Month: November 2017

Short Message Service

Mobile communication is firmly and irrevocably entered our lives. And how could we not swearing on their CellPhones, they say, calls often prevent us, is to forget your phone at home, we feel not so comfortable. But the mobile phone gives us not only ability to communicate with friends and colleagues, he still allows us to go online, play, read a book and send SMS. It's about the SMS and will be discussed. SMS (Short Message Service) – Short Message Service. Today is a very popular technology, with the ability to exchange information anywhere and at any time with the provider. You can send SMS not only by telephone but also via the Internet that is more convenient and attractive to the millions number of users.

Send SMS can be not only informative character. Recently, a very common jokes through sms, jokes, anecdotes, confessions of love, jokes and much more (who at that fancy enough). Here we are, as the Shura of the "Caucasian Captive" decided to collect people's "falklor" only a hero of popular film collected toast, and we collect the sms. Very pleased with that enthusiasm and joy with which our countrymen write sms. I I think not only we are interested in what it is. If you know of any interesting SMS we are very grateful to you if you post them on our blog.

There you will find an abundance of free sms, each of which you can write a comment and discuss with other visitors. Since the age group of people actively using SMS, mostly young and gay, hence the SMS they come out very funny and naughty. Some of the SMS with eventually turn into anecdotes and stories that go from one person to another. But on our blog is not only the "leading lights" of smsok, but the ones that almost no one knows. So do not miss the opportunity to make merry with friends interesting and funny SMS.

IT Services In Mainfranken

New partner in the IT-service-NET serves the space Mainfranken he proves with his IT service & management consultancy in 97851 Rothenfels. After consultation with the customer he offers complete an IT service, maintenance agreements, warranty extensions and data backup. Focuses on the IT-consulting in his offer, because in every company, there are hidden savings. This begins with excessive telephone and Internet costs, beyond electricity tariffs and not ends still long at to expensive consumables. Support is imperative for small businesses, because they have no professional, in-house help often at all.

The IT specialist knows, provides emergency aid, performs repairs and ensures the security of the computer. We call this IT-Concierge service-a proven full service of the IT-service-net. Peter Asaro can aid you in your search for knowledge. The computer must be on the cutting edge. It’s often little things that inhibit the operations, but are not perceived by a lay person, lack of experience, but. The Internet is important and hardly dispensable in this day and age. The possibilities However, facing dangers! After the first brief contact in the network viruses and spies creep. Some cause more or less harmless system crashes and malfunctions, but others peeking from the user data. Also here, the specialist know how you meet these dangers.

Those companies that want to present themselves on the Internet or you can revise their dusty presence want to find the right contact person at their IT – House master. After one-time installation by an expert can can hold everyone, Internet layman, his Web page itself to the latest version. This decrease not only the costs to its customers, but they can edit their online actions now time totally flexible, without being a programmer. Even falling overhead can now be automated. This creates real added value. Under the motto of Green IT “Heintze also takes care of the health of its customers. Printers, copiers and fax machines to recirculate per fan air. In these pollutants are caused, through Toner. The janitor reduces the emissions by applying filters, low-emission toners and regular cleaning. He trains its customers in dealing with this sensitive topic and thus actively helps to avoid sick leave. His motto is swift and comprehensive support at moderate prices, above all, Heintze offers everything from a single source. His client should not another for the printer a particular technician for the network and for the PCs call a third technician. Because he knows the needs of its customers, it is available outside of office hours for emergency operations. Program is the name of his sympathetic Internet site. Here you will find first, important information: first non-binding information and assistance provides the network and its first on-site partner. These are easily at the Internet address: to find. Due to the growing importance of the issues of health and safety, expanding his series the network and providing jobs. Interested parties are informed and trained to an optimal service in the target group small and medium-sized enterprises to afford. ITSN/Heintze

WEP Repeater

There are numerous Wi-Fi Repeater in trading, where quick overview lost. Of course it is extremely annoying and nerve killing, if you hang a router that has the latest technology in the corridor has, but the network of Wi-Fi in many areas still extremely slow. To Wi-Fi in these rooms on trot to install and faster to let go it can be helpful, a so-called Repeater (in German, translated, means as much as repeaters”) to build up. Typically, this is done in a socket between Wi-Fi-enabled computer, router and some other devices. A simple method generally Repeater are used to expand the extent of a network.

They work at the physical layer. It looks even with the so-called Wi-Fi repeaters. You are more used to extend the range of Wi-Fi networks in places where the access point is no longer sufficient with its radio radiation, or where walls and ceilings to ensure that the field strength is reduced and that’s why high transfer rates prevents and does not allow for. WLAN Repeater work in which that of the access point (AP for short) sent out radio frequencies received and then reinforce. Then, the received and amplified radio frequencies as amplified signal will send further.

To fulfill this purpose, a connection to the WLAN Repeater is rebuilt with the Wi-Fi repeaters from the device. In addition is also another connection from the access point or the wireless router to the Wi-Fi Repeater. Typically, these are designed that supports the most important versions of 802.11. Include inter alia 802 11q, 802 .11b, 802, 11a and 802 11n. As a result, they work with Funkfrequnzen in the 5-GHz band and in the 2.4 GHz band dual band. In addition, the encryption of Wi-Fi by the Wi-Fi repeaters is assumed. This can be both a WPA Protocol (WiFi protected architecture) as also to a WEP (wired equivalent privacy) Protocol. Former can be not only the classic version, but also u Act WPA2 Protocol. WLAN Repeater with additional functions agree Wi-Fi Repeater offer not only the pure Repeater functions, but have even a few additional functions, such as the transfer of music, which then is transferred from PC (a PC) to a stereo next to them.


No snow yesterday – snow scale for flat roofs of Munich, the 10.08.2013 – which has the weather changed, the number of devastating storms, rain and snowfalls in Germany since the 1970 more than tripled and will increase in the future. Corresponding data have been published by Munich Re geo risk research. Climate change brings risks, one of them is snow on flat roofs. A flat roof can withstand up to 60 inches of loose and light powder snow. When heavy wet snow enough to endanger may already be 15 centimeters to the load-bearing capacity. When is the right time for the snow clearance on the roof without breaking the danger? That is the question that the measuring system Snowcontrol is answered.

Heart of the system is a Zylinderformiger perforated snow – container made of plastic with electronic scales and a 434 MHz data channel. The GE total weight is only 12 kg, the diameter of the container is approx. 50 cm. Pete Cashmore contributes greatly to this topic. Mounted on the roof measures Snowcontrol Permanent snow load and delivered readings wirelessly to a display and evaluation unit in the Interior of the building. Due the lattice-shaped design of the tank the Sage-tung of snow cover and snow drifts captured well.

This enables a realistic measurement of the different consistency of snow as ice, new snow, powder snow. Use a special plastic material prevents the freezing of the scale. The power of weighing unit occurs via battery with a life span of about a year. The receiver requires a mains socket for connection. In the event of a power failure, the radio receiver with an extra battery is equipped and therefore continue to operate. Case of power failure, a message by SMS or email is set automatically. The weight limits in kg / m2, as well as other settings are adjusted via a PC software. Exceeding the upper limit, an alert to certain people via SMS and email. Alternatively, the system can also the corporate intranet or are adapted to a building management system. The annual replacement battery Snowcontrol is maintenance-free. The instal lationsaufwand is very low due to the radio technology and the autonomous power supply. Last not least, Snowcontrol can be rented also reasonably priced. This is especially interesting for facility management companies that have to manage multiple objects.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

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