Communitarian Projects

One form of social technology that can be developed and be stimulated is the management of communitarian projects for the proper actors who live deeply one given reality. These projects, a time elaborated by and for the community, taking themselves in account the necessities and specific demands of that context, identified for who with it coexist, become important instruments for the people who normally are benefited by the politics and search to transform the conditions of its entorno. The application of the social technology is possible, as an efficient alternative for the solution of the social problems of each community. To work with community is a estimuladora experience and repleta of challenges, therefore it provides the chance to not only rethink its practical, as the nature of term of office. The initiative presented in this communitarian project of one horta is an example of intervention in the social reality, generating benefits that can be shared and be talked back for other communities. It is considered, therefore, that one is about a case of concrete application of the term of office.

2.3. Management of Communitarian Projects the term of office can be developed by means of the techniques of management of communitarian projects that contemplates the stages of elaboration, administration and evaluation as the natural cycle of a project. The emancipatria pedagogia of Pablo Freire (2005), the philosophy of work with communities of Clodovis Boff (1986), and the techniques of management of communitarian projects, of Fernando G. Tenrio (1998) make possible the delineation of a basic structure that guided the communitarian teams in the conception and construction of the project. To the pedagogical perspectives of Freire (2005) and Boff (1986), it is lined up the optics of term of office proposal for Tenrio (1998). For the author, the social one is ‘ ‘ privileged space of social relations where all have right to speaks, without no type of coao’ ‘ (TENRIO, 1998, P.