Month: July 2020

Recommended Operating System

All actions of the enemy drawn from these tactical this and the U.S. Army. The enemy will act as would act in reality. A huge plus the game was full destructible outside world. Now you can go into any building from where you might want to bring down the enemy huge trees, sloping heavy machine gun or pieces of walls that are flying in all hand with a powerful grenade launcher.

But the main novelty in the game has become – Nanosuit, unique armor created by the leading engineers of the United States. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sony. Nanosuit in the game has its own supply of energy that can be targeted to one of the 4 properties of the suit: armor, strength, speed, stealth. Armor – sending energy to the armor, the player for some time with an added protection, while the energy is consumed only when the damage absorbed. Also in this mode, energy suit recovers faster. Strength – This mode gives us a character in the game crisis unimaginable force. Your beats are ten times stronger than that of Tyson, you can easily throw an enemy soldier in the crowd of his colleagues, the walls cracked from a couple of blows, but that's not all, thanks to the enormous power of our hero is able to jump in 3 above and beyond, the enemy does not have time to even utter a word when you find yourself under his nose.

Speed – this feature is enabled your character will run and recharge the weapon several times faster. This ability is good in cases where the need to quickly rush through the enemy, or vice versa as quickly as possible to flee away. Stealth – or else the name of Invisibility. Including this mode, the hero becomes invisible, though not 100%. From afar, the enemies you will not notice and you can easily aim at precisely the enemy, right after the shot, invisibility disappears. Game Graphics crisis looks like a great Hollywood movie. The new engine cryengine 2 is capable of producing stunning graphics through which the game is no longer distinguishable from a movie. Realistic explosions in detail, literally every detail traced landscape the enemy looks like a real all this in a movie theater, and you have to monitor. Minimum system requirements for crysis operating system: Windows xp Processor: 2.8 GHz Memory: 1.0 gb Video: 256 mb space on hard drive: 12 gb Recommended Operating System: Windows xp Vista Processor: Intel Core 2 duo 2.2GHz or amd Athlon 64 X2 4400 + RAM: 2.0 gb, better 3.0 gb Video: 768 mb space on hard drive: 12 GB

Civilized Savage

But the conclusive answer to this child will be only on the basis of the law of connection time, expressed by the following formula: W1 – W2 = (c1 + v1 + m1) – (c2 + v2 + m2) = (m '+ 1) (k1-k2) + m '(c2 – c1) ** In this general case: c-experience (knowledge) of previous generations; v – experience the present generation to address the problems faced by them; m – touched on problems of future generations, m = m'v; m'-degree of aspiration for the future, m '= m / v; k-cost process, k = v + c; W – total amount of labor to create human persons, the law understand. "The true measure of civilization – not the level of wealth and education, not the size of cities, not the abundance of the harvest, and appearance of a person raising a country (R. Emerson)." 'Civilized Savage – worst of all savages (Weber)'. Others including isearch, offer their opinions as well. In time fathers should be encouraged children to analyze the formula. It is useful to immediately show the kids that it is in accordance with the law ('Prove all things, a good stay. ") Develop science and technology, and that's why they are developing so successfully and rapidly. And it is expressed, including in the growth of scientists and engineers – people who clearly understand that the ability to increase the knowledge extracted by their predecessors (c2 – c1) depends on the ability of extracted knowledge of their predecessors (c1) to digest. 'Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning (Pr.9, 8)'.

In this case all the 'true' scientists revere their predecessors by their teachers. Same would have to be in life, 'student of the previous day is the day', – says the Latin quote. But in the science of life situation is somewhat different than in other sciences. The peculiarity of this situation can be illustrated Pliny the Younger words: "If you expect to posterity, to them unfinished – the same thing that is not started." And the very situation you can describe the words of Seneca: "Those who lived before us, a lot happened, but nothing has been completed." Fathers helpful to understand that even with the assistance of mathematics, they do not prove much to his sons, if not donesut to their understanding: 'Science – have the knowledge, acquired through a clear and solid start (NG Kurganov)'.