Best Practice Security

Contactless chips offer a number of advantages. But also the data security must be guaranteed. The contactless smart card technology is due to its positive characteristics such as cost-efficiency and functionality now in more and more areas as identification medium used. Here are also often high safety requirements in focus, for example, for cashless payment, access control systems at airports or in companies in addition to aspects of how comfortable application. Measures of best practice “these systems the risks of overcoming per se poses to security technology to minimize help. In the recent past was this risk of the security bypass of smart card systems the hacks of the Mifare Classic systems with LEGIC prime by the chaos reviewed computer Club Berlin of the general public front led. To keep this risk as low as possible, the first step is the creation of a security concept, based on the present safety requirements.

This facilitates the compilation of technical and organisational measures, whereby the following applies: more measures be taken, the greater the resulting safety of the system. The establishment of processes to organizational security are important, for example, with regard to the process of exhibition and collection of smart cards or the installation and the exchange of readers. With high security requirements an optimization of all involved components also recommends: in addition to protective measures of the reader hardware (such as a manipulation-proof casing) and the host system through a secure server and setting up a firewall, plays the choice of card type with increased security or, where appropriate, the migration to a new generation of smart cards a great role. New RFID cards generations such as the Mifare plus, the Mifare DESFire EV1 or the LEGIC advant promise a high level of protection against manipulation attempts and data theft. The combination of several techniques has become essential in particular for applications with high security requirements. As individual as this Also advising on the most appropriate systems and applications should be needs in terms of security: is your ideal partner YouCard card systems for this purpose.