Contemporary Education

In the truth, you discipline them to all of the school they can and they must be worked in way to form citizens critics, from there to be able to say itself of work to interdisciplinar. 2.5 FORMATION DIDTICO-PEDAGGICA: The PHILOSOPHY AND the EDUCATION CONTEMPORARY a question that guides the education of disciplines in the average education of the public schools of So Paulo, and too much institutions, and that without a doubt perpassa the thought of that if they occupy to teach it is: So that to teach Philosophy in the current days? Understanding the education under the optics of Saviani (2007), we believe to be necessary to the professor in Philosophy of Average Ensino of the public schools of So Paulo, to have well clearly, that one of its tools to be used in the education of Philosophy is the philosophical reflection. For this author, this reflection must satisfy a series of requirements, however, it summarizes in three requirements that seem to be the bases for the philosophical reflection: it must be radical, rigorous and of set. The philosophical reflection must be radical, because is demanded in lower court, that the problem is placed in radical terms, understood the word in its more proper and immediate direction. It is demanded that if it operates a deep reflection, thus if goes until the roots of the problem. The philosophical reflection also must be rigorous, that is, must be proceeded with severity, systematically, placing? if in question the hasty conclusions of the popular wisdom and generalizations that science can try. The philosophical reflection must be of set, wants to say, the problem cannot be examined in partial way, but in a perspective of set, becoming related the aspects of the context where he is inserted. For Favareto (2008) the expectations that involve the education of Philosophy elapse of the necessity to try to cure the deficiencies of the cultural mutations, the technologies and what it reaches the behavior of the people as a whole.