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Hybrid System CitizenPolice

Hybrid system "citizen-police." IP & GSM. Two types of communication in one package. If IP-intercom () is a separate IP-address that allows you to do bind to the location, the call to the GSM-intercom () are difficult to compute directly. Caller, usually in alarming situation, should call the address. With the use of detector phone number (so) it became possible to assign every ringer its individual sensor with its own name and place it on an interactive Plan. GSM-intercom system now has the same properties as that of IP-Intercom. Hybrid system "citizen-police IP & GSM. In addition, when using the ringer as IP, GSM and the company SpetsLab all items can be displayed on interactive GPS-map, including on Videostole ().

Developed by SpetsLab Hybrid System "citizen-police." IP & GSM. Two types of communication in one package. If IP-intercom () is a separate IP-address that allows you to make a binding to location, the call to the GSM-intercom () are difficult to compute directly. Caller, usually in a worrisome situation, should call the address. With the use of detector phone number (so) it became possible to assign each ringer their individual sensor with its own name and place it on the interactive plan.

GSM-intercom system now has the same properties as that of IP-Intercom. Hybrid system "citizen-police IP & GSM. In addition, when using the ringer devices such as IP, GSM and the company SpetsLab all items can be displayed on an interactive GPS-map, including on Videostole (). Developed by SpetsLab

Managing Director

With throughput data wirelessly to the Internet: USB adapters from Proxim supports new Wi-Fi standard Schorndorf, may 27, 2009 the Wi-Fi technology enjoys in companies such as private households of constantly rising popularity. More and more users realize the benefits of wireless Internet access. In addition to the general trend toward more mobility and more flexible working conditions, but at the same time, a fast data transfer rate is important. The ORiNOCO-USB adapters from Proxim Wireless on the basis of the new 802 11n draft, that can communicate with all 11n access points offer up to 6 x higher throughput, as well as a bigger range than ever before. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Samsung on most websites. The ORiNOCO 802.11a/b/g/n-Adapter represents an economic solution for companies through its high performance and ease of use any size especially for those who are spared so far before, introduce 802 11n access points. Thus older notebooks and PCs, which so far do not support this technology, can be made 11n capable adapter USB client. In addition, it ensures compatibility with a/b/g standard solutions.

With the new 11n MIMO technology, the adapter supports a data transfer speed of up to 300 Mbit / s. About the use of the USB port therefore a footprint to the power assure, which exceeds the flexibility and compatibility of previous 802.11a/b/g-Standards. Through the simple integration of Wi-Fi components in the existing network also the elaborate and wired infrastructure costs. The USB client adapter has a compact design for a variety of ways: the narrow design offers a user-friendly solution for notebook users, while desktop PC users can rely on a base station with integrated USB cable. Advantages of the Proxim ORiNOCO 802.

ARAG Informs Social Networks

Dusseldorf, March 2, 2010 social networks and other communications services in the Internet enjoy large and steadily increasing popularity. February 24, 2010 – social networks and other communications services on the Internet are enjoying large and steadily increasing popularity. Read additional details here: David Treadwell. These offers are usually very entertaining, entertaining and offer various ways of communication with new and old acquaintances. However, attention to ARAG experts when using on some of the risks and rules, which should be followed. + Twitter + the short message service is Twitter, which enables the sending of text messages up to 140 characters, currently all the rage, because, for example, many celebrities use this service. So can you follow around easily and at any time, what does Demi Moore on housework while her husband on the couch’s taking a NAP. The current sharing of (text) information, that are available to all followers, is the main feature of Twitter.

Many individuals use this service now, around the world with more or less to provide interesting information about yourself. But here is beware it, especially what you tweeting, because the Internet is not a completely legal vacuum. With bad criticism of the employer or a chat by confidential companies internals you should restrain prefer, since this usually a violation of contractual obligations can be seen. Of course, you should use is also not alien identities, warn ARAG experts. The name is protected by the rights and such presumption of name not allowed. Also you should use better not somebody else’s photos, protected logos or even cartoon characters as profile picture or elsewhere, to be not called off by rights holders and confronted with claims for compensation. In violation of trademark or copyright a whole armada of lawyers is available often already, the culprit to track and collect fees. Like in real life can by themselves of course also in the Internet Expose the insults, slander or other criminally relevant acts of law enforcement by the authorities.

NEURONprocessing Reporter

The current message digest of the NEURONprocessing society – of the current message digest of the NEURONprocessing company – the NEURONprocessing reporter – is available now on the Revolutionary iPhone and iPod touch from Apple. The technical basis is an Apple Web app”, which provides the users the well-known headings: NEURONprocessing reporter spending, press archive, and an overview of all events. Web apps – or even Web applications combine the possibilities of the Internet technology of the iPhone and iPod touch with the intuitive multi-touch. This innovative solution, it is for the user to stay anywhere and at any time possible on the further development of NEURONprocessing. The current NEURONprocessing reporter as a Web app will find on the Apple website at iPhone / Web apps: webapps/news/neuronprocessingreporter.html.

