Digital Universe

We go to break of an expression cliche: the virtual world in them involves of all the sides, wants or not, we are inserted in the digital world. Exactly not being original, these affirmations, regarding the current world, portray a situation that has serious implications on our lives and particularly on the pertaining to school environment. It has implications on our lives because, beyond creating a infinity of easinesses for our daily one, for times in them they create problems. Let us take the example of the electronic boxes of the banks. They facilitate very in our lives, but for times, leave in them in the hand.

Who not yet saw front to the electronic box where it appears the ackward message: ' ' terminal inoperante' ' or ' ' it looks to another one terminal' '. That is: the electronic, digital, virtual easiness also is problematic. Foreseeing these situations, in the years 1980 Raul Seixas sang: ' ' The civilization if became so complicated that it was so fragile as a computer that if a child to discover heel of Aquiles/with only palito one for motor' '. the engine of the society is hiperdinmico, but fragile. Repleto of easinesses, but also exhibiting a series of difficulties. Mainly because it depends on a language with which nor always we are made familiar.

But, which or which the implications of the virtual-digital world for the pertaining to school environment? Also they are innumerable. Also a cliche fits here: it has profits and losses. Undeniably! We can say, also, that in function of the virtual world the grandiosidade of the world became small, therefore the enormous distances are to the reach of the fingers. Mouse is enough to clicar one or to type a keyboard that the universes if present, quickly, to our front. Seconds separate in them of a infinity of information, sounds and images.