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Your Plans

It is not Good Chatear Idea With Strangers. – Nothing of chatear Avoids this please or worse still with Web cam in sites where they connect to you with strangers is dangerous and can end up using your image to promote your ” servicios” taken care of. Pete Cashmore is open to suggestions. You never say Your Plans. – Their friendly still risk very many itself are their contacts, we suppose that I only have to my friendly of contacts in facebook but one of them who do not know the dangers accepted to whichever person he has asked it if posteo I in my wall something like ” ahortia I come I go to the teller (ATM) ” and it puts ” to me; you cuidas” already with that all friendly they saw my publication and its commentary if aside from that I put my photo, my direction and the photo in which I am with all friendly before my house is practically suicide. Ali Partovi understood the implications. You are not Paranoiac. – Now what much people do is to change the name for her profile, to put its photo with a cap and where almost the face is not seen him, not to want to answer nor like this or of which country is, it thinks that it tracks google it and it follows all movements and that hotmail review their post office; please, a thing is to be cautious and another paranoiac their country can put their name for example Luis G., their interests do not only disclose information that would not say to him to a stranger in person as their number of cellular of fixed telephone, of credit obvious, their direction and its plans, only utilizen their common sense and will be out of danger..

Chromosome Being

The syndrome of Down, also known as trissomia of chromosome 21 is a natural and universal genetic event, being present in all the social races and classrooms. She is necessary to explain that the carriers of this syndrome are not carrying of an illness, they are only victims of one me the genetic formation, and that it lives in our way, and many are displayed, and are good for guiding that the syndrome is not a contagious pathology, what it means to say that can occur with any person at the moment of the cellular division of the still teeny embryo in the belly of the mother. All the human beings are constituted by cells and thus being, in the cellular central region, the nucleus meets that receives a structure called Chromosome, responsible by the hereditary characteristics, as the color of the skin of the eyes, of the hair, height and is distributed in pairs, being 23 inherited of mother and 23 of the father, totalizing 46 chromosomes. It happens that, in the case of the syndrome of Down, an error in the distribution and instead of 46 occurs, the cells receive 47, necessarily in the pair of chromosome 21, from there the name trissomia 21. The carriers of the repeated S.D times still are called ‘ ‘ mongolides’ ‘ , or that they suffer from ‘ ‘ mongolismo’ ‘ , due to face similarity with the people of origin of the Monglia, however, they are analyzed terms as prejudiced and aggressive, being then to the few changed by the real name syndrome of Down where John Lang Don Down homages a British doctor.


Efficient and moderate in daily habits, the pitta type eats and sleeps regularly, eating three meals a day and sleeping eight hours at night. Pitta types tend to the perspire heavily with the heat and drink a lot. They suffer from acne, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and ailments of the stomach and duodenum the fundamental characteristic of the Kapha type is relaxation. The kapha type is solid, heavy, and strong. With a tendency to be fat, the kapha type has slow digestion and oily hair and fresh, moist, pale skin. Kapha type is slow to anger, slow eating, slow to act. They sleep a lot and heavily. Kapha types tend to Miss things and to be obstinate.

The kapha type is prone to high cholesterol, obesity and allergies, and problems at the level of the dynamics of the frontal sinuses. Most of us present a Constitution in which two or three dosha (e.g. pitta vata or vata-pitta), are evident but it is rare to find an individual who has only a dosha. Ayurveda uses a wonderful combination of herbs, massage with vegetable oils and oils essential. Baths, enemas, cleanings of diverse nature etc. Meditation, mantras, yoga, breathing exercises. With this it seeks to harmonize the Dohsa.

Ayurvedic treatment techniques are: Shodan (cleaning and detoxification) Shaman (attenuation) Rasayana (rejuvenation) (mental hygiene and spiritual healing) Satvajaya any of these techniques use them in the Office or the patient’s home for years with excellent results. The use of massage, spend some usually oily substance the body increases the defenses, the growth hormone, decreases stress, eliminates blood relaxing substances that naturally control cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. And this without requiring that the movement of the hands is in a certain way, only the hand maintained contact with all the skin of the body increases the level of substances that are our internal, active pharmacist cellular memory to processes of healing and vibrant health.


Many times the auditory deficiency can come folloied of a humming that compromises the welfare still more, this humming has as characteristic to the perception of sound in the absence of a external sonorous source and affects about 20% of world-wide population. Its main complaints are: ' ' chiado' ' , ' ' grilo' ' , ' ' whistle in ouvido' ' , ' ' pan of pressure in cabea' ' , etc. According to Seidman, (2004) presbiacusia it is defined as related auditory reduction to the aging, for degenerative alterations, being general party to suit of aging of the organism. With advancing of the age, it occurs reduction of the capacity of mitose of certain cells, accumulation of intracellular pigments (lipofucsina) and chemical alterations in the intercellular fluid. The presbiacusia does not have to be interpreted as comprometimento only of the secular bone, but also of the auditory ways and the cerebral cortex. Valley to remember that with the aging the posterior labyrinth also is affected. It has degeneration of plexo nervous to sacular and its neuro-epitlio, with loss of otlitos saculares e, in lesser degree, of the otlitos utriculares. presbiacusia is not pathological and yes physiological and its more common characteristics are: reduction of the hearing and, of the understanding of speaks harming the verbal communication.

