Balanced wheels ensure safety. In the words of Henry Ford, 50 percent of the beauty in his car wheels. And really, we just pay attention to the wheels and tires. Now the wheel is not only style or fashion, but also the safety and comfort driving. So the team, "Formula 1" are brought in each stage, several sets of rubber: for heavy rain to light rain, to pass quickly turns to the slow wear and so on. Experienced motorists try to keep a least two sets of wheels: with winter tires and summer. So twice a year, drivers traveling "change one's shoes" on the tire. In our Roads are very easy to damage the tire, then an urgent need to replace the wheel.

Of course, surgery to replace the wheel can be carried out in field conditions, however, repair tires, wheel balance manually is impossible. In Here, you can help qualified professionals from service centers. The technical center has all the equipment needed for mounting. For example equipment for accurate balancing of wheels. It often happens that the car starts to shake when driving or going on a nasty vibration in the wheels. This is the result of an imbalance. The problem can be solved exactly balanced – attaching balance weights made of lead on the rim of the disc.

Skilled craftsmen using special equipment as closely as possible to hold balance. Operation for removal and subsequent installation of wheels, repair carried out by experienced craftsmen using special tools for short time. Tire car sales 'White Semenovskaya Service' offers a wide range of services: Installation of the wheels, removing rubber from the wheels, tire replacement; imbalances wheels with precision balancing; Setting the nominal tire pressure; overlaying patches using hot vulcanizing; Mounting tires of cars of all makes. In the auto center 'White Semenovskaya Service', you can quickly and professionally to tire and wheel balancing. Also, experienced craftsmen will advise at the expense of proper maintenance and repair of wheels. Do not forget that the timely replacement of worn wheels and precise balancing ensures not only safety, and conservation but the chassis of your car.