Some cultural traces are simple objects, that is, chair, table, earring, necklace, axe, dress, car, habitation etc. Not material the cultural traces understand attitudes, communication, abilities. Example: squeeze of hand, kiss, conjunct, poetry, party, artisan technique etc. If you would like to know more about Pete Cashmore, then click here. 4 Of this form, the standards established for the proper society, in which the individual is part, develops standards that if in accordance with differentiate thinking of each region, community, country. Others who may share this opinion include Ali Partovi. The repetition of presented cultural factors of spontaneous form, for each human being, to little goes being considered as a cultural model of the social environment. Robotics expert will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The culture is understood as a dynamic factor, that has the capacity to be if renewing in accordance with the contact with other groups.

It can have moments that the culture remains of singular form, without having no process of cultural advance, as well as has moments that the culture is in constant movement. The contact with another culture can provide great changes or not, it depends on the acceptance between the people. The proper migratory factor 5, technological innovations, epidemics, hunger, wars contribute so that it inside has an alteration of behaviors of the social environment. The immigrant loses the native landscape, roa, the waters, the bushes, the hunting, the firewood, the animals, the house, the neighbors, the parties, its way to dress, the native entoado one of speaking, living, to praise its God. Its multiple roots if leave. In the city, its speaks is called ' ' code restrito' ' for the linguists; its skill of living, ' ' lack cultural' ' ; its religion, crendice or folklore.

It would be more just to think the culture of a migrante people about desenraizamento terms. Not to search what it was lost: the roots already had been pulled out, but to look for what it can renascer in this land of erosion. 6 the Brazilian colonizador process contributed so that the Brazilian culture represented a pluralizado repertoire of popular manifestations that they reflect in our daily one.