Month: January 2017

The Ball Mill In Service Has Been Improved

Many types of milling devices are used for mechanical alloying. Each type has limitations in terms of the specific needs of the mechanical alloying process. These limitations became more obvious when it was found that the product quality depends on the type of the milling device and the energy consumed in the grinding process. Field Service: On-site service comes from a team of technical specialists ready to respond to a worldwide emergency downtime. We service specialists are placed in strategic locations to provide prompt response with less travel time. In the size reduction process of hard rock, a specific design of liner and lifter is used to control the movement and improve the communication performance maker sand medium grinding. In the mechanical alloying process, the liner and lifter are not commonly applied. More info: Ali Partovi.

This paper describes the design and characterization of an improved ball mill in which the ball movement can be controlled by using external magnets. This improved ball mill provides the impact energy of the attritor and powder mixing of the rotating mill and the mill has been tested in terms of particle size reduction and energy consumed in the grinding of limestone. We offer several seminars geared at educating your staff on your equipment for optimum performance. Separate seminar sessions are held for equipment maintenance and plant operations giving you the opportunity to focus in on your interests. The improved ball mill shown in the exploded view of Figure 1 has a cylindrical chamber 12.5 cm in diameter and 8.75 cm wide made from paramagnetic austenitic stainless steel and is connected to a motor through a bearing block, pulley and belt. The engine speed is variable. A number of hardened ferromagnetic stainless steel balls, 1.25 cm in diameter, are used as grinding media.

An adjustable magnet holder is connected to the base plate. Standoff adjusting screws are fixed on the magnet holder to permit the adjustment of the distance between the outer periphery of the mill and the magnet positions. The face of the mill is made of to permit the monitoring of the ball movement while adjusting the magnetic field for each mode of operation of the improved ball mill. We network Star provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase products from our company. As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, and product quality credit enterprises.

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