Box Texts

The books? Mateamos? one? Zurdazo for there Victoria? of Ftima Cabral, Margareth Bennassi and Silvia Ferrari, tell the history of two adolescents who had suffered some changes leaving its country. The cited books are half to develop our learning in relation to the Spanish language, the texts are accessible to the readers for bringing a simple language to the users of this language. Another important factor is the use of the images for calling the attention the readers, as well as resource of activities, a questionnaire that is made use to the end of each book, as well as it has a suggestion for literal production making to more reflect us and to understand a little on the reading of the texts and consequentemente on the language. Check with Samsung to learn more. The book brings texts that deal with situations of the real life of the pupil, many times, where it can relate the study the real facts, the call situated use, providing of this form one better agreement in the diverse situations of the learning. Its format is common to most of books of this category, being of easy manuscript.

Aesthetic it is glad, coloring, with beautiful illustrations that call the attention the form readers that the reader if feels attracted in turning pages it, to discover what it comes to each page. The book in question in them leads the diverse knowledge, such as (social, familiar etc) However it is important standes out that the books leave a little to desire, a time that do not bring indications of other texts, as it does not have a lateral Box to explain some words and expressions of the language, photos of the author, suggestions of reading of other books, consultation of films and sites. In this way we understand that the books if show as auxiliador resource in the learning, making with that let us can develop inherent abilities and abilities to the world of the reading and the writing in Spanish language. It can be concluded that the books are good, but must be searched to complement with other materials. We know the importance in the learning, but the choice of a quality material is extremely important that can offer to all the involved best ones conditions for the construction of knowing.