The NEURONprocessing company founded in August 2006, bR, developed a software for the realization of “Structured collective intelligence or swarm intelligence”. As MultiUser expert system are bundled in the core of the solutions of more knowledge carrier. The Web and multi-platform base allows users a high degree of cooperation with professional tools. A key tool is the NEURONprocessing method, which is based on perception, brain and consciousness research. Their strength lies in the use of alternative thinking cars and information complexes of the brain. This combination of research, methodology, and IT enables a new form of brain-based, networked knowledge generation and management for problem solving and creativity processes.

Optimal results are achieved in the following application areas: basic research, problem solving, concept development, idea generation, validation of ideas, persons and company profiles, reconstruction and prediction of events, as well as future research. The NEURONprocessing company is headquartered technology and start-up Centre in Munich in the gate Garchinger. This is located on the campus of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Faculty of computer science and the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) with the fastest supercomputer of in Germany. NEURONprocessing was recorded in the framework of the high-tech offensive Bayern and the software offensive Bayern in the gate and is promoted through the services of the incubator.

Las Rozas

Relativizing the capacity and the possibility of rules and standards. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Viacom. Not opposed to the thoughts or reflective reasoning of the other but incorporating them, combining them, and transforming the creativity includes reformulate ideas and make it as an expectation not a risk, errors should serve us to restart the process of reflection, create new hypotheses, sharing, imagination, intuition, logic, aesthetic sense. You need a rich environment that stimulates creative thinking, something that appears to be essential. It is important to keep the spontaneity, recognize creators efforts and strengthen the creative capacity. Barron (1969) Note that the creative process includes an incessant dialectic between integration and expansion, convergence and divergence, texis and antithesis.

Creativity and Cognition article: Producing Effective Novelty, Arthur J. Cropley (1999) mentions several experts explaining the creative thinking contrasting two strategies. The first is Guilford, who argues that creative thinking is divergent, i.e. it produces variability (involves producing new and potential multiple answers from the information available). In contrast, convergent thinking produces uniqueness (only search the more correct answer). Barlett, for its part, considers that thought can be open or closed. In turn, the Gestalt philosophy, identifies the productive and reproductive thought. Bono sets that thinking can be linear or side.

On the other hand, Rothenburg classifies thought in one janusiano, this relates to work two issues simultaneously; He also called thought homoespacial, which unites two seemingly conflicting ideas, or that are mutually, to produce novelty. Human thought is in my opinion a whole running while may be analysed by parties in an experimental work in a set of processes that separate, unrelated would have no ability to create. Say this from the perception that I have in most of the subjects that offer us analysis of the parts, and I have a feeling academic (necessary but not sufficient condition) be contemplating images of a human being lame or invalidated in some features that are stigmatized as controllable and so little scientific (but affection and fear are emotions that we condition up in the more experimental situations, and even affection leads as we have seen a creativity Enhancer elementreflection and rationality. And the flight even produces us personal constructs such as learned helplessness and then this becomes an obstacle to our rationality thought. How useful is knowing! Reflective thinking arises when we want to verify the solidity, the rational, something that we are dealing with, i.e. to prove its veracity. Except in probability judgments modules and elaboration of hypotheses, where one takes for good rules that must be followed to reach these concepts throughout has been a continuous reflection, and see how they reflect on the reason for the errors with the theories of Kahneman and Tversky on the heuristics of representativeness and accessibility, it has been refreshing, repositions the concepts of formal to filter mode logic and invites us to reflect any perspective, that if, with an orderly and arduous work.


Today I do not know if say my Clipper is a prehistoric machine, Yes, prehistoric, because surely, with this third revolution (so say economists, sociologists and historians, to the flood of sophisticated devices we communicate), the Clipper would be seen by present generations youth in the same way as in my childhood we looked with disdain that our grandmothers used clothing irons heated with coal. And just as I’m doing this vague inventory memorable in the history of the generational disgraceful, I wonder if these times in what we boast of living in a world of communications, is also the world that we will be increasingly less sympathetic with the story, even with our most recent history, with our previous generations. Is this a world of communication in space par excellence, in the present, but not in time? Is not our communicative and computer technology our incomunicadora excellence with our past, with other ways of seeing and interpreting the past world? To meditate in our times, a great fear me silently invades: the fear that we can communicate so easily, with such ease that we no longer want know anything other than what by our media want to know. Go to technology investor for more information. We have so many resources to carry out a communication, but that communication is indeed limited, partial due interest or motivation that there is in the communication that we do. In this regard I do not see me precised examples necessarily conspirative or megalomaniacs. Who hasn’t seen someone with a cell phone glued to ear talk all what you want but despegar it the ear if the other says something to our receiver little matter or like? Or that another that already has your wireless phone programmed to prohibit entries from calls of certain people? What if between numbers censored is of his mother, who perhaps don’t need to know him today? And if someday need to ask your help, or maybe a pardon before the death, but it cannot because the phone? Wireless hinders it? Seeing these examples as simple and elementary, can we assume that our world is indeed in communication? What are the media? Means for better understanding with others? Media to speak what we want? Or rather the media are our means to hide our lack of understanding of others, our best means to hide the inability of a true social communication, human communication, face-to-face communication a communication contact with feelings, emotions and needs of our neighbors, taking into consideration that is not merely a partner among partners?.

Many Owners Of A Block CHP Plant Gift Taxes

Press release by: Steuerberater Rudiger cross Hall since early 2011 follows a ruling of the Bundesfinanzhof the financial management and favors small block heat and power plants (CHP). Since then, she built up new obstacles. So we can fight now to time and scope of the right to deduct. As well, the management in certain cases failed an existing trade tax exemption. Some cogeneration plant owner knows his tax possibilities opened up by the Federal fiscal court nor the new risks. He gives away money in the acquisition of his small plant or risk an unexpected tax.

Beginning of 2011 added to the financial management of the opinion of the Bundesfinanzhof and considers tax favors (BFH ruling v. 18.12.2008, V R 80/07, service statement of the Federal Ministry of finance v. 14.03.2011) since even small cogeneration. All possibilities of a large company are owned by CHP open. So, it receives liquidity from early depreciation before commissioning of the small power plant. Additionally, the pilot of the is Acquisition and operating costs be reimbursed.

After the defeat of the Bundesfinanzhof, tax authorities discovered new stumbling blocks. So is well respected on the timely allocation to the business assets and fighting around the perimeter of the deduction if there is VAT-free rental sales. As well, an existing tax freedom can be omitted according to administrative occurrence of commercial BHWK transactions. In particular companies by freelancers and companies of the housing industry are at risk. “Cogeneration plants have almost always tax implications. Who sees only on the technical aspects, giving away money and risking a nasty surprise, as the latest attack shows the financial management on existing tax breaks. Who is doing tax homework in time, will be rewarded. He significantly simplifies the acquisition by the lower financial requirements and creates his own tax shelter. “, explains Steuerberater cross man from Herdecke. Now also companies such as Vattenfall, Volkswagen / LIchtblicke and Deutsche Telekom for CHP are interested in Private real estate. The tax issues will increase with the proliferation of small power plants. More info on tax saving with CHP and photovoltaic power plants and electricity, see accountant contact: Steuerberater Rudiger cross man old field 20 58313 Herdecke 02330 74089 twitter: steuerberater_q

Kalliopi Tsatsaronis

The course offered for the first time in 2011 is April 2013 in the second round. Now interested again have the opportunity, the first to register for semester, which starts on April 20. The programme comprises a total of three semesters and runs until September 2014. The course teaches a new understanding of life with Kairos, specifically how a life with the maximum own Cairo, the Navi that are inherent in every human being”to own, fulfilled human being, is possible. “In contrast to life with Chronos, the experience shows that for many people in a frenzied standstill” can end.

With the studies of Cairo participants train Cairo knowledge questions as: How do differ Chronos and Kairos? How proved life with Kairos privately and professionally? How is created thanks to the knowledge of the own Navi”a fulfilling quality of life? How can between by Cairo more harmonious? How masterful the Kairos perspective personal and entrepreneurial growth? Which barriers are to eliminate to achieve my moderate human being? The first two semesters of the Kairos science’s programme running from 2011 to 2013 have already been successfully completed with certification to the Cairo trainer after Dr. Hofmann eight participants. Zendesk shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The third semester of this first course is graduated in June 2013 vendors, speakers and attendants of the course are Dr. Karl Hofmann, Institute for Kairologie, FL at Augsburg, and Gabriela Linne, company KAIROS and line Cairo entrepreneur Center, Hofheim. The course is based on the 20-year exploration of Cairo by Dr. Hofmann in his Institute and the deep training of Cairo by Gabriela Linne in their first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs. More information on the course of Kairos Science: web/Akademeia/Studien_Kairos-Wissenschaft/Studiengang_Kairos-Wissenschaft/49/51/0/78.html Gabriela Linne, the founder of the company KAIROS, succeeds even nearly 19 years as an entrepreneur.

She has the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs 2006 in the Called Rhein-Main region in the life and early 2012 the KAIROS entrepreneurs Center together with the more than 20 years successful business consultant and Kairos trainer Kalliopi Tsatsaronis founded. COMPANY KAIROS is the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs with the credo: each unfolds. “Any different.” The name of Cairo is reminiscent of the Greek God of the right moment. Kairos stands for the ability, very own, moderate humanness”to live. Entrepreneurs regularly train this ability and develop themselves and constantly.