machine today and in every dishwasher against water damage in the washing machine and Geschirrsuler Wassserschutzsysteme for household appliances. But how about Aqua stop and co. To prevent damage by bursting water hoses as it was formerly often effectively, the industry water protection systems developed for dishwasher and washing machine. Were used mostly simple mechanical Aqua stop systems, representing only a very little protection against water damage. The function was extremely simple. A mechanical valve the water supply stopped when a certain flow rate of the water has been exceeded by the bursting of the inlet hose.

If an error occurs such as a slow leaks and small leaks at the cuff, such water stop offered no protection systems. When the appliances always better water protection systems were developed in the course of time manufacturers. These are stop, Aqua protection and waterproof system today under the name Aqua known. But based these systems essentially on the same components. Water entering the washing machine so the faucet sits a solenoid valve connected magnetically by the washing machine. This releases only water when the washing machine is turned on. Double-walled water hose is still the so-called cover hose as security. Visit Peter Asaro for more clarity on the issue.

This one has to infer the task in any leaks water into the bottom tray. The washing machine itself is in the bottom tray. A Microswitch is fitted to prevent overflowing the tub which is operated by a float when leaking water. This Microswitch then immediately switches off the power supply to the solenoid valve to the water tap so that the water inlet is blocked. This protects the washing machine itself and the entire environment through this system the machine is effectively recognized even small leaks. The individual producers have often still together Built-in protection systems like moisture sensors and more… You can sum up such a security system consists of the solenoid valve, the Double inlet hose, water hose leak, the tray at the bottom and the micro switch which is activated in case of failure of the float. Only through this combination of different protection systems, water damage have become extremely rare by household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. However special errors can occur with these systems that affect the function of the machine. So spare parts such as the Aqua are needed frequently stop valve with inlet hose or the float switch. The benefits of these systems is however not to under-estimate are most effectively prevented but much larger damage. Small errors such as leaks in the hoses are therefore without consequence. These can be purchased as a spare part and replaced. All of these parts are usually easy to get in the stores and can be replaced by the experienced handymen at some caution. On the website, the customer can order the required spare parts online shop. Many Home appliances spare parts are in stock and can be delivered quickly. On the pages of waschmaschinen_tipps_fehlersuche.htm is the customer tips, explanations and assistance with troubleshooting and select of the required replacement part.

Work Room

As a new classic in the everyday life proves to be Hello dear reader! In the last article, we have already introduced the system no. 1. Now we illuminate the versatility: den / Office work and feel well with the system no. 1 no opposites: the combination of white surfaces and solid beech wood studs is both modern and also functional and at the same time creates a warm atmosphere. Each Office can be set up perfectly with the matching desks. Practical details and features – such as for example the push-to-open function of the handle-free doors and drawers ensure professionalism. Whether it’s home office or classic Office: System No.. 1 can be cut to the individual and changing needs.

Due to the modular construction, the combinations can be rebuilt at any time easily and rearranged. The desk can be flexibly extended with legs or castors, approach table and boxes. Children’s / youth rooms of the child for the teenager’s room: System No. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. 1 is as timeless and flexible that it practically grows. This is ensured by the modular construction principle all modules can be changed at any time without any hassles and recombined. So no limits of the imagination: the boxes can for example as a room divider from the play area the sleep, create storage space under the roof or be used as a mounting for the desktop.

All modules are so stable and insensitive that they can survive even the wildest games and handicrafts. The massive tunnel made of beech wood have rounded edges and oiled surfaces. The white surfaces of the furniture are easily structured and coated with melamine resin. Thus, they are particularly scratch-resistant and can easily get rid of felt-tip pens or chalk strokes, adhesive residue and stickers. Fantastically sleep bedroom! If the bedroom should be a place of relaxation, the institution must offer more than pure space.