Automated Functional Tested

The practice of automated functional testing in Microsoft Visual Studio with the use of IBM Rational Auditorium project managers, developers, managers, analysts, testers Shamray Author Alexander, director of advanced development product IBM Rational and Microsoft, CM-Consult Rookie Alexander, director of implementation and consulting, CM-Consult Introduction It is no secret that automated functional tools application testing in product family Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 is not available. All functional testing, which can be performed using these products, it's only manual testing. Talk about the benefits of automated functional testing of products under development can be long and have already written many articles, so in this article we will discuss the possibility of automating the functional testing for Microsoft Visual Studio, using small examples. As tools for functional testing in the article looks at three product IBM Rational – a IBM Rational TestManager, IBM Rational Robot and IBM Rational Functional Tester. Features of Visual Studio to allow you to create and control tests, Microsoft offers a tool Microsoft Visual Studio Test Edition, which includes the following types of tests: unit tests (Unit test) – written by the programmer testing functions at the source level.

Tests for the web-pages (Web test) – functional testing of web-pages. Load tests (Load test) – load testing of web-sites. Common tests (Generic test) – a special kind of test, which allows the external testing applications. Manual tests (Manual test) – Manual testing applications. Ordered Tests (Ordered test) – allow to organize the implementation of all automated tests written in a certain order.