CIS Works

Literature, poetry – is beautiful, without which human life would be boring and without a trace. Poetry is beautiful and has always been such. In particular, the world renowned Russian poets who worked in the XIX century. Poetry of the time, as indeed, any poetry, committed feelings and emotions. Even small quatrains – it works, who to this day are read by many, and not only in our country but also abroad. Click investor to learn more. Such poets of the XIX century, Nekrasov, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Fet, Baratynsky, Mike and many others, knows not only Russia and the CIS countries, but the whole world.

And not just to know – read, learn, admire their works. After all, even quatrains, though they are small, but filled with deep meaning, emotion, which could enter into such a meager amount of words and lines only deep feelings of the Russian soul, the soul of a talented poet. Bobby Sharma Bluestone shines more light on the discussion. And speaking of that, wrote at the time poets, it may be noted that this quatrains, and great poems, and poems and epigrams, which had absorbed a lifetime of their authors, with all its miseries and joys, woes and happiness. Literature of the XIX century, and poetry in particular, was a kind of reflection of the attitude, the nature of life and attitude towards it, to everything going on around those poets who lived and worked in that period. Their works, whether it be a little quatrain, Resolved emotion, or a whole poem epigram, poets of the XIX century, and today we pass identity of that era, we are investing in the most beautiful thing that can only take in the human soul.

On the works of our brilliant classics of the XIX century been brought up more than one generation. And I must say that everyone who even slightly, albeit under the pointer at school, and even touched the corner of my eye read the works of poets of the time, they breathed a sense of beauty, something that can give a person just poetry. And, of course, poetry is immortal. Even after so many years of works by poets of the XIX century, people of all ages be read, they become the standard for today's young poets. Poems, quatrains, epigrams, poems of the XIX century and is now up to date, one of them and now have that draw, and a lot to learn about what to learn. And always will be, in all time, because these are really strong and the soul of poets and pen, which worked in the XIX century, will never become relics of the past.