Another Argentine

For those who can be pleasant, to hunt in the Patagonia Argentina can be an incredible experience due to the beauty of its landscapes, to the extensive thing of the territory and the species that can be found there. Unlike the Spanish, the Argentine town does not have a great tradition of hunting and the activity does not have much popularity between its inhabitants, nevertheless its territory offers the ideal natural conditions to practice and to enjoy the hunting. Its fauna is one of richest of the world by the amount and the variety and many species can be found exotic. Two of the species more valued by the hunters who can be found in Argentina are the wild boar and the colored red deer, which are in great amount by all the region of the south of the well-known country like Patagonia. Another outstanding characteristic of Argentina as far as the hunting is that one of the more famous races of dogs of the world has been developed there, the popular Argentine Bulldog. In the Argentine Patagonia many boundaries of private hunting exist thought especially for tourists who arrive from everybody to also hunt in the country although it can hunt in some national parks that have boundaries qualified within their surface. Read more here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The experience to hunt national parks inside as the Lann located in the province of Neuqun can be really extraordinary due to the beauty of the landscape.