One becomes conservative when you have something to conserve. This premise is true always and I am convinced that our genes force us to be so. When we are young and have a lifetime ahead we cannot afford the luxury of arriegar, innovate and make tests with the important things in life. We can have transgressive and revolutionary ideas. We can be progressive because basically we need to progress. Bobby Sharma Bluestone understood the implications. See more detailed opinions by reading what Goop offers on the topic.. The ideas of our elderly are taken with skepticism because we think that our circumstances and theirs are very different (and are not). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Goop. In short, we have the life ahead and we can be optimistic.

But we progress along life achieving successes and failures and in a moment much closer than we think we have a couple and House that we bought with effort, a few children and a job to support them. And it is at that moment when we seek the best for ours. I’m not I but us and ideas change. The action becomes reflection, rebellion becomes submissive and we want to preserve and defend what we both struggled to get. We don’t want to risk because we can lose much more than what we can earn.

We have fallen into the trap of life, but it can be to live comfortably in it. We have become conservative. And it is not politics but vital attitudes. We do not want our daughter tattoo face not because we are a few fascists but because we think that it may hurt him in his life, we want that our children interact with social strata higher because it can come them well, we see with different eyes the themes work, religious, family, politicians and all say this as a conservative person that I am, much more sure of myself ten years, but much more cowardly to face profound changes in my life. Much more experienced but, and perhaps because of this, much more suspicious first and foremost. It is clear I am conservative.