Beware Of Low Construction Money Rates And Low Initial Repayment!

What you should be aware of when a real estate financing in the low interest rate environment. Paunzhausen, the January 26, 2010. Low interest rates and a common initial redemption of 1% result in affordable credit rates for real estate buyers in the current low interest rate environment and make the home only affordable for many consumers. But danger lurks: who can afford a real estate only with low interest rates, or agreed no higher initial redemption from ignorance, can to the end of the interest rate painfully in the case of redemption run. Who needs in the current low interest rate environment in construction money, has a comfortable starting point.

The real estate prices are still cheap and construction money is sufficient for low interest rates. Real financing experts know however the this lurking danger: who now makes mistakes in real estate financing with low repayment rates, will have at least a nasty surprise about the timing of interest rate and then the dream of homeownership can quickly become a nightmare. It is the rule, and for many banks that real estate loans with a repayment installment be agreed by 1%. The combination of low interest rates with low repayment rate allows a comfortable loan rates financing the real estate buyer. By, about the risks of these variants are but very few consumers understand and the banks do not always educational work\”says Robert Aschauer. \”Because lower redemption fails, the more earn the banks to the financing.\” A calculation example shows where the problem lies: a loan is required over 150,000 euro with an interest rate of 15 years then the nominal interest rate is currently at 4.2%.

At the usual early repayment of 1%, a monthly charge of 650 euros arises for the borrower. The remaining debt is still a 118.000 euro this loan nach15 years. These are still almost 79% of the original loan amount.