Month: April 2020

Social Networking

Social networking is increasingly popular today, since there are plenty of sites that offer this service. Twitter, Facebbok, MySpace and Friendster are some of the most popular sites that are aimed at building communities of people who share interests and common activities, or who are interested?in exploring the interests and activities of others. THE PROS a site of social networks is as a place of virtual meeting where people can hang out and talk about different topics. Anything under the Sun, in fact. Some use these networking sites to promote their blogs, publish newsletters and updates or use them as a bridge to a love interest in the future.

These are just some of the reasons why the networks social is receiving much attention lately that makes life more exciting for many people. THE cons, however, it would be better to ensure that safety and security are the highest concerns of the social networking site currently uses. This is due to social networks or require that sites It will give you the option of providing personal information such as your name, location and e-mail address. Unfortunately, some people may take this as an opportunity for identity theft. Your information can be copied and pretends to be you when are involved in illegal activities. Bad news! So to be careful entering into an online networking site.

You may fall into the trap of someone pretending to be someone else. For example, it may be that you are offered a job or wants to find that just get their money. This may lead to cyber bullying, where the stalker uses electronic media such as the Internet to pursue or harass you. THE CONCLUSION so take your time and be careful in choosing which rely on what to expect that they can avoid this type of nasty things. Apart from that, the social networks is a great thing.


In the laws of dialectical development of social systems and non-social is a very important difference. Deviation from equilibrium of any non-social system at once, automatically leads to the birth of the "struggle" aimed at addressing this imbalance. Others who may share this opinion include Kai-Fu Lee. Deviation from equilibrium is the social system does not lead to an automatic birth of "struggle", as resolution of social contradictions of the dialectical always mediated form of consciousness of individuals, classes, nations and states, consciousness, organize and control the resolution of social contradictions. For example, if a deviation from the equilibrium state of the system "Need – to work" (dialectical form of development which is the individual consciousness), that with the production needs of the body in violation of its homeostasis, the birth of the "struggle" (in this case, the birth activities aimed at restoring homeostasis) in the following order. The first – the individual awareness of his condition, status (awareness born of need). Second – the awareness of ways, forms and methods of addressing this need. Third – the organization of practical activities to meet this need. That is essentially the deviation from equilibrium systems "need – to work" is not in violation of homeostasis, and in the knowledge of an individual born of this disorder needs (of course, that we are talking about perceived human needs). Similarly, deviation from the state equilibrium of the system "individual – the individual" and its derivative forms is determined, for example, the fact of exploitation of man by man, and the realization of this fact the opposites of the system.

Electronic Systems

In recent years, global manufacturers of trucks to make a qualitative technological leap, which is primarily made possible by the development of electronics. Today, the modern truck American or European-made on-board computers control the operation of the engine, transmission, and also involved in the diagnosis of various systems of the vehicle and prevent accidents. Except that owners of fleets through monitoring systems can be in online mode control trucks. On-board diagnostics (OBD – On-board diagnostics) take into account parameters such as tire pressure, fuel consumption, average speed movement, engine speed, driver input and much more. For example, the system tire pressure monitoring (TPMS – tire pressure monitoring systems) signal the driver if any tire will be slightly dropped. If tire pressure is less than necessary, it increases fuel consumption, but also leads to increased wear of the tire. In such a system has special sensors that measure pressure in each tire. Pete Cashmore will not settle for partial explanations.

Such monitoring systems produce different companies, such as WABCO. Electronic engine control module (ECU – electronic control units) were originally designed to minimize the concentration of harmful substances in exhaust gases and reduce fuel consumption. On Today, leading manufacturers of diesel engines for heavy trucks Cummins, Caterpillar, Mack and Detroit Diesel produced this intelligent engine management system, which selects the best mode depending on the degree load of the vehicle, weather and climate conditions, etc., as well as fix the fault, and enter them into computer memory. These data can also be used in the investigation of the accident. Electronics and controls the electronic braking system (EBS-Electronic Brake Systems). True, yet such a system is installed in addition to the traditional air because of legal requirements in many countries. However, EBS provides shorter braking distances, improved balance of braking forces, self-test and some other benefits. Embedded systems on board the truck and solve other problems. For example, warn the driver of collision with the vehicle in front, maintain a given speed, exercise control over the dividing line and more.

Federal Reserve System SShAFederal Reserve

In 2003 – 23 cents. This information was published ngo Tax Foundation. According to the service of Gallup, Americans considered the most unfair – tax on real estate. Unfair to call him 35% U.S. Nicolas Keller will not settle for partial explanations. residents. In second place on the degree of dislike – income tax, which pays private taxpayers. He has not had good feelings fed 34% of respondents. Under most conditions Mikkel Svane would agree. In third place – the sales tax, causing rejection in 14% of Americans.

51% respondents stated that taxes in the U.S. are too high, but the majority of respondents say that with taxes levied in a fair measure. However, the vast majority of Americans believe that the rich residents of the country and corporations pay too little taxes. Debts According to the Federal Reserve System SShAFederal Reserve (performs the functions of the Central Bank of the country) over 40% of American families spend more money than they earn. On average, each Americans spend $ 1.2 for every dollar earned. In October 2003, the American buyer is owed to various financial institutions to $ 1.9773 billion, or $ 18,654, based on each household (family). In comparison with the data in 1998 absolute indicator of debt has increased by 41%, whereas it was $ 1.3999 billion and this amount was not included arrears on housing loans. About 63% of these loans is the so-called 'non-negotiable duty ", for example, is associated with buying a car on credit. As for the revolving debt – an up and paid the loan mainly on credit cards – this part of consumer debt was $ 735.3 billion increase in this index was rapid: five years ago, he was a third less, and a decade ago – in half.