Analysis Of The Environment

For a company to obtain a competitive advantage, must remain vigilant and be constantly tracking changes in their environment. You have to be agile to alter their strategies and plans when the need arises.

Jan 21 (Bloomberg) – Foreign direct investment in developing countries will fall from 180 billion, or 31 percent this year as a global recession asked multinationals to increase factories and mines, according to the World Bank.
The Nation – Thailand’s English news
Central Retail (CRC), Thailand’s biggest retail conglomerate, has announced that it will slow this year Bt10 one billion domestic investment . leads CEO Tos Chirathivat said yesterday that the delay caused by the group’s desire to be cautious about making new investments in times of economic uncertainty that consumer confidence and purchasing power. The massive drop in international tourist numbers …
The Searcy Daily Citizen
With still prevailing dire news about the U.S. economy, The Daily Citizen converted to a local expert to see what advice should be given owners of small businesses in White County.
Reuters via Yahoo! News
Barack Obama has the office on Tuesday with the world of free falling banks and the car industry gasping, and Wall Street greeted the U.S. president on his inauguration worst Quadrant day ever.

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