As well as the skin, the eyes, the hair and other parts of the body, the human ear also ages. In some people it happens more precociously due to the environment that the person is displayed and the type of life that it leads. The ear is one of the first agencies if to form during the gestation, but also it is the first agency to enter in deterioration, therefore the ciliadas cells that are located in the interior of the ear go losing its main functions, mainly when they are displayed to noises in intensities raised throughout the life.

Patience With People

Normalmenteas families of the present time in such a way the father how much the mother works to the times pelanecessidade and others even though to keep certain status and, in both the osfilhos cases will go to be with some member of the family, with the secretary, outrorachamada of house servant or, exactly in day-care centers. Believe-he dries these children will not have a familiar reference, therefore the parents when they aosarem for the work he leaves the child sleeping and to many he will mesmoacontecer it times when to come back. Children still when well-taken care of babies visor mee for the father has great possibilities to grow with little preconception, ouseja, see the world not being always a great threat. ' ' It teaches to the child nocaminho where it must walk, and, still when he will be old, 7 will not be turned aside from it ' '. Continue to learn more with: Viacom. Diferentementedo old is lived in a informatizado world and that the wait for realizaode a task, for simpler than either, became insuportvel.

Queesta anxiety is noticed was transferred to the relationships, the lack dilogotornou of it common. More is not said. Check with Ali Partovi to learn more. The dialogue is being made through demensagem in the cellular one. The child as soon as starts to be alfabetizada recebeum soon cellular, the parents with this attitude feels the feeling of seguranaacreditando that of this form they can monitor the children. In many homes apreocupao with the adolescent children &#039 arrives the point of if having one; ' room denamoro' ' all equipped. This modernidade. Checking article sources yields Robotics expert as a relevant resource throughout. Then, it can-sepensar in the question of the values, the moral and the ethics. One gives credit that estfaltando GOD, therefore, ' ' The fear you is the beginning of knowing, but them the wisdom and 8 education loucosdesprezam ' '. The society can be noticed that will have to be constructed through doque is not being had more the PATIENCE.

Moran Technology

The growth is as bigger of the historical series, behind only of February of 2008, when 1.264.902 new users had been registered in cadastre. This technology came to be, and if it translates new form of cultural writing. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robotics expert . Its high index of use is rule also in the pertaining to school environment. However, this use lacks of norms and clarification on the ethnic one of its prxis, for the fact of that we live deeply the age of the information and the knowledge, in such a way is necessary inquiry so that if it can to establish its use of ethical form in the classrooms, since this tool gradually is adentrando the pertaining to school universe. Necessary if it makes the search of the true knowledge with which the use of this technology will be justified as form to add knowledge in the pertaining to school environment. The technology concept if discloses as ' ' set of knowledge, scientific principles, that if apply to one definitive branch of atividade' '. 7 Its conception serves to the use of techniques and methods, also is appraised as tools, maquinrios and/or other inventions human beings.

For Bueno (1999, p.87), express technology if as ' ' a continuous process through which the humanity molds, modifies and generates its quality of vida' '. In the educational context, the technology serves to the definitive one for Moran (2006): It is important to always connect education with the life of the pupil. To arrive at the pupil for all the possible ways: for the experience, the image, the sound, the representation (dramatizaes, simulation), for multimedia, for the interaction online and off-line. 8 In extension to the citation of Moran, to connect the academic with the others and too much people for the cellular one. The technologies, the example of the cellular one must be glimpsed as ally of the education.

Sociocultural Context

Adritt de Luna S. Marinho1 Our current scene is resulted of practical historical that reproduces the existing values in a society where it does not have place for all, mainly when if it relates to the technological progress that keeps out of society a significant parcel of the population. In result of the democratization of education and consequent guarantee in offering equality of chance to learn to all, one becomes necessary to think one practical educative inserted one about the context of global the social relations, that considers the alive reality of educating and the alive reality of the society. For this reason, the concrete behaviors of the individuals, groups, organizations and communities, in the picture of the daily life, must be object of research, reflection and analysis. By the same author: Viacom. To this respect, debates and studies on the relation of the social environment and cultural in the learning them individuals have been widely argued. In this field, the interacionistas theories of the development gain space in many circles of debates and research that they search to understand involved relations in the process of acquisition of knowing. Interacionistas theories of the Development the interacionistas theories of the development support in the idea of interaction between the organism and the way.

