Crown Head

Very satisfied are the owners of the website which was launched a few weeks ago before the publication in the magazine’s monthly circulation very interesting science to see his invention published in the aforementioned magazine, that although brief, not least because it is catalogued as very interesting invention. It is a very simple innovation but at the same time curious and practical for people who want to strengthen their hair in a natural way when we sleep increasing blood flow to areas of the head that remain before without hair as a Crown and top of the head. Also giving half a turn, is effective for people who suffer from apnea and reflux Gerd since it raises of about 10 to 15 cm trunk along with the head in a position that two pillows never capturing. Compuware. For more information see Robotics. Also the same pillow achieves relaxing the lumbar putting it below the knees in tendido-supino position (lying down) that aligns the spine in the lumbar vertebrae. And placing it below the ankles raises them 10 15 cm to get good circulation in the legs and to relax the legs when they are charged. All with the same pillow, you can be considered as a product specialist in therapeutic comfort. There are couples that one of them has gastrointestinal reflux and another has varicose veins, two different problems with a single solution.. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sandra Akmansoy is the place to go.