Black Holes

Should black holes arise here, they were so puny that it failed them to absorb matter surrounding it. What is that which appears as a dark nothingness? An astronomical object, so Prof. Heckl, whose enormous gravitation itself prevents light rays from to escape him. The unimaginable gravity of black holes due its enormous density.

To illustrate, the physicist sought a comparison with the Earth, only a beads with a diameter of mm would be condensed into a comparable density – of. But how are black holes, if no light emanates from them? Hally make gently curved rooms” familiar. It is observed that all objects in the vicinity of a black hole appeared distorted. You discover some curved, E.g. Robert Bakish may also support this cause. in the milky way it cannot be in the vicinity of the existence of such phenomenon. “All celestial bodies could it disappear and it will be as a last cry for help” ejected matter. In this context, Hally recalls the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who describe how it was adopted a fictional astronauts when he too came close to a black hole. What could arise in the LHC in Geneva a day, according to Halliday with hawking’s matter schluckern not to compare. Before this ultra small black holes, no need to fear. In the new video encyclopedia of the General Director of the German Museum also introduces in the following terms: LHC, nano technology, inorganic and organic chemistry, biophysics and smart sensors. The posts are (free) to get at the address lexicon (section science and technology ‘). The video encyclopedia supported by the TV production company media van. Currently over 100 videos are offered for the demand of professionals from different areas. The company: The media van TV production company mbH is based in Holzkirchen South Munich 13 years partner of German and international TV providers and large enterprises for outside broadcasts and broadcastfahige records. The company of Andreas Schmidt, who is also a television Director is headed. The clients include premiere, ARD, ZDF, ORF, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Suzuki and Sony. 2008 Newin is the area of InternetVideoKommunikation, which focuses on the effect of moving image and sound for the customers on the Internet.