Audio Trick

In this article I’ll illustrate a very usefully in the stage of mixing audio with that depth sound can be the hype. For this it is necessary to mix Pro support, Sonar, Cubase or other software. Audio channel that contains the sound of the kick drum is possible to direct you to an auxiliary channel. Equally to this auxiliary channel, inserted you a signal (signal generator) generator, with the following specifications (this only should be carried out where is East at the stage of mixing audio). Signal types: Sinusoidal (sine wave) frequency: 70 Hz 80 hz after this, plug in containing signal generator activates you side chain (if from Pro Tools) and is assigned the bus that was used to route the audio channel of the bass drum to the auxiliary channel (which contains the signal generator). Thus everytime sound drum, signal generator fires emitting the sound above, giving it much more strength and depth to the bass drum. This is one of the classic tricks of audio production to give it strength and depth to the bass drum in the phase of the audio mix.

To connect an audio channel to an auxiliary channel 1. You must be assigned a bus by sending the audio (for example bus 1) channel. 2 He is assigned auxiliary channel input with the same bus (bus 1) audio channel shipping. This is the way in which are connected and relate to the channels. It is important to clarify that entire entry must go to an output and vice versa. In the audio mix must be in mind that mostly for popular songs a good start is by working in this manner bass drum to continue with the rest of the mixture.