In those times when he made to show you the currency with which they paid taxes, presented him a denarius and had a figure and Cesar was enrolled. Thus, the alleged trap that had tended him, knew how to exit without great difficulty and I’m that well-known phrase: give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Now, when we auto-liquidamos taxes already there is no currency that included the registration of Caesar, not even an inscription that says who it is, nor the papers (notes) and coins circulating has a convertible value gold in some cases only are numbers that represent the total number of slips that could have on your hands look like diminish before subtraction and continuesWhen it touches pay taxes and deductions that have been made throughout the year have been less than what supposedly was playing pay. Perhaps for this reason, one of the reasons therefore to our dear politicians need them that everything is relative and that everything can talk is to be able to defend its put in power, than not to serve, but to send and thus can be seen as its wealth of material goods on a personal level increases to the extent that remains in his command Chair. Perhaps for this reason, it is necessary that everything is relative, therefore, but the political shift could not resolve the contradictions which would be found before the individual conscience of the members forming a society which aims to supposedly Guide. For example:-a pacifist can be funding the costs of a war that is not in self-defense.

-One who loves life may be funding the killing unborn children and infirm persons. -A worker may be funding the pleasures of BA. -An ecologist can be financed by the irrational destruction of natural environments. -A Democrat can be funding groups seeking the destruction of the democratic system. So, is that a little awareness, and it has touched you live in a society where reigns regarding, and these relative approaches It would result in the financing of essential concepts to their conscience, would have to bear in mind that the Treasury is not Caesar.