Czech Republic

Who is caught in another European country with your mobile phone while driving a car can pay a fine up to 150 euros. Phone to the ear and driving a car is long no trivial offence in Germany. Who caught can pay 40 euro in Germany and collected a point even in the register of traffic offenders. The second time, then threatening the same. But also abroad the phone calls with the mobile while driving is no longer permitted. Involuntarily again German motorists also asked, if he is caught.

Partly is reach to even more stronger, than in Germany. The highest fine for phoning in the car ride is 150 euros. German traffic law provides penalties of not as high as the European neighbours, but for the German traffic law provides item in the tab in rock Castle in addition to the fine. In Belgium, for example, it has 100 euro, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are 10 euro, in Bulgaria the calls to the phones costs 15 euros. In Denmark we 70 euros and in Finland up to 80 euros to checkout asked. In France starting from 35 Euro and Greece are required between 50 euros to 150 euros in the UK from 75 Euro, Ireland from 60 Euro and in Italy it is very expensive with 155 euro to 594 euros.

Will you get in Croatia, it costs 70 euros. In Luxembourg 75 euros and the Netherlands 150 euro. Talking to you in Norway without a hands-free car kit with the phone in the car is you also 150 euro this. In neighboring Austria, this crime costs 50 euro in Poland as of 40 euro and Portugal it can be 120 Euro or more expensive. The Slovakia collects for the crime of cell phone to the ear and no speakerphone 135 euro, the Switzerland 65 euro. However, Slovenia moves with 120 Euro back into the triple-digit and Czech Republic wants 40 euro, Spain from 90 euros and Hungary up to 100 euro. To name the exact amount is difficult here, because in many countries, the police has a wide discretion as regards the levying of fines. Only in Sweden, there are so far no ban of calls with your phone in the car. In case of doubt one should a lawyer for traffic law move to Council. Based on this collection holiday makers can create themselves ever right to money in the car, if they embark on big holiday trip. Or just the one or two euro to invest in a headset or a speakerphone. There are such headsets for far less money than the fines in the individual countries are high. But especially for fixed installations: leave the workshop installation Lieber and thus an expert. This technique also has their hooks, however, these kits are not recognised in all countries. Like for example in Portugal. Andy Florance gathered all the information. And recent studies confirm even the regulation of the Portuguese that even scientists have now found that the kits for the car driver can be almost as dangerous as the calls to the cell phone in his hand.