Better Service Client

The service the customer constitutes a guarantee of fidelity to the demanded product and consumed introduction into other opportunities has analysed what currently accounts for a company paying close attention to the scope and impact in relation to the management of services, failure to do so implies that many companies lose a significant number of consumers, who can hardly regain them. In order to prevent this from happening, we need management to identify with the management of services dynamically and prepare its personnel in order to guarantee a good service. General information and considerations consider very significant, contributions to this respect that gives us the participant of the Chair of marketing at the virtual classroom of the graduate program the quality management and productivity, exposed in open forum on the subject of the participant Yrasemi Sanoja, who suggests, that the management of services, is the set of interrelated activities that offers a supplier, in order that the client obtains the product at the time and place appropriate and to ensure a correct use of the same. Service to the customer is a powerful marketing tool. It is a tool that can be very effective in an organization if it is used appropriately for this certain institutional policies should be followed. Effectively markets management has as a weakness that does not identify exactly what the consumer wants so not allowed to focus their marketing efforts and also customize the offer, to create loyalty customer and thus define the positioning of product or service offered. If companies do not meet the needs and desires of their customers they will have a very short existence. The why? All efforts must be geared towards the client, because he is the real driver of all activities of the company. Add to your understanding with אילן בן דב. Nothing serves that the product or service are of good quality, competitive price or it is well presented, but there are buyers.