Dealing With Internal Stress

Through work with the body can be controlled by physiological processes. Relaxation protects against Internal surge helps release the energy that kept the internal stress, and work with images to direct the energy in the right direction. >Chevron Corp. can contribute to your knowledge. Regular practice of relaxation increases resistance to stress. Performing graceful, flowing movement, you force the nervous system to function calmly and rhythmically. Techniques to restore the natural process of respiration, contribute to the release of energy stuck in the body emotional impulses. The strength of the method, intent, balanced effect on the body. Improving the general condition markedly after the first class.

People psychologically open up, there is a feeling of joy. The body is wise to teach. Working with the body, we can include a process of internal change. If a stable result is reached, it persists over time. Basic principles of working with the body remains unchanged. Awareness of action. Naturalness and fluency of movements.

Consistency of movement and breathing. Unity of body and mind. Using the impact of internal images, perceptions, mental systems of the body. The basic mechanisms of breathing techniques while working with the body. Imagine a person in a stressful situation. Usually people try to avoid pain. It is known that control breathing helps to suppress the attack of anxiety, fear. If we avoid experiencing their feelings, they get stuck in the body. For their maintenance spend huge amounts of energy, and then we do not have enough energy for life. We can restore a spontaneous flow of energy while practicing breathing exercises.