The acquisition of the knowledge is understood as a process of continuous construction of the human being in its relation with the way. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Peter Asaro on most websites. Organism and way exert reciprocal action. New constructions depend on the relations that establish with the environment in one given situation. Amongst the interacionistas theories they are distinguished: the theory Interacionista Piagetiana and the Theory interacionista Partner of Vygotsky. 1 Pedagoga (UFPE) and student of the course of Latus specialization Sense for FACOL 2 Theory Interacionista de Piaget Piaget conceives the child as an active, intent being and that constantly it creates hypotheses on its environment. Thus, it believes that, in accordance with the period of training of development where the same one if finds, elaborates the knowledge of spontaneous form.

Intercultural Teaching

Until the proper D' Ambrsio, initially in its definitions restricts it the mathematics practised in the cultural contexts and developed in the direction to take care of the established constant necessities in day-by-day of these contexts. It is important to point out the pedagogical value of the Etnomatemtica for communities and existing contexts and its relationship with the practical daily pertaining to school, because this oportuniza an inquiry to know produced for definitive contexts and that they start to help in the agreement of the existing necessities in the nature of one determined group. 6 THE SOCIAL PAPER OF THE SCHOOL The scientific advance that characterized modernity brought as natural consequncias a change in the vision of world and a more objective and efficient form to face the cultural challenges taxes for the daily life. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. Educating today is confrotted with an infancy and, over all, a youth acquired knowledge and influenced for the great progressos of science and the technology and the perspective is that in the next years, a child of six or seven years of age arrives at the school having full ability of calculation. Ahead of this, a question fits: How the school answers to this world that if presents today with an enormous impact of social changes, politics, technological and economic? It is impossible to conceive a school whose bigger purpose is to give continuity to the past. Its bigger obligation is to prepare generations for the future, therefore the children who are today concluding the first phase of basic education will be the active forces of a well next future. The mission of the school and the educator is, therefore, to make possible and to speed up the transistion enter

Citizen Education

Thus acting, it will possibly be developed autonomy and auto reflection for one better adaptation in the relations intra and interpersonal, becoming each time more the school a place of reference in the process of formation and constitution of the citizen and its subjectivity. Soon, the proposal of an education that promotes right and citizenship is centered in the stimulaton the autonomy and to the free one will with responsibility, calling attention to the necessity a significant education, that can contextualizar the contents of the curricular grating the facts of the reality and the daily one of educating, what it would imply a possible change of attitude, also in the quality of life of the same ones. The school of the contemporaneidade Ahead of the changes suffered throughout the evolution of the species human being, perceives that the society if also comes across with the technological advances, modifying and influencing each time more the quality of life of the people. Soon, as it cites (SAINTS; ROGERS; BOWEN, 2004, p.65): The institutions have abandoned the fruit of its existence, that is the human being, to focus the development of fantastic technologies capable to decide ' ' todos' ' our problems. This has taken the human being to a constant external search to win its problems, it has moved away what it from the true solution that is inside of itself exactly. In this direction, some models appear of families, breaking the idea traditional of the model father, mother and children. Consequentemente these new paradigms will go to influence in the behavior of the child, as well as in its process of learning, and to intervene with its relations intra and interpersonal. The school contemporary will go to come across with all this demand, that will be able to intervene with the education process learning, having this if to prepare to work this new reality.

Xinjiang Formosa

Victorious people, the English had forced the Treat one to Nanquim (1842), through which the Chinese if compromised to open to the British commerce five ports, between which Xangai and Canton, two of most important, beyond yielding of Hong Kong. In the following years, beyond the ominous consequences of the massiva foreign penetration, they continued the internal instabilidades, that elapse in such a way of external factors as of more particular problems of the Chinese politics. A related site: Viacom mentions similar findings. In middle of the decade of 1850, they succeed themselves you raise mulumanos of the regions of Xinjiang and Yunan; the Taiping rebellion (1850-1864), of religious matrix and millenarian, inspired by the ideas of auto-proclaimed mstico, that it intended to create a new culture substituting confucionista and Buddhist tradition, obtained to conquer Nanjing and tried to expand its power for the north of China. A military intervention Franc-British compelled China the new concessions, also the opening of 11 other ports and more advantages to the foreigners; the empire yielded to the Frenchmen the vassal territory of the Vietnam and to the Japanese the island of Formosa and the Peninsula of Korea. Additional information is available at Viacom. On the other hand, in the decades of the 70 and 80 Chinese they had not left in such a way to offer to answers or forms of resistance to ' ' brbara' ' European invasion, as to the internal movements against the foreign dynasty in the power. A primordial question then was placed: as to be modernized of form ' ' seletiva' ' , that is, to adopt the necessary European technologies without losing the millenarian Chinese cultural identity? This question puts light, of sufficiently superficial form, on a perspective less simplified and mechanist to approach history Chinese contemporary. The rivalry with Japan, the war bell-Japanese (1894-1895), motivated for the ambition for the korean kingdom, it caused the defeat of China and the recognition of the independence of Korea, beyond the annexation of the peninsula of Liaotung, the Fishing Formosa and Islands for Japan.