Citizen Education

Thus acting, it will possibly be developed autonomy and auto reflection for one better adaptation in the relations intra and interpersonal, becoming each time more the school a place of reference in the process of formation and constitution of the citizen and its subjectivity. Soon, the proposal of an education that promotes right and citizenship is centered in the stimulaton the autonomy and to the free one will with responsibility, calling attention to the necessity a significant education, that can contextualizar the contents of the curricular grating the facts of the reality and the daily one of educating, what it would imply a possible change of attitude, also in the quality of life of the same ones. The school of the contemporaneidade Ahead of the changes suffered throughout the evolution of the species human being, perceives that the society if also comes across with the technological advances, modifying and influencing each time more the quality of life of the people. Soon, as it cites (SAINTS; ROGERS; BOWEN, 2004, p.65): The institutions have abandoned the fruit of its existence, that is the human being, to focus the development of fantastic technologies capable to decide ' ' todos' ' our problems. This has taken the human being to a constant external search to win its problems, it has moved away what it from the true solution that is inside of itself exactly. In this direction, some models appear of families, breaking the idea traditional of the model father, mother and children. Consequentemente these new paradigms will go to influence in the behavior of the child, as well as in its process of learning, and to intervene with its relations intra and interpersonal. The school contemporary will go to come across with all this demand, that will be able to intervene with the education process learning, having this if to prepare to work this new reality.