At The Gates Of Berlin: PUHDYS Exhibition In Storkow Opened

The PUHDYS in the Museum the PUHDYS and your music are, however, still long not Museumsreif! Anniversary 40 years PUHDYS\”, a beautifully designed exhibition of the cult East rock band was opened in the Kultureum on the Burg Storkow, South-East at the gates of Berlin. For more information see this site: Dave Clark Amazon. After the Jubilee concert in the O2 world and the interesting book about the PUHDYS, the rocker venture into at an exhibition of her work. To know more about this subject visit Dave Clark Amazon. Even if the five musicians from the rocker pension sing and have now also a solo exhibition, are the popular artists still in the full flowering of creativity. \”The musicians around Dieter machine\” birr and Peter hung \”Meyer days elaborately in glorious sunshine before the Castle renovated to the 800 anniversary of the city. The Minister-President of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck (SPD) was extra arrived for the opening of the exhibition. The politician was welcomed by the Lady of the Castle and the Castle hell.

Platzeck told of his enthusiasm for the PUHDYS (I grew with the PUHDYS\”) and then opened the exhibition: the PUHDYS are still a long way no exhibition piece! \”.\” The exhibition organisers and the independent Mayor Christina Gericke are happy about the successful exhibition, at least 1 year to bring visitors to the small town of Storkow. Band member Peter Meyer thanked all those responsible and exhibition curators, the exhibition in the wonderful premises took place. \”Meyer will abide by his promises as well: when Matthias Platzeck is Federal Chancellor, I will Regierungssprecher…aber only if I can keep playing at the PUHDYS.\” In the sun-drenched large exhibition space the entertaining open and appealing information panels with many images are in the gallery. The exhibition is arranged according to modern design concepts and offers also multimedia presentations of film and sound recordings, in addition to many exhibits from the cleared out attics of rock legends of.