Curious System Reserves

It is very likely that Tokyo is the best place in the world to eat. The gastronomic offer there reaches surprising levels of refinement, and accumulated more Michelin stars than any other corner of the planet. However, eating in Tokyo can present serious difficulties for Westerners. First of all, the overabundance of restaurants that is calculated, largely exceed the 30000. The second, and no less important, is the way to communicate with elected local staff.

One thing is to make from home, so calm, a hotel reservation online for our stay in Tokyo and another, very different, is understood with waiters and cashiers who, many times, not neither English nor Spanish, speak or anything. Japanese only. In fact, this is the usual scenario in the cheapest restaurants in Japan’s capital, since in Tokyo, as in any part of the world, the best gastronomic establishments are certainly the most expensive. Perhaps, even, by the type of change, more expensive even for Westerners to other capitals of the world. And if we speak of costs, another detail to keep in mind is that the Japanese feed in a manner quite exotic to Westerners. And that it is not easy to find more European dishes.

That is it quoted, in addition, where appropriate, price of gold. Therefore, do not doubt that in Japan we must feed as the Japanese. Now well, do avoid death by starvation if the cheaper restaurants staff only understand their native language? Actually, it is not as difficult as it seems. The most popular restaurants in Tokyo are usually placed at the surroundings of the train stations. Frequented mostly by clerks, they offer full menus at very reasonable prices, generally composed of rice noodles and a bowl of soup, and provide the guests with water or iced green tea at discretion (current Tokyo water can drink without fear). To the relief of the foreign public, most of these establishments are handled with a curious dishes prepaid booking system. In effect, a machine ticket vending welcomes guests to the local input. In each one of its buttons there is a picture of the different menus or dishes. The diner chooses a dish, abona, removed his ticket, choose table and to sit, delivers it to the waiter. Curiosities of life in Tokyo.