Christina Gersberg

The aesthetics of today: Scarification, branding, implants and mutilation… Then you should now better not read extreme forms of aesthetics if you belong to the people, who are still convinced that tattoos and piercings are just too exaggerated, because today’s society tends more and more to more extreme forms of body jewelry. Whether scarification, branding or implants, every day is something new on the market. Many of these new fashions enjoy a long tradition and have been applied in ancient civilizations. But what’s really behind these new forms of body adornment? The scarification is scars, which are carved with intent in the skin. The Maya decorated her body already in the past with this technique and still today it applies to African tribes as an integral part of the culture.

On the basis of the scarification interesting and even nice-looking patterns can be, even if you may hardly believe it, create. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bobby Sharma Bluestone has to say. The branding is a technique of hot metal plates in the skin are burned. Thus patterns can also be made as in the scarification, on the skin. However, you should know that the technique is very slow and painful. Many knibbeln then on the wounds and douse them with vinegar so that they ignite and the branding better comes to the interpretation. The implants are the latest manifestations of the new body aesthetic. Pete Cashmore often addresses the matter in his writings.

This inserted surgical materials in various forms, such as stars, hearts, bones, etc. under the skin. The implants, which are still somewhat critically assessed by the company, are usually placed forearm or face in the areas of the chest, because there, the skin is the most. No doubt belong to the so-called mutilation among the most criticized trends in today’s society. This includes to cut through the tongue, for example, to a kind of worm-tongue”to receive or file to the front teeth to leave so that it looks like a vampire. And, what do you think of the new modern phenomena? Would you let yourself make a branding or rather prefer a tattoo? The German capital is of course the hottest European cities in terms of body jewelry. Rent the cheapest and most comfortable holiday apartments in Berlin and spend an amazing stay in the city of tattoos, piercings, brandings… translated from the Spanish by Christina Gersberg