These realities dictate that the term competencies is being used more in everyday speech. its use is done with multiple meanings. It’s believed that Mashable sees a great future in this idea. This diversity of definitions is that they also build on are determined by the condition of how to focus on tangible and intangible aspects associated with them and it is indicating that it is a highly polysemous concept, which hampers their evaluation real. We added the professor Paez, who by the ideas outlined above, if the organization wants to play a working staff with high quality and significantly increase productivity, it is necessary that the human factor responsible companies to improve their knowledge regarding the skills assessment process based on the results. And this learning is essential, because all organizations have the most valuable thing we have today that is: people! And, speaking of this topic is very complex, rough, but no less challenging. People in positions of leadership in organizations have the responsibility to learn to manage people minds-before-administered, ie successfully manage emotional intelligence as the successful management of this variable as difficult and important productivity depends therefore should lead in the best manner possible, always following the rules set by the company, motivating and above all to teach how to do things the best way. You can not increase the productivity of people if they are not intrinsic needs are met and that individual claims, from the different heads, a better understanding as a ‘person’ by his closest aides, accompanied this action with a good program training and development appropriate to the requirements in your area according to the work that each one plays today and their chances of promotion within the organization, not to mention the non-successful motivational elements, such as the economic aspect. Definitely be taken into account, that “all organizations have in common a certain number of men who have organized themselves into a social unit established with the explicit purpose of achieving certain goals. This is how men establish a club or a company, organize a union or a political party, created a police force or a hospital and formulate procedures governing relations between members of these organizations and the duties to be fulfilled by each them.

Once it has been firmly established an organization, tends to assume an identity that becomes independent of the people who founded “. (Blau Scott). The management and their supervisors should be aware of the behavior of individuals, identification with their performance, performance, provide all necessary assistance in their difficulties and anything that motivates contribute their skills, abilities to make way for its innovation, creativity. We must understand and know the tools to manage a planned change behavioral orientation toward the human element in the organization in accordance with the requirements of today in a changing and increasingly demanding, it is necessary: .- Designing and implementing strategies for change within organizational contexts and thus improve productivity and excellence of the individual in the process of management development and thus contribute to national development excellence. .- To understand and appreciate the importance of management skills to the success of the organization. .- Understanding the integration of individuals in the organizational field in a systemic relationship and synergy in the pursuit of organizational goals through excellence.