Ambient Principle

Although I to believe that this is not the way certain to arrive the support, short-term this can be an interesting idea to reduce the ambient impacts. I explain better, particularly I believe that the people would have to preserve the environment for understanding that it is necessary to be sustainable so that the life in the land is kept, however, thanks to the system who we face now, perhaps best solution is to apply measured that it has as white the profits of the polluting agents creating a thought line where to preserve the environment something is lucrative. Another important point of the principle Polluting agent-Payer is that the damage of the polluting agent is not charged only. If this was the case, who possessed much money could poluir indiscriminately. Being thus, this principle foresees that the damages in question need to be recouped making with that the area comes back to the original state.

But until point this is possible? The restoration of areas is a concept very argued inside of given biology its complexity. Many biologists at least believe that he is possible to make with that degraded areas return its original state. However, other strategies also can be used in intention to use to advantage impactadas areas in a sustainable way e, in this point, the beginning of Polluting agent-Payer can have a very important paper. In this in case that, through the taxes and mounts of money collected through the application of the principle it would be possible to recoup degraded areas not necessarily recompondo in the same way the area and yes generating units of conservation or sustainable use. Finally another point that I find important to stand out is the importance to use the biggest number of principles to decide a dispute. Exemplificando, the ideal would be that before thinking about internalizao or repair costs we would have to place in practical the principles of the precaution, prevention or responsibility and to prevent the ambient